Bus stop…

Last Sunday, we went for the evening service in the cathedral as we had to attend my  nephew and niece’s double-wedding ceremony cum reception in the morning. My missus did not cook dinner, so on our way home, we stopped by the Sibu Bus Terminal Food Court – the location of which is self-explanatory, located right below Medan Hotel.

I had the mixed grill (RM9.50) which Louis J told me was very nice…

Bus Terminal Food Court - mixed grill

The guy used to run a place selling western food at the YMCA here in Sibu. It was pretty nice, especially for that price. The same thing in the hotels would cost at least double, I’m sure…or more!

My missus had the ayam penyet (RM5.00) which was not bad at all…

Bus Terminal Food Court - ayam penyet

…but you will need the patience of a saint if you want to eat that. They took such a very long time to come out with the dish.

There are many other stalls there – including Udin Rojak, son of the famous Kassim and his gado-gado or pasembur or Indian rojak or whatever you choose to call it. Over here, we just call it Kassim rojak. I guess I will just have to drop by again sometime to try the rest…


on Indomie instant noodles:
The Indomie instant noodles sold in Malaysia are safe for consumption, Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said Wednesday.

He said the ministry had tested 30 out of 77 samples of Indomie collected locally for hydroxylbenzoic acid methyl ester and found that they did not contain the preservative.

“The ministry wishes to assure that eating Indomie will not cause any health risks to consumers,” he said.