You can call me Al…

…but what do you call this?

Rojak Dalat 1

Here in Sibu, we had the celebrated Rojak Kassim after this man named Kassim who had since moved to Kuching. We also called his keleng-nga rojak…or rojak tambi (Indian rojak)…but it was not exactly like the authentic Indian rojak, otherwise called pasembur or mamak rojak. In the case of the latter, the sauce is usually reddish in colour and sweet. Personally, I think it is more like gado-gado which is authentically an Indonesian dish…with all the condiments and a satay-like spicy peanut gravy poured over them.

But they call this one rojak Dalat because it originates from somebody selling it in Dalat. For the uninitiated, Dalat is a small town located downriver from Sibu with a largely Melanau population.

Rojak Dalat 2

Rojak literally means a mixture of sorts or all mixed up – the local version of the salad, so to speak. This one has the cucur (deep fried fritters) and cucumber cut into strips and also mihun…and prior to eating, the peanut sauce is poured over it…

Rojak Dalat 3

It is available in Sibu at my regular Bandong kuih stall at only RM2.00…but personally, I would prefer it with boiled potatoes and hardboiled egg and I think the sauce is kind of watery and not thick enough. But for only RM2.00, I think there is not much cause for complaint.

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17 thoughts on “You can call me Al…”

  1. Ehh almost same price as here. hehe. jz dat d rojak slightly different. heee.

    There RM2 also? So cheap… Here, also different in the shops – RM3 and very little. 😦

  2. Me so very hungry… only roti canai here near my hostel… looking at the rojak make me miss the food back home XD

    Look for the Indian or mamak shops and order pasembur… Similar so you can appease your craving till you come back again. 😉

  3. Well.. You can call that anything but I love rojak as in this kinda rojak. I call them Rojak Mamak or with the noodles will be Mee Rojak. Different from the fruit rojak with prawn paste one.. hehe 😀

    Now.. so long dy I tak makan the above rojak! sigh..

    Yup, this is definitely different from fruit rojak. I prefer this kind too – not crazy over the fruit rojak.

  4. I like both pasembur and cucur udang type….nice!

    Here, we have some kind of cucur…but not cucur udang. That one, we have but not in rojak…but come to think of it, it’s also cucur. Hmmmm….think I can make my own now. Yum! Yum! LOL!!! 😀

  5. i was told this type of rojak is sold at Kok Cheng-opp. Cathay cinema . is the stall still there?

    That was originally Rojak Kassim…and then the ex-son took over and renamed it Rojak Udin…and now the ex-daughter has taken over, I hear. The last time I had it, it was still ok…but not as nice as before. You want the original, you have to go to Kuching now. He’s there!

  6. for me is just rojak. hahaha…but i miss the food! i think Miri’s rojak is a bit different? can’t find anything quite like that in west malaysia….:)

    Ya, every place may have the same thing…but there may be a slight difference…and that slight difference actually means a lot! 😉

  7. Not indian Rojak ka? I thought it looks like indian rojak

    Ya…more or less but they use satay gravy. That’s why I think it is more like gado-gado…

  8. i think it is cucuk .. canteen got sell this but without the meehoon.. the sauce is like satay sauce with pounded nuts..

    Yes…yes!!! With satay sauce. You people call it cucuk over there? Why cucuk leh? They cucuk the cucur on a stick like satay….or they give you toothpicks to cucuk and eat? LOL!!!

  9. It looks like gado gado to me, not rojak. My mum used to make these for tea time. But this one doesn’t look appetizing. The kuah kacang is too watery for my liking. I like my kuah kacang to be creamy and thick.

    Exactly what I said…like gado gado…and the kuah is not thick enough for my liking. T guess for RM2.00, they need to cut cost somewhere… 😦

  10. here in kl they called it pasembor. I have not tried it though.

    I tried that in Penang – similar but not exactly the same. I think this is more like gado gado…

  11. Wow.. Rojak that only costs RM2.. nice weii 🙂

    But I’m not a big fan of rojak though..

    Ya…real cheap. RM3.00 in the shops… Have you tried Rojak Kassim? The guy’s moved to Kuching now… BEST in the world! Now we have to go to Kuching to eat that…

    P.S. Btw, if anybody’s interested, the ex-son, Udin, now runs a stall at the Bus Station Food Court (below Medan Hotel) in Sibu. His ex-wife is running the original stall in the coffee shop in town.

  12. I bought at pasar mlm also cost me RM3.50…Arghh so expensive!!! I always like to have rojak with cucur udang but omit mee or meehoon.i feel weird having noodle in my rojak.

    This is a special feature of this particular type of rojak. Normally we would have the cucurs with cucumber and potatoes cut into strips plus bean sprouts (taugeh)…and at one time, we had hardboiled egg too.

  13. Haven’t seen this in Kuching yet.. I guess I’m not actively looking.. lol..

    They say Palm Road/Nanas Road…near Thomson Corner, that Kassim’s stall is there…

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