Stand by me…

This is my 1,000th post


…so I guess it is only right and fitting that I thank everybody from the bottom of my heart for dropping by every day or as often as you can and for leaving a comment or more each time.

Based on the latest statistics, over a span of less than 3 years ever since the first post on 7th March, 2008, there have been 375,484 page views and 24,718 comments. Knowing that all of you will, without fail, be here to stand by me each passing day, that is motivation enough to keep me going.

Here, I would like to dedicate this song specially to each and everyone of you:

To those of you who dropped by earlier, I’ve changed the video clip as it seems that VEVO video clips cannot be viewed Down Under owing to copyright control. Hope this one’s o.k…..

Have a wonderful weekend, all!