Santa Claus is coming to town…

You’d better watch out
You’d better not cry
Better not pout
I’m telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to town…

Well, it certainly looked like it when Stella flew into Kuching from Melbourne in Australia with her bags and bags of goodies for everybody.

She gave me these Aussie beef sausages…

Aussie beef sausages

…which I have not cooked and tried yet. I wonder if I should keep them till mid-November when Melissa will be home for the holidays…or would she be so sick of sausages already after one year there?

Other than the sausages, Stella also gave me this – all wrapped up in Christmas paper. Is that supposed to be my Christmas present, I wonder?

Present from Stella

Inside were a giant-size slab of chocolate and a whole lot of shortbread of various different brands – two original Scottish shortbread, Walkers no less…one Butterfingers, an Australian brand and one Coles, also Australian. I’ve tried the last one…and it was not bad though it lacked the extra strong butter fragrance usually dominant in the original Scottish brands. Ah well…beggars cannot be choosers, so thanks so much, Stella.

Shortbread and choc from Stella

I wonder how she was able to bring so much stuff over and still had space for her branded outfits and accessories. Personally, I prefer to travel light…but I guess being younger, she should be able to cope with all the lugging and tugging.

But wait a minute, Stella! These definitely will not last till Christmas…so can I expect another present just in time for the occasion if we meet again this December in Penang? Muahahahaha!!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

39 thoughts on “Santa Claus is coming to town…”

  1. *pengsan* U got a head-start… LOLOL! I got to start to hint about Xmas oredi! LOL!

    Eh… you cannot keep the sausages til Melissa comes back… you see the expiry date… it says Best Before: 17.09.10 woi… expired liao la… hope you cooked it and makan it liao!

    Yeah…you’re so observant. I only noticed it after I took the photo. Already eaten, not bad, pretty nice actually…but I think I prefer smoked ones – they have that special fragrance, like smoked ham or bacon….and can keep in freezer for a long time. These are fresh sausages – will post on it soon…

    1. LOLOL… old habits die hard… when buy things, the first thing I’ll look for on the packaging is the expiry dates and the price. Hahahahaha! Kiasu ma…must see cheap and can last long or not. Tsk tsk tsk! But sometimes, i also buy those nearly expired stuff… usually cookies…cuz the budak kecik and budak besar at home can makan very fast, so no worries if it’s expiring soon.

      Nice ah, this one? I also prefer the smoked ones… got nice fragrance…more appetizing for me.

      Ya…we have a place here – all those about to expire IMPORTED cookies and stuff – so very cheap. Used to go and buy and finish them in a jiffy…but not anymore. Cheap also, cannot indulge like that – must control a bit. Hehehehehe!!! πŸ˜‰

      1. Lucky I’m not living there… my budak kecik and budak besar both have sweet tooth. While me… I prefer savoury stuff… not really into sweets… just once in a while would be okay for me. Hahaha… and in this posting… I actually drooled for the beef sausages…and no prize for guessing what I cook for bfast. LOL!

  2. wow..STP… u got a Stella Claus there.. so nice!! reminds me of christmas.. gosh.. have to start buying pressies now.. i guess.

    I call her Santastella… Sounds better! LOL!!! So soon? It’s not even October yet – still some three months to go. So, what are you getting for me? Hehehehehehe!!! πŸ˜‰

  3. oopps…my comment hilang.. i was blessed you are to have a “stella claus” over there.. so nice of her to give pressies…reminds me of buying presents now… πŸ™‚

    Dunno what happened? Akismet delegated your comments to spam, and I had to go there and rescue you… LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  4. oh yeah, beef sausages. let me know how they taste, if you like em i’d grab a few packs for you.

    They’re good – very nice. Watch out for the post – coming soon! But please don’t trouble yourself to buy and bring all the way… I’ve this thing about perishables – what if there’s a delay, or the flight’s cancelled etc…all the stuff will go bad… I’ve this phobia everytime I travel and I have to bring frozen foods.

  5. See when i told you, you were the most loved blogger bet i was not wrong about it, truly enough like Cleff said,you can’t keep the sausages till Melissa’s return.

    No lah…not keeping that for her. She can get a lot of such things over there and eat to her heart’s content.

    1. Hahahahah… aiyo… dun need to keep this sort of stuff for your anak… I daresay she oredi muak with this sort of stuff in Ozzieland! When she comes back, she’d be wanting those yummy Malaysian food…homecook stuff… hahaha…

      Kiwiland! Ya…last time when she was in SP, whenever she came home, I would get her all these kinds of things – pork ham, bacon…sausages. Over there, halal place….seldom eat such stuff. Now no need liao…

  6. Pick her from the airport and my Wira was full!!! Huge suitcase or should I say santa bag!

    That’s Santastella for you…! LOL!!! You picked her? I thought somebody else was assigned the “duty”…or that was just for the reunion and the church wedding?

    1. thk goodness for gundot’s car n boots were big too n yes the car also aircond :)! save me from hailing the taxi n also took me to sample the jiuhoo ec etc…..

      What jiu hoo you went to eat? Jiu hoo eng chai at open air kah? Best lah!!! Drool!!! LOL!!!

  7. I love the Cadbury Rocky Road Santa Claus gave me. Mmmm…..

    I haven’t eaten mine… Not really crazy about chocolates…but I simply love shortbread biscuits. Yum!!! And the sausages were nice too…

    1. I tink the sausages is to die for… (ish, carnovore betul!)… I think, tomorrow I’ll go look for some breakfast bacon and whatnot from cold storage… beh tahan oredi! LOL! Nid to stock up!

      Wait…wait for the post! Later, not interesting anymore…stale already.

    2. I tink the sausages is to die for… (ish, carnivore betul!)… I think, tomorrow I’ll go look for some breakfast bacon and whatnot from cold storage… beh tahan oredi! LOL! Nid to stock up!

      Huh? Why identical comment? You really very sick…mabuk already kah?

  8. waaaa! so nice got early xmas pressie!! the sausages look so gud! n i saw butterfingers?! ish ish! i wan oso ba!

    You like Butterfingers? Quite a popular Aussie brand – shortbread biscuits… We have them here but they’re very expensive. In comparison, the Scottish ones are nicer…and equally expensive.

  9. Wow…why santa is not coming here huh? are one lucky chap huh! You keep on receiving goodies. πŸ˜€ I want the black forest chocolate.

    Hehehehehe!!! Never mind! I will eat on your behalf. Perhaps I can take a photo – mouth, teeth all covered with chocolate…and post for you to see. ROTFL!!!!

  10. wow, so much goodies!

    Yalor…she brought so many things. I only bought a little bit for her – a piece of this and a piece of that – the local Foochow delicacies that she was craving for.

  11. Wah another gift! I’m so jealous, how come you always get parcels?? πŸ˜› Ahh I see those Australian brands and I’m reminded of Coles and Woolworths!

    I do? I thought I always see bloggers getting this and getting that and poor me, all the way over here – so neglected. LOL!!! Ya…you should have told me you were going to Melbourne and I could give you Stella’s contact …. πŸ˜‰

  12. WOW! Santarina come early this year??? So many goodies!!!! You’re really lucky and everyone love you so much, keep stuff food to you. LOL!

    Look like they’re scared I’ll slim down…and then I will not be sui…and not tuapui anymore. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    1. Annie, I think everyone loves to feed Cikgu because they know it won’t go to waste… hahaha… if people feed me… no matter how much ah… I still dun grow sideways… kenot see the effect… very cham la…but lucky me… Kat and Ling kept pumping me up…not yet give up on me! Hahahahahaha!

      Yalor…like got worms. Eat so much and yet cicak kering, skin and bone only… Real waste of food. And always sick – like phua pay kay (sickly chicken), not big fat strong bull like me… Hehehehehe!!!!

  13. Oh…i spotted the same shortbreads which you have posted before…yumm..another round ya.

    Ya…Walkers. Actually somebody else bought me that as well…and something else, but I have not posted as I haven’t cooked the thing yet. Hope to do it soonest…..

  14. Luck must be on your side…so many presents!! Can you please blow some of your luck over here to me? πŸ˜› Hey, that’s a Christmas present. You are not supposed to open it till Christmas! Now I know you are very greedy…LOL

    Oops… No lah! Have to open, who knows got things about to expire, so must eat quickly. Hehehehehe!!! πŸ˜‰

    1. Ishhhhhh! Excuse aje… got expiry dates ma… ish ish ish! *shakes head*

      Got lah… Everything’s got expiry dates – biscuits, canned food… I thought you know, you always check one?

    1. LOLOL! I need to start bodek-ing Cyn for cookies liao…. I fast fast make muka kesian. (sigh… last time my mum teach me to bake, I dun wanna learn, now padan muka… nid to bodek ppl! LOL!)

      That’s why lah! Parents always do for kids, in the end, the kids…all hopeless!

  15. Lucky you!

    Australian sausage from Woolworth! Let us know whether it is nice. In Miri, we can buy German sausage.

    In Miri too? Not in Sibu – Ayamas and those frozen brands… I know in Kuching, they have some German guy making sausages for sale during Kuching Fest and also the Lantern Festival celebration along Carpenter Street – selling like hot cakes, so popular. Ya…watch out of the post on these sausages – coming soon!

  16. Wah, so many goodies. Aussie beef sausage sure nice, full of meat, not like local ones full of flour! LOL!

    Wait for the post…wait for the post! Can’t reveal too much right now. LOL!!!

    1. Local ones can meletup punya la, Pete… even though just sautee it for a whole oni. Teruk… i used to kena… cuz inside mostly flour and water instead of meat. not solid! Sausages… some really can go KabOOM! on you! 😦

      I thought the overseas ones will meletup – made of pig intestines – no way for air to escape when heated up, so meletup?

  17. Melissa will be back mid-november? Wow.. can sense your anticipation already πŸ˜€

    STP dun worry, though you grow slimmer.. you’ll always stay Sui… though no longer Tua Pui πŸ˜›

    Looking forward to the day. Miss her so much – all year already even though you do chat on Skype every day…. Aiyor…then have to change pseudonym to “sui” only – cannot lah like that! LOL!!

  18. I straight laugh after seeing the first pic, dunno why, maybe always eat that too often til sick haha. So my advise is go and eat it, dun need wait for Melissa haha.

    Hmmmm…I wonder if that’s the real reason or some funny ideas running through your head? Hahahahaha!!! Ya, starting to eat them already, not going to keep that long – watch out for the post! πŸ˜‰

  19. i remember! You love those shortbread!!!

    My favourite…and second place, Danish butter cookies. Not crazy about others – not even the popular Famous Amos.

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