You can’t win them all…

I’ve blogged about this place many times already and I would say it is very popular now any time of day. Many say the char kway teow is the best in town and my missus would go for the fried noodles sometimes. I love the Sarawak laksa and the nasi lemak (RM4.00)…

Colourful nasi lemak

…is my favourite in town with its relatively more lemak rice and the very spicy and tasty sambal and I would usually ask for the chicken or beef curry or the masak hitam beef to go with it. The guy does those very well too. I thought the kampua noodles were good but I did not care for the shredded chicken that came with it – this is a pork-free place, by the way. But I did hear that they now serve the noodles with masak hitam or the curry by the side though those would not get me all excited, I’m afraid. Perhaps the guy should think about using char siew chicken, breast meat instead – after all, it is the noodles that is the deciding factor as to whether it is nice or not and he does do it pretty well.

I wasn’t all that thrilled about their beef noodles either while the western dishes, available only in the evenings, are good and very much cheaper than at those more upscale cafes and restaurants in town. We liked the chicken chop in particular…and also the waffles. The bitter gourd bihun seems very popular but I somehow can’t get myself to order that to try as it is served with chicken and I am more accustomed to the pork version and I’ve never tried the fried rice either – I get more than my fair share of that at home. Hehehehehe!

I’ve tried the chicken rice (RM4.00)…

Colourful chicken rice 1

…before but was not all that thrilled by it but the other day, I ordered it again to see if it is any better now.

Well, the rice…

Colourful chicken rice 2

…is a far cry from the one here or here and yes, I have had a few others that do have a slight edge over the one here and the steamed chicken…

Colourful steamed chicken

…comes nowhere near what I had here but of course, there, you probably would need to fork out a lot more than just RM4.00 for a plate of chicken rice. Perhaps some may not be as fussy as I am and would not mind having this but personally, with so many nice stuff here to choose from, I would much sooner pick one of the others.

In the meantime, I dropped by this bakery (2.304665,111.849229) opposite the Sibu Bus Terminal that day and I was delighted to see some very nice looking cream puffs (RM1.00 each)…

Uncle Bakery cream puffs

…on sale. Ever since the one here closed down, I have not had any nice cream puffs from anywhere else in town. I did try some but no, I never came across any that I would want to go back for more.

They had these chocolate ones (RM1.50 each)…

Uncle Bakery chocolate cream puffs

…too and I bought two to try.

They were very nice, especially if you love chocolate, but for one thing, it appeared that they cut the puff…

Slit in the puff

…to put the chocolate cream filling inside…

Chocolate filling

As far as I know, they would pump in the filling through the bottom…

Cream puff bottom

…like what I saw the girl doing when I bought some cream puffs from her stall in Bintulu.

They certainly were a lot more generous with the filling…


…here and yes, it was pretty good – not the cake icing cream that they have in a lot of places but I did think it could be a little bit richer as far as the fragrance and taste of the egg custard were concerned but I guess for just RM1.00, I really have no cause for complaint. As for the shell or the puff, it was good too, some room for improvement but good enough for me to want to go back and buy some more, should I feel like having more of these…but no, I would give the chocolate ones a skip, thank you very much, and save 50 sen on each of them.

Author: suituapui

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14 thoughts on “You can’t win them all…”

  1. The cream puffs are tempting. Nice to go with tea.

    Pretty good, could be better but for RM1.00, they’re good enough. I’ve had many not really nice ones from some of the bakeries here when I was going round looking for something nice after my favourite in town closed down. 😦

  2. Chocolate cream puffs – I’ve never see them. Actually, cream puffs are not that common here. When available, they’re tiny little ones not the decent sized ones I used to eat in Singapore.

    There are some small ones here too – these are more of the regular size, the usual ones around a third bigger than a ping pong ball. The ones in KL were huge and very very generous with the filling…but that place has since closed down, it seems.

  3. Cream puff looks decent but not the chocolate flavor, not a huge fan of chocolate 😀

    Neither am I. Just bought two to try, did not get me jumping up and down with delight…and I could have bought three of the regular ones with that kind of money.

    I tried the cream puffs at Continental in Penang – they’re good. These here may not be as good but come pretty close, good enough for me.

  4. For a change, I might like the chocolate cream puff as I am a chocolate person but so far, never come across any and that plate of nasi lemak looks good.

    I’m not all that crazy about chocolate so those did not really turn me on, just ok for me. Yes, at the moment, the best nasi lemak in town, the one here.

  5. The chicken rice looks good for RM4… enough for me at least… 🙂 I can skip the cream puff, though they really look very nice, I am not a “creamy” person…. but butter cakes? Anytime!!

    I’m not really into cream puffs either but I don’t mind eating them once in a while if they are really nicely done. Personally, I am more into those delightful nyonya and Malay kuihs but of course, only if they are really good as well. If they are good, I sure would not mind going out of my way to go back for more – for cream puffs, not really.

  6. The cream puffs look pretty good. I didn’t know that there is a chocolate version. When I was small, I only liked the filing because the pastry was kind of dry to me.

    Have you ever had Kee’s? Theirs had a whole lot of filling in them, but for me, a little too much – I don’t mind less filling but it must be rich and nice enough plus the pastry must be nicely done too, not too hard, not too thick and rubbery…

  7. i luv cream puffs where the ratio of filling to exterior is very, very high, heh … come to think of it though, if someone asked me where to find great old-fashioned cream puffs in kl, i’m not sure where i’d answer 🙂

    Kee’s was the most popular but now that it has closed down, I would not know where to get any nice ones there.

  8. J saw. He asked me to tell you. Give him the chicken rice and chicken skin. You eat the meat LOL

    Aduhhhh!!!! But I love the chicken skin wor. Best! He can have the rice, no problem. 😀

  9. Usually see cream puff, can’t recall if i seen chocolate cream puff…

    My first time too. I’ve had durian cream puffs before though, very very nice!

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