Well, they’re very long – those Australian ones, definitely longer than our Malaysian ones…and if you are wondering what this preoccupation with length is all about, I’m actually referring to the Aussie beef sausages that Santastella gave me when I was in Kuching. Now, now…what on earth was running through your minds? Muahahahaha!!!!

Aussie beef sausages
*recycled pic

Well, many of you were absolutely aghast when you saw the above photograph in the post concerned as it was already past the expiry date and what was worse, I mentioned that I had not eaten them yet and was thinking of keeping them for my daughter when she comes home for the holidays in November.

Indeed, the sausages had flown all the way from Melbourne via KLIA to Kuching and finally, to Sibu…and being freshly-made uncooked sausages, putting them back into the freezer to keep for so long would not be such a good idea. So what I did was I fried/grilled all of them at one go; I reckon that once they are already cooked, it wouldn’t be so bad to put them back in the freezer and take them out to eat as and when needed.

I gave my missus one plus a fried egg, sunny side up, for breakfast…and for myself, I also had some Indomie instant mee goreng (fried noodles) at the same time. I did not cook any of the noodles for my missus as she always said that she would not have the appetite to eat very much so early in the morning.

I tried the sausage and thought that it was somewhat bland but was kind of perplexed when my missus ate hers and said it was very salty. I thought perhaps, the strong flavour of the noodles had neutralised or drowned out the saltiness and that was why I thought it did not taste really great.

But a few mornings later, I heated up two more and had them with scrambled eggs and toast…

Aussie beef sausages with egg and toast 1

…and I found that they were really very nice!

You can actually taste the minced meat inside – quite unlike the rubbery texture of those sausages available in our local supermarkets…and it had that very nice special taste and fragrance that German sausages have. They did not taste salty…

Aussie beef sausages with egg and toast 2

…as I had them together with the egg wrapped in toast.

All in all, I certainly enjoyed eating them for breakfast and rest assured that all will be gone in no time at all… LOL!!!