A different corner (3)…

In this post a couple of days ago, I mentioned the RM2.50 Sarawak laksa and the RM1.00 nasi lemak that is available from this place at Bandong…

Bandong II 1

It’s at the shops in the area which used to be so very popular years ago that the place would be packed mainly with teenagers and the roads jammed with their cars. I don’t know if it still is or not as I haven’t been there at night for a long, long time. I seldom go out at night, you see…but I do go in the daytime. This stall is located at one corner – the last shop on the right of the block, the back portion of which is facing the main road. The surau is at the other end to the left.

Here, you can see the Sarawak laksa, all ready packed – the gravy in one bag and the mihun plus shredded chicken and egg as well as the lime and sambal belacan (separately in a smaller bag) in another bag… 

Bandong II 2

…and these are the roti canai

Banding II 3

I think I mentioned before that they sell halal kampua noodles at RM1.50 without meat. I’ve tried it before and I would say that it was very nice…

Bandong II 4

…unlike the so-called kampua at the Malay coffee shops in town that I had been to. All this while, theirs had been a total disappointment. However, I would not say that it is cheap though as you can get kampua at any Chinese kampua stall without meat and it also costs RM1.50. Just imagine…we actually have to pay 70 sen for those few miserable paper-thin slices of meat!

I noticed that they also have lemang

Bandong II 5

In fact, you can get all kinds of Malay kuihs and delicacies at this stall.It is virtually impossible to list all of them here. You will just have to go there yourself to see and choose what you like. I love their bingka labu (pumpkin) – very lemak and very nice and only RM1.00 for 4!

Bandong II 6

…and yesterday morning, I managed to buy their putu mayam

Bandong II 7

All this while, I had not been lucky and each time I went, it was all sold out. They’re big – the same size as those that I had when I was a boy but unfortunately, they’re somewhat thin, so I had to put two pieces together, add a generous topping of grated coconut and sugar, roll and eat at one go. They’re selling those at RM2.00 a packet for 10 pieces.

I’ve been told that at night, they sell ayam penyet Bandung (as in Indonesia, not this Bandong)

Bandong II 8

I’ve never heard of such a dish before…but the other day, I saw it in a post on sixthseal.com. Gee! It seems that they even have an ayam penyet franchise in KL! (Umm…no, eiling! I don’t want you to give me a treat there when I go to KL! Must go to some place more expensive! Wink! Wink! LOL!!!)

I heard that the one here is very nice but unfortunately, they only sell it at night starting at around 7.00 p.m. and like I said earlier, I seldom go out at night. Anybody dropping by there by any chance? Do tapao some for me, can or not? LOL!!!

I’ll be flying off to Kuching later this morning to attend a farewell dinner for Cooking4STP who will be moving to Perth very soon in search of greener pastures. Thus, I don’t reckon there’ll be a post tomorrow as I will only be home by evening. (Somehow this brings to mind Yan‘s newspaper on a public holiday! LOL!) Do make sure that you’re back here on Monday, ok? …..Ta ta!!!

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52 thoughts on “A different corner (3)…”

  1. Yes, newspapers tiap-tiap hari! I am honoured that you remember us!

    Have a good trip to Kuching. Should stay longer 🙂

    LOL!!!…Thanks. Unfortunately, can’t get away for so long. Just going over to join a farewell dinner for Cooking4STP who’s moving to Oz in search of greener pasture…but frankly, I do need a longer break! Sigh! 😦

  2. Ya .you need a longer break badly. Come to kk. come to kk. When?

    When pigs can fly…! Hahahahaha!!!

  3. ok ill note that down. this is gonna be in one of my must-do list when i get back 🙂 btw hws the portion like teacher ? looks quite ok.

    Good…very generous except for the putu mayam – very thin! You must be looking forward to coming home…terribly! LOL!!!

  4. Be seing you for lunch…

    Putu Mayam…. the one from Bombay Marsala here in Kuching is not bad…. however, it runs out very fast…

    I just realised, all the different branches of the Dimong-Wong clan will be represented by at least one member at tonight’s dinner…

    In the old days in the kampong or at the Queensway house, it would be whole families… Now, everybody’s everywhere and even at weddings or funerals, not everybody will be around. And they say the world is getting smaller…???

  5. World getting smaller if you’re loaded… airfare is so expensive nowadays

    I guess there’s a whole lot of truth in that…! 😦

  6. hi there…i bring u to Bandung la..we go there
    at night. im always free at night, can drive u around.

    Sounds pretty desperate? Hahahahahaha!!! You tapao and deliver to my house lah! LOL!!!

  7. Shat! Lunch with STP and I’m still here! *rushes off*

    And only arrived when all of us have left! Will post on it! Thanks for the gold bar!!! So nice and thoughtful of you to remember me when honeymooning in Labuan! LOL!!!

  8. Putu Mayam rocks. But I am wondering…where’s the brownish color ones?

    Ya…I think they use brown sugar over there but not here. I like brown sugar! Should be nice!

  9. I think the food there must be nice…must visit it one day. It’s been long long time Bandung lost it popularity already. Miss the good old days in Bandung.

    Ya…used to be the favourite place for teenagers to hang out. Guess they’ve all moved to Taman Selara Muhibbah now. Do go and try the ayam penyet and post on it! Then I’ll see whether it’s worth the effort or not going out at night for that…

  10. wah go kuching ah .. meet clare anot? kirim salam .. :p

    Yup, met clare and chipmunk…and we went out for cendol! Very hot in Kuching!

  11. Hey STP…been so busy lately to blog hop…haha

    Just wanna wish u a Blessed Easter…

    BTW,my mom and bro tried the Laksa at Ecafe dy. They said its nice. 🙂

    Gosh! Easter?…Ah well, a belated Happy Easter to you too. Of course, it’s nice… Otherwise, I would not have promoted it!!! Now they can try this one at the stall at Bandong.

  12. penyet should be change to penyek, lol. STP, I sent an email to your hotmail, hope you get it.tq.

    Dunno…maybe Indonesian spelling? I cannot access my hotmail for a long time now. Think it was hacked or something. Will email you…and you can use that address. Not safe to post it here…

  13. i really want to try kampua noodle someday 😉

    btw, i heard the foods there is not so cheap. now i doubt.

    It is cheap here! Just got back from Kuching…and they were telling me that they were shocked when I said this or that was so expensive. Compared to Kuching, they’re all so cheap! I think in Miri (oil) and Bintulu (gas), it’s even more expensive that Kuching. Sibu’s thebest! LOL!!!

  14. Oh shat! My saham is going to plunge to hell if you post THAT photo. Damn! LOL!!!

    Did you see the photo? Can’t remember showing it to you! LOL!!!

  15. Knowing you…it’s not going to be any good news! HMPH!!! BAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!

    Aiyor…how can you say a thing like that about me? Haven’t I always been so sweet and nice, always a gentleman? Say some more…I want the prawns back! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  16. must have been a decade since i had a putu mayam. lol.

    it’s mid april but im looking forward to going back to sibu end of the year. you’d bring me to sample a lot of kuih rite hahaha

    p/s of coz im still here. just lazy to comment 🙂

    My pleasure…anytime! They’ve got the batek cake very regularly…but so far, I haven’t seen your favourite – beehive aka honeycomb cake! LOL!!!

  17. Ai….chea poi kee saja the prawns kah?

    What prawns?…The ones I gave to Clare? She very very fast said tenkiu to kpenyu…so he said give her one (Knowing him…anything sweet young thing wants, sure ok one! LOL!!!), and then she said she bought me gold bar from Labuan, so I gave her another one….and that’s all she’s getting! Hope she and boyfriend…and boyfriend’s family don’t end up fighting tooth and claw over the two. LOL!!!

  18. wow, all the utensils in this stall are super clean and new. No wonder all kuih sold out fast!

    That’s one thing about the places here these days. Cleanliness is a priority! The previous mayor had done something good, after all… Our coffee shops are nicer and cleaner than those in Kuching but theirs still retain the old kopitiam identity!

  19. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I’m not going to let anyone near the prawns! Going to cook them on the long weekend (1st of May). Hehehehe!!!

    Pollie said that night at dinner that she tried my recipe with fresh water prawns and she loved it!!! Gee! My simple recipe… I thought you people would have your own – something nicer. ….But if it means a lot of work, forget it! Not for me, thank you! LOL!!!

  20. BAH… “You will just have to go there yourself to see and choose what you like.”
    lol what a depressing sentence

    well if i ever visit this bandong stall i know what to get ..*everything* haha.. the box of little green kuehs!

    Where? Those are “lemang” – glutinous rice cooked in bamboo lined with banana leaf. They have it cut into bite-size slices… Well, that was exactly what I did – went every day and tried a few items at a time and what I liked, I would buy again.

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