Not the same (2)…

I had a post on this a long time ago. In the past, we had Indomie instant mee goreng (fried noodles) that were made in Malaysia and even then, people were telling me that the same product made in Indonesia was nicer. Something must have happened along the way…and the Malaysian counterpart has taken on a new name – Ibumie and rebranded its product, Always. I’ve tried it before and it tasted more or less like what it used to – nothing has changed, or at least, not that I noticed.

But the other day, at Ta Kiong in Kuching, I spotted these…

Indomie - made in Indonesia 1

– the original Indomie instant mee goreng, made in Indonesia. Without any second thoughts, I bought some and when I came home, I cooked a packet to try…

Indomie - made in Indonesia 2

I don’t know if it was psychological but it did seem nicer. There were more things inside – the seasoning, the oil, the soy sauce, the chilli powder and even, some fried onions. I don’t recall the Malaysian version having all that.

Indomie - made in Indonesia 3

m2mc also had a post on this the other day and though he did note a difference, he was diplomatic enough not to commit himself and say which he thought was better. As far as I know, my daughter eats this quite regularly in Wellington, New Zealand – the Β original Indonesian version and she seems to be enjoying it…

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50 thoughts on “Not the same (2)…”

  1. I have never tried Ibumie before, but i have tried Indo mee. it is still the best i like compared to those that i have tried.

    But for the soupy one,, the one from Sibu makes the killing

    Mee Daddy ftw!!! Sadly, their mee goreng isn’t that nice…kalah to Ibumie even. Other brands of the same variety also – nothing great. In my opinion, this original Indonesian Indomie’s the best.

  2. By the way, so happy to be the first one here, i woke up early today, went for my run… blog surfing to cool down, it is 6.34 am now and good morning Sibu

    Good morning! Bright and early – as they say, the early bird catches the worm…

  3. we also get the Indon version, we dun have the Mal ones but I eat till I sked of it liao! long time no eat liao but maybe will go back again after seeing it here! hahaha

    Ya…my daughter liked the Malaysian one initially…but later she got tired of it and didn’t want to eat it anymore. But right now in NZ, I get to hear of her eating that quite often – the original Indonesian one, available there as well…and she seems to think it’s nicer too.

  4. I bought this too, and I love it! Definitely better flavors all around. Ooh I think I will have that for lunch today!

    I had another one for breakfast… LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    1. …and such a satisfying lunch that was :))

      LOL!!! I bought three packs – 15 packets. Should last for sometime. Will try to fry it one of these days as Via suggested. They do sell Maggi mee goreng in the west…and perhaps here too.

  5. yes, over here we have this.. but i normally buy cintan or maggi mee..
    looking at this plate of mee makes me swallow something a moment ago.. ok, i go make a mug of quaker oats first.. πŸ™‚

    Maggi? Eyewwwww….the texture of the noodles puts me off. Cintan’s o.k. Enjoy your oats! Hehehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜€

    1. I used to like maggie, but these days, i prefer Cintan or Mamee… the mee more… springy, not like Maggie…

      Loved Maggi when it was the only one around – the texture of the noodles…that’s the problem…and the chicken flavour also not best anymore.

  6. Ok… I’ll go buy today!!!! Bought Myojo the other day!

    Haven’t bought Myojo for ages. Used to love the chicken abalone – the noodles, round…not rectangular… Got mee goreng too?

    1. Ehhh… Myojo… Cikgu, must try their mee goreng… really not bad… but den… I prefer Mee Sedap if I were to buy mee goreng.

      Mee Sedap is also Indonesian…and more often than not, cheaper than the Malaysian brands. If like that, who will buy the Malaysian-made ones then?

  7. I’ve never tasted the Malaysian one but the Indon one is really good. I cook it dry, like kampua and with the oil, it almost tastes like kampua too. I’ve stopped buying it because I’m not sure what they put in the oil to make it so spoil proof. Saw a program years ago where they said that all these processed foods are artificially flavored with chemicals. Like Kopiko, there’s no coffee in there, just a chemical that tastes like coffee.

    Yup…all artificial flavours and preservatives too, so best not to eat too often. I think students tend to eat that a lot! Too lazy to cook wholesome meals… 😦

  8. i don’t like any instant mee except kolo n son likes indomie rather than ibu n i just bought a whole box of ibu!ours from indonesia i think….off to my morning snooze still very jetlaggy!

    Now which one did you buy? A whole box of the Indonesian Indomie or the Malaysian Ibumie? LOL!!! Ya…young people usually such things.

  9. I am so going to Ta Kiong later to get them noodles! Yummy! Haven’t had Indomie in ages!

    Stella, 3hrs different timezone only, also jetlag kah? Adoh!

    What 3 hours? She was in Brisbane for the last few days before going back to Melbourne… Wonder what kind of jet lag that is – serious, even got Indomie and Ibumie confused. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    1. I bought a whole box of ibumie mee n just now went to woolworths saw the indomie mee bought 1pack of 5 for A$2.75 after reading yr pretty effective blog bcos Lucas prefers indomie actually. C4STP: everytime travelling the nite before I always can’t sleep well incase I overslept n did not pack everything. I left a loong kiam hoo at a hotel fridge once so now I made sure I checked twice… Ps now still 2 hrs difference but this Sunday will be 3 hrs,daylight savings begins. how time flies,I just put away the candles memento from KNB in my drawer n seemed like yesterday we all went ‘hooha’ planning this big wedding trip…..

      Hey! Talking about the candles, now where are mine? Hmmm…probably still in the missus’ handbag…together with the booklet from the church wedding service – will probably remain in there for the next few years! Muahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€ You bought a whole box of Ibumie and brought it back all the way from here??? Yup…heard it’s AUD2.75 there – so cheap! Don’t convert since you’re staying there and earning Ozzie dollars. Here, not so cheap…. Any brand, RM3 something, around RM4…for pack of 5.

      1. No lah! the ibumie, got from Cosco, the big american supermarket here few mths ago for A$10 a box, 40 pkts ….so not so bad… Oh ya, we all,meaning Pollie,Sa n I kept the booklet too incase we need it as a sample next time. haha!

        Hahahahaha!!!! Just change the names! Here, a box of 40..also around RM10, so not really expensive there. Saves the trouble of carrying all the way… Better buy things that can’t be bought there…like kompia and lay piang! LOL!!!

  10. The Indonesian version have more crispy fried onions….mmmmm, nicer!

    Yup…one whole packet of it…other than the ones in the oil. If I remember correctly, the Malaysian one, only those in the oil.

  11. prefer indonesian version . maybe never even try the malaysia version. hahahhaa. and yes, daddy mee is the best for soup noodles! . my semenanjung friend can’t get enough of it. hahaha

    Ya…I think Mee Daddy is available there, but not very common – not all places will be selling it. Usually, I will bring a few packs to KL or Penang and give to friends…

    1. Bwhahaha… dun forget bring some kompiah too. LOLOL! (ish, muka tembok Cina!)

      I’m planning to stay at hotel in KLIA, so you will have to come all the way to collect it. Muahahahaha!!!!

      1. Sulk… that means I have to bodek my hubby or Cyn to bring me there la… KLIA so far from my place… practically another state… sobsob!!!

        Never mind lah. We can meet some other time. I should be going to KL again in future… This trip is just to wait for Melissa and come home with her…

  12. Well, it could be the original one that makes it more tasty!

    Yup…the original one is tastier, that’s for sure.

  13. My favourite flavour of indomie is mi goreng satay! I only seen it here, but maybe Malaysia has that flavour as well? If got, i sure go back and eat lots and lots of mi goreng satay!

    Oh? Got satay? I think I saw it that day but I did not buy, not too sure. Didn’t know good or not… Hmmmm…must try that sometime.

  14. Not really fond of the Mee goreng

    Yalor…always going out…here, there and everywhere eating all the nice things, where got want to eat instant noodles!!! Muahahahaha!!!!!

    1. I rather she go out and eat ah… she mamee kaki wan, Cikgu… u dono… midnight that time, everytime oso mamee…. LOL!

      Mamee? Nothing great leh… I remember those little packets of snack that primary school students loved so much…and the advert on TV – Maaaaaa…..meeeee!!!!! That always comes to mind whenever I see the instant mee. Saham terus turun! LOL!!!

      1. Eh… I used to love that sort of junk… but not anymore… the sight of it repels me these days, dono why. Must have makan them too much back then.

        I’ve never been into those stuff…and yet I’m so fat! Melissa loves eating such things…and yet so thin. The world is so unfair.

  15. At home i buy ibumie, but at the office here, the food court sold indonesia version indomie, yes it taste a lot better!!

    Eh, one packet enough for you? Usually i will cook two, the portion like so little. hahahahhahahha

    Ok, i know what to have for my lunch today, indomie goreng!!!!!

    Hahahahaha!!!! If their sales suddenly increase, they must send me a few complimentary packs for the promotion…

    1. *pengsan* Hint hint Ibumie pulak! LOL. Annie is right, the Indonesian version is better… got difference wan…

      See how many supporters… That confirms everything I said!

  16. finally u blog about it. got 2 flavours from Indomie, “Perisa Spesial” and “Perisa Asli”. Sibu does not sell it meh?

    Not at Kim Tak, near my house… Dunno other places – here in Sibu, I so goodie-goodie…never go out one! Muahahahaha!!!!

    1. Come KL… I’m sure Kat will turn you into a rampaging monster… hahahaha… go jalan jalan cari makan til u can’t move! LOL!

      No lah…she said when I go KL that weekend, she’ll be going to KT – somebody’s wedding. I just stay in hotel and sleep lah! 😦

      1. Sobs… now I have to bodek Cynthia to pick me up… haizz… so chammmm!!! Who got belas kasihan, bring me go KLIA??? LOLOL!

        Not confirmed yet. Confirmed going – tickets already booked but other arrangements pending. Will let you know once it’s settled.

  17. to put it to the real test, you should have tasted both side by side!

    No need… I’ve stopped buying Ibumie since the last time I bought it – I thought it was not so nice, not fragrant…not even as nice as when it was Indomie, made in Malaysia. I liked it way back then…and somebody even gave me a packet from Indonesia, insisting it was nicer…but at that time, I thought they were more or less the same.

  18. bro…this is my fav indomie goreng…simply love the taste … it will be taste lagi nice if u fried it … will be dry dry like those mamak style … jeng ler!

    Ya…must try that soon. After all, they do that for the Thai pad noodles…fry and add the seasoning in the sachet provided.

  19. It’s really not the same. Msian version is not as nice as the original ones. Even my boy could taste the difference…

    Yup…it’s pretty obvious. My daughter stopped eating mee goreng when it became Ibumie, used to love it the most…among all types of instant noodles…and now she’s eating it again in NZ – Indomie, Indonesian-made.

  20. I don’t care if the noodles are nicer or not but what I care is the EGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So yummylicious being prepared that way… I can never get it like that! @_@ drool….. 😦

    Why not? Fry in oil…and splash the hot oil over the egg – don’t turn the egg over to cook the other side. It will not turn out nice… This one’s not so good already – using my missus’ non-stick pan – a bit too thin. I prefer to use my own…

  21. Wah wah I love indomie too! Is it really nicer than the local ones? I want some too!!

    Between Indomie and Ibumie, and mee goreng and mee goreng, instant – it is definitely nicer…if you are one who is very particular about taste. Some people – anything goes, all the same. Like the Sibu kampua noodles, some really suck big time…and yet there are people eating and the business if still doing well.

  22. hmm… i prefer a mamak cook maggie goreng for me instead i’ll cook it for my self. LOL

    My nephew took me to eat once, some mamak stall in PJ…but I thought it was just so-so, nothing great. I think I’ll try and fry one of these days…and see if it’s any good or not.

  23. Did you use all the soya sauce in the sachet? Mine turned out darker:

    I just tossed it with whatever came out and the same with the oil – didn’t bother to squeeze, hate getting it all on my fingers, so messy. Was dark/salty and oily enough… LOL!!!

  24. wahh!! i like the telur mata! πŸ˜€ indomee+telur mata=perfect match! hahaha! and our family like daddy mee too, just tumpang my sis to buy 1 whole box and pass to me in sep πŸ˜› now thinking whether i shld bring somemore back next week hehehe

    Mee Daddy, I like the curry flavour too. The mee goreng is just so-so, not that great. The soupy chicken flavour is the best.

  25. Hey, my husband also a big fan of the original Indomie!! Unfortunately it’s no longer available in K.L… something similar but it’s definitely not the authentic one, sigh~! perhaps you can ‘post laju’ to us, kiahahah!;)

    Happy weekend to you!

    Not available? KL so big, plus PJ and Shah Alam some more…and all the kawasan2 yang sewaktu dengannya? I sent one box of Sibu-made Mee Daddy to a friend – RM10 a box…and the courier charges was over RM40! *pengsan!!!!

  26. It’s true… indomie made in Indonesia is the best. Even my Asian grocer who stocks both types..will sell more of the Indon ones..than the Msian ones. But..why is your package PINK?

    No idea. What colour is it…where you are? You can get the Malaysian ones there too?

    Btw, your first time here? Welcome, and do drop by again. I’ve linked you in my blogroll.

  27. good for you if it’s better coz many foods and other products nowadays aren’t the same…

    Yup…very often, we see a drop in quality over the years, like many things that we used to have during the colonial days of the 50s and 60s – we still have them today but many will tell you that they are no longer as good as what we had before…

  28. The brand indomee is huge here in NZ…it seems to be everything when come to instant noodles. They even have advert broadcasting it as the most sought-after instant noodles here…strange ehhhh…i met this Egyptian student once who have no idea that this is a dry version and he had it soupy. So i decided to do it soupy too one day….and guess what.. i’m deeply impressed. hahahaha

    LOL!!! You didn’t know you could cook it in soup as well? Gosh! We do that sometimes…

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