Some like it hot (2)…

I used to drop by this bakery at the Delta Commercial Centre here, long before there was the Delta Mall next door…

Hot Flavour, Sibu

I can’t remember exactly when that was but I can positively remember that many of the shops that are there today were not there before – like the bank , for instance…or the ASTRO office in the same block. What drew me there then were the Mexican coffee buns. If I’m not mistaken, they were the first around here to make those…and whenever I bought some home, the whole house would be filled with the aroma of the coffee. Eventually, I stopped buying as the quality gradually dropped and the buns were not as nice as they were initially.

I went back again the other day as somebody gave me one of their cream puffs to try and they were absolutely heavenly…

Hot Flavour's cream puffs 1

What I liked best was the fact that they were quite generous with the custard cream filling inside, with its very rich creamy taste…

Hot Flavour's cream puffs 2

For one thing, they’re quite small and cost 80 sen each. That’s a bit expensive, don’t you think? I think I’ll just get them for special occasions like when I’m having a party at home and I can serve those for dessert.

There’s another bakery in the vicinity. Well, actually, there are two other bakeries (excluding the one I mentioned earlier) in that same area and this fourth one is the newest…

Bread Sense, Delta Commercial branch

They first opened an outlet a long time ago in Pusat Tanahwang, opposite Sacred Heart School, and then they opened a branch in the town centre, opposite Wisma Sanyan and another at the Sibu bus terminal area. I bought these tiramisu mousse from the latter…and now, they’ve opened a fourth branch here.

I thought the curry puffs (RM1.00 each) looked good, like those chicken cornish at Secret Recipe, so I bought a few to try…

Bread Sense curry puffs 1

…but I was somewhat disappointed. They had a few chunks of meat inside, but as you can see, there were mostly potatoes…

Bread Sense curry puffs 2

The filling tasted quite nice but the puff pastry was limp, not flaky at all. Comparatively, the not-really-nice ones at Aroma Bakery (the one with the yummy chicken pies) would be much nicer with its shortcrust pastry which I would very much prefer. Besides, they are only 80 sen each there…

The egg tarts, also RM1.00 each, were all right…

Bread Sense egg tarts

…but they weren’t great either.

I would much sooner go to my regular Bandong kuih stall and buy these pandan “biscuits” instead…

Bandong's pandan pastries

The skin is crusty and the pandan filling is very nice, not too sweet…

Bandong's pandan pastries 2

…and the best part is the fact that they are selling for RM1.00 for 4, very cheap indeed. I saw something similar at one bakery but they’re a lot more expensive.

Well, I guess it’s pretty obvious to which of these places I would be going back for more, right?

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31 thoughts on “Some like it hot (2)…”

  1. LOL… I need Sunday to come faster… =.= my kawan just learned how to make these. Aiyohhh… must go on bodek-ing mode again. Bwhahahaahaha!

    LOL!!! Ya…I saw Cynthia posting on it on Facebook. Lucky you, eating for free… I’m sure own-made ones the best!

  2. I like the custard puffs.. they look like.. drooling.. can imagine them melting in my mouth!! hahahaa… gosh, i m very “wai sik”

    Yes, they’re very nice…but at 80 sen for such a small one, I think I wouldn’t be having those too often…😦

  3. Oh gosshhh..since ages i didnt have custard puffs. Although i can easily get it but choosing one of the best is not easy…But i seen urs are superb.Look at the custard…arrrhhhh…drooling jor

    Ya…more often than not, they look nice on the outside but we do not know what they are like inside. Once, at one of my meetings in KL, I had very nice ones…from ParkRoyal Hotel – but I guess they must be a lot more expensive. Got class bah!!!

  4. I am no confectionary man, no roti and biscuits for me unless if you give me a cup of kop o kaw kaw, then ok lol.

    by the way, i like that name BreadSense… hey Arthur, if you had a bakery, what kind of name would you name it? and what tagline would you go along with it.

    Mine will be Bread So Good…. tagline… roti is better than beehoon mee,hahahahah …just kidding…

    take care now ya

    There’s one at that same area – one of the 4 bakeries…and I like the name – Daily Bread…with its religious connotation and my tagline: “Give us today thy daily bread…” with a small “t”.

  5. OHHHHHhhhh! I love CREAM PUFFS!!!! That’s my favourite pastry beside scones! RM0.80 consider very cheap, here it costs more then a ringgit and mostly CUSTARD puff, cheh! Even jusco’s cream puff is selling around RM3 per piece(size slightly bigger than your puff here, probably)… can you post it over here! LOL!;p

    Have a nice day and thanks for sharing the cream puff(pictures)!

    RM3???? Aiyor…I would rather go for kampua or fried noodles, and still have change left! Yup…don’t like those custard ones, the filling not creamy… Haven’t had any for a long long time…as all not nice. This one, I like! Very very nice…just a bit expensive for me.

  6. not really crazy about cream puff as most sold in shops are too sweet. But hubi loves them

    Hahahahaha!!! No wonder he’s my same shape and size! ROTFL!!! πŸ˜€

    1. Come… let’s bodek Cyn for ur hubby oso!

      Safety in numbers…or gathering your forces? Charge…..!!!! LOL!!! πŸ˜‰

  7. I haven’t really been impressed with the bread and pastry shops in Sibu, so I can imagine the Bandong kuih would be better. Remember I was looking for fruit cakes? Well finally found them in Kuching, Kek Lapis Dayang Salhah. Absolutely delicious, no transfatty margarine but Golden Churn butter instead. Bought 3 of them to bring back too.

    I guess you have better and nicer bread and pastries over there. Fruit cakes from here? Those over there too sweet perhaps? I don’t like cakes overseas as they tend to be extra sweet. Too bad you did not manage to fine Marcus at Delta. Next time, I’ll take you there myself…

    1. Yes, Marcus, the man with the mercedeses in the driveway! You’re right, American fruitcakes are too sweet. You don’t taste anything, just sugar. Looking forward to visiting Marcus next year!

      Not long now. It’s mid-October…and soon the year will be over. Gee! How time flies!

  8. hahaha..i agree with Philip’s comment, never impressed with bread , cake and pastry in Sibu. I would rather go for kompia or kampua. And it always a headache when i want to order cakes from Sibu, to impress my mum, that’s why sometime i choose to order it from the hotel, at least taste better?

    Mexican coffee bun, here got one bakery – Roti boy, they are famous for selling this mexican bun, from far you can already smell it!

    Oh no! Not the hotels… Next time, ask me – Marcus is good, but have to call and book days ahead…so I always get from WeCare – the Japanese baked cheese cake is very nice. Like Uncle Miki’s – available in KL, Isetan – Lot 10… The others – not that great.

  9. I love cream puffs too but I make them myself :p but haven’t mastered the art of doing it perfectly yet or you will drool and wanna buy from me instead LOL! just kidding, for you it is always free la πŸ™‚

    Sigh! Dunno when I can go to Ipoh and stay a few days…and eat the things that you cook/make. May go to Penang in December for niece’s wedding – perhaps we can go to Ipoh and stay a few days there – then, you cannot run away liao!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

  10. the cream puff look so nice………love the fillings. RM0.80 ok la…..pastry are expensive. Over here, a small Portuguese egg tart are selling at RM1.60/piece. I think if a person have BIG mouth, 1 bite, settled. haha

    That’s why I will not be buying too frequently – can’t afford to indulge. These days, have to be more careful with money….😦

  11. Those Mexican buns that you had looked quite similar to Beard Papa’s cream puff. Have you tried them? They’re even more costly! At around RM3 per pc!!

    Yup! I googled it up…and indeed, they look similar. But RM3.00!!!! *pengsan!!! (But maybe I’ll try ONE…when I go over to KL next month…) LOL!!! Btw, they’re cream puffs…not the Mexican coffee buns – that was long ago when they used to make very nice ones …and I used to stop by there to buy, not anymore.

  12. hiya STP! Long time no see.. i’ve not been well to hop about.. 😦

    CREAM puff! I want!!!!!! It’s been sometime since I get to eat some decent cream puff… these days all I get are the puff, with minimal filling… sigh…

    Yup…same here. All that I’ve tried around here are bigger…but hollow inside and the filling is not even creamy. Not worth the calories!!! 😦

    1. haha… not worth the calories~! COOL! not worth the money oso πŸ˜›

      Yup…can’t understand why there are places making and people buying. They’ve got retarded taste buds or what?

  13. omg i love the custard filling puff pastry! It’s awesome!!!

    Have you tried that Beard Puff at Mid Valley, the ones witch mentioned in her comment? I googled and looked at the photos…and they look divine. Must try the next time I go KL…but I don’t like the area, always jammed.

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