Happy Birthday…

My daughter arrived back in Sibu on schedule yesterday morning despite the Hari Raya balik kampung congestion at the airports even here in this little town…

Balik kampung Hari Raya 2009 1

…and anyone would have expected the airport security to operate the other x-ray machine as well, considering that the queue was so long…

Balik kampung Hari Raya 2009 2

Thankfully, all those concerned were calm and patient and everything went smoothly in an orderly manner.

And as it was my daughter’s birthday, I decided to cook some traditional Foochow birthday noodles for her, or what we call mee sua (string noodles)…

Foochow birthday noodles 1

The old die-hards would insist on buying the long freshly-made strands of the noodles which they would have to coil and dry in the sun themselves, but I am not that particular and would much sooner use those ready-packed ones…

Foochow birthday noodles 2

…than to go through all that hassle. Besides, I do not know how to coil them well and they will end up in all shapes and sizes…and I often forgot that I was drying them outdoors and they would end up getting caught in the rain and ending up soaking wet and completely ruined!

I had to prepare some birthday eggs too – the hardboiled ones…

Birthday eggs

…and for the mee sua, we would need some chicken soup cooked with ginger and Foochow red wine. We boil the noodles to soften it and once translucent, it is placed in a bowl and the chicken soup is poured onto it. The mee sua is usually served with a piece or two of the chicken and perhaps a shitake mushroom and an egg as well…

Foochow birthday noodles 3

So that was what we had with our daughter upon her arrival in keeping with the Foochow birthday tradition that symbolises that we would be blessed with very long lives, as long as the mee sua

Foochow birthday noodles 4

I did not buy a cake this time but I got these three heart-shaped tiramisu mousse instead for a change…

Mel's 20th birthday 2009

After the birthday song, Mel blew out the candles and “cut” the tiramisu…

Mel's 20th birthday 2009

I do not know what she wished for but I, for one, would wish for God’s blessings upon her throughout the year ahead, that He would guide and guard her in all that she does and keep her safe wherever she may be…and I would pray for God’s grace to continue to raise her up in the light of His everlasting love. Amen.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “Happy Birthday…”

  1. Aaah. Very nice. And happy birthday too, Melissa!

    Thanks. You’re Foochow! Do you eat mee sua on birthdays and other special occasions too?

    1. We try to. If my mother cooks, we will eat mee sua. Nowadays, too lazy already. Just go to restaurant!

      That’s how traditions die out and fade away – the dying out of the cultures. Can you get mee sua at restaurants in Kuching? Here we can…so we just tell them it’s a birthday dinner…and we get mee sua for the first dish!

  2. singing “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U…

    (*ahem, ahem…please forgive this old auntie’s croaking voice, still early early morning n voicebox belum buka puasa lagi la)

    sorry for being one day later cos last night STP didnt post up the makan pics yet, now that he did, i m so so yearning for it.. but without a song, sure he wont allow to partake in it, right? OK, STP, now hope u owe me a meal… i want this mee sua homemade one… KIV first.. OK? lol…

    Thanks, claire…Just come to Sibu and I’ll surely cook this for you…and your family too! Foochow tradition….for any special event – welcoming friends, sending off, birthdays and anniversaries…and when in confinement, nothing but this for the whole month! LOL!!!

  3. The dish you cooked looks so yummy and most importantly…very heart warming! :p

    Oic…no cake for me? πŸ™‚

    Come over to Sibu…and you can have all the cakes you want. Long end-of-year holidays…any plans?

  4. da chicken soup reminds me of roomie’s mami’s hearty chicken soup T_T
    roomie went back without me …

    Why? What did you do last time? Hehehehehe…. Never mind, you come to Sibu, can stay at my place…and you and Melissa can share your horror stories about studying in the local unis and colleges! LOL!!!

  5. happy bday to melissa! wohoo haven’t had the chicken soup for quite some time. used to down like 4 of those hard boiled eggs lol

    Thanks. Bet your grandma would cook that for you 1st thing as soon as you get home… Oooo…you love eggs too? Hahahahahaha!!!

  6. So sweet of you Sir………Mellissa, U are so lucky to have such a great dad!!

    me….so envy!!

    P/s: the mee sua looks soooooo sedap!!

    I’m sure your parents will do just as much, if not more, for you…and you too, should you decide to settle down and have kids of your own! πŸ™‚

  7. when i saw the 1st photo, i thought: wah! so many people came & greeted your daughter at the airport!!


    Hahahahahaha!!! Who did you think she was? Mawi? Ewek!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!

  8. please wish her happy birthday on my behalf stp! πŸ™‚ you are such a lovely dad you know? it’s hard to find. one in a million i’d say.

    i saw people dry up the mee sua somewhere in penang when me and my friend searched for parking. they simply dry it on the fence. i wonder the hygiene when they dry it just like that.

    but to get the instant one, i shouldn’t ask too much question right? haha.

    btw, why you didn’t throw away the chicken skin? just wonder πŸ™‚

    I love the skin! But usually my wife gets rid of it before cooking….leaving behind one miserable skinless bird! Hahahahahahaha! The instant ones are factory made, so supposedly cleaner. You haven’t heard the stories behind the traditionally-made ones – but then again, maybe that’s why they are nicer! LOL!!!

    Yes, thanks for the birthday greeting, Faisal. Well, I try not to be like the traditional father – like the one in Ning Baizura’s video clip (Awan yang terpilu) and more a modern one – loving, caring and more expressive of my emotions.

    1. stp, i have a semi-modern dad. he is very strict to me when i was a kid maybe i was a naughty one, i know. but then, today, there is still a gap between me and him even though we love each other so much, it’s hard for us to show instead of easily showing it to mum.

      i can eat the skin if you fry it till it’s crunchy πŸ˜› if it’s in soup, i just cannot eat πŸ˜›

      i don’t know the history of mee sua πŸ˜› maybe you can write about it… in your next post?

      Ya, it’s the same with me. That’s why I try to make it different between me and my daughter. I guess you love the chicken sking at KFC then…Eyew!!! LOL!!! You can google “mee sua/mee suah”…and you will find bloggers like sarawakiana who had posted in detail about the noodles and you may find some that give you the historical background as well.

  9. Meesua comes prepacked now? I still bought it in kilos. Personally prefer the meesua ‘boi’ to ‘tau’ but sometimes I combined both. I noticed u using the ‘tau’ but all the same very yummy,all a matter of personal preference. With poached eggs also nice! πŸ™‚ but of course for bdays hve to eat hardboiled ones.

    I don’t mind head or tail as long as it is mee sua. The factory-made ones (packed and sold in plastic) are not as fine as the traditionally hand-made ones and some may have a “flour” smell – those are not so nice. As for eggs, I love them no matter how they are cooked! LOL!!!

  10. I miss mee suah!!… i wanna go home now… boohoooooo!!!!

    You’re not coming home? Don’t you have a week-long raya break? Maybe you’re following your boyfriend home to wherever he comes from? Humph! Daughters…. Thankfully, mine not like that! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

    1. nope.. cz i just came back from home… n class just started.. shud be a week holiday.. but my class starts on thursday.. nope.. my bf goes back home… but i’m not.. i’m all alone in kl.. 😦

      Aiyor…so lonely kah? Kesian! Never mind! As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder! πŸ˜€

  11. happy b’day to your daughter, STP!!! Wow, so traditional..we have the mee sua for birthday tradition here in penang also, i think its both a hokkien/foochow tradition..long noodles represent longetivity..

    Thanks, chinesechic… Well, I believe in keeping the culture/tradition alive, not that I actually believe in the implications. It’s our identity and we should not lose it with all that immersion in those alien/western customary practices…like Valentine’s Day. e.g. Tsk! Tsk!

  12. Happy birthday to Melissa again!!

    Mee suah + chicken soup + wine + egg + mushroom = typical foochow way to celebrate birthday!!

    Lucky i still got few mee suah with me and i just cook it with “pek ting yuke” / 8 zhan yesterday. hahahahhahah, but i miss foochow rice wine. Your bowl of chicken soup mee suah look yummy yummy!!

    I don’t like pek ting eyok – not really into it. I would prefer chciken with “char bee lau” (the tree roots)…or with ginseng, but I like it best with Foochow red wine. Ya, it was yummy! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  13. i use the same ready made mee suah as urs last time. i bought it from some supermarket here .. i dun have wine though that time. make do with what i have la .. ha ha ha

    I’ve bought mee sua in supermarkets made in places like Malacca, I think. A little more expensive, I think but not bad, also nice! No wine, never mind. Just cook chicken soup with ginger…and when eating the mee sua, add brandy VSOP or XO to the soup…. Oooo…nice! LOL!!!

  14. ha ha ha .. i was thinking of adding that thai sung. the one can be bought at 7-eleven .. ha ha ha. yeah, the ciken and mushroom and ginger is a must have. :p

    Dunno that Thai thingy…but if you fry the ginger in sesame oil first, it can enhance the taste…and you can add shitake mushrooms too for extra flavour.

  15. Happy belated birthday Mel πŸ˜‰

    I love mee sua so much.. but we don’t eat mee sua on birthdays.. Mum only cooks when there’s mee sua bought from Sarikei or Sibu.. I mean the long freshly-made strands of the noodles which we would have to coil and dry in the sun ourselves.. Mum didn’t like to use the ready made ones because she said it’s different. πŸ˜€

    Thanks. That’s what the old folks say – all my uncles and aunties say the same. But these days, you can buy ready-coiled and dried for you at the Sibu Central Market and they mark for you whether it’s the head or tail… I never bother to look for those as it doesn’t really matter to me…as long as it’s mee sua!

    1. didn’t know that you need to know which is head which is tail .. he he he

      The “experts” can tell the difference. Either the head or the tail is more fine and nicer to eat, but I’m not so fussy!

  16. Happy Belated Birthday to Melissa. Wah cook nice mi sua for daughter, wife birthday got cook or not? LOL!

    Thanks…though VERY belated. Where have you been? Wife’s birthday….she cooks herself, I just eat! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

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