Older now…

This is probably the oldest, longest-surviving kampua mee coffee shop…

Liang Yew Cafe

…in Sibu. We call it Dr Xavier kampua as in our growing up years, there was an Indian doctor here by that name and his clinic was right next door.

I did blog about it 10 years ago in 2009 and again in 2011, that time when I went there with my uncle and his family from Kuching – his son, my cousin, would have TWO plates at one go and they would buy no less than 5 packs home to take home to eat and enjoy it there.

The old man…

Old man

…a bit hunchbacked now, is still there with his wife helping him out. She was at a table wrapping pian sip (meat dumplings) when I arrived that morning while her husband was busy cooking at the stall. Later she got up and walked around with the aid of a cane walking stick to help with the serving and the calculating and the collecting of the money. They sure have grown much older now but as far as I could see, they were both very mentally alert.

There was a younger couple helping out with the drinks and the serving as well, probably the son and the wife or the daughter and the husband but I had people telling me that if it is not the old man doing the cooking, it is best to go elsewhere as it will not be as nice.

I did order a cup of coffee (RM1.00)…


…but I had it hot as it was too early to have it with ice – it was still dark outside! My goodness, it does look like it is so much cheaper without ice, usually in the region of RM1.80 a glass! I think I will have it this way from now on – after all, people always say that one should not drink cold drinks or drinks with ice, bad for health.

I saw that there was liver and beef tripe too so I had the kampua kosong (without meat)…

Kampua kosong

…with this big bowl of liver soup…

Liver soup

…which was very good. I could not detect the traditional Foochow red wine in it but it was very strong with the taste of the liver plus I liked the special  chili dip that came with it. The set was RM5.00 so with the drink, the breakfast I had that morning was RM6.00 altogether.

As for the noodles, well, it was all right – good ol’ authentic kampua mee, the favourite of many in town as well as those living overseas – they would come all the way here to enjoy this love of their childhood/younger days.

LIANG YEW CAFE (2.288205, 111.825892) is located along Island Road (now Jalan Pulau), directly opposite the Masland Methodist Church, in the block of shops to the left of the Inland Revenue office.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “Older now…”

  1. Very authentic Kampua and liver soup, Foochow style. It is a blessing to be able to taste the old school style, don’t know how long the old couple will be able to operate.

    They were both all right, very alert and getting on fine, doing what they do, except that they did not seem all that perfect physically owing to old age.

  2. The liver soup looks great with a huge portion of kampua kosong. For RM6 only, you went back with a happy tummy.

    It was only RM5, RM6 including the RM1 cup of coffee, cheaper than elsewhere.

  3. I like simple dishes like that, it may look plain but it packs a lot of taste. Reminds me a lot of that Traditional Shanghai style noodle

    I don’t know if this is like Shanghai noodles or not but I hear the ones at Fuzhou there are quite different from the ones here, supposedly Fuzhou – most of the Chinese here are of that dialect.

  4. i like my drinks cold or with ice, just because it’s more refreshing that way! hopefully the belief about cold drinks being bad for the health isn’t accurate 🙂

    I suspect there is some truth in those old wives’ tales but not that I worry so much about it – I like my drinks cold too.

  5. The Kampua noodles look yum with the liver soup. Yes, I have been trying to cut down on cold drinks, as they say cold drinks are not good for health, especially for ladies, but sometimes fail to do so, as cannot resist cold drinks especially on a hot day 😛

    That’s what they say all the time. I only drink it with ice and sugar outside, at home, it will be at room temperature without ice.

  6. Love these type of food, do they have pork kidney? 😀

    Not here and not usually at the kampua mee stalls. They have that at the kueh chap stalls – must clean really clean or there will be a small. Some people insist kueh chap is not kueh chap without the smell though. No, thank you.

  7. Wow, you have been blogging for a long time. You must have been one of the first in Malaysia.

    Not really. I was commenting in other people’s blogs for years and nobody knew who I was – they actually thought I was female. Eventually, some blogger friends sort of forced me into it. They set everything up and then they told me – you now have a blog, go and post something. That was in 2008. Many of those bloggers around at the time including my friends have all fallen by the wayside, no longer active.

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