Don’t you see…

I was at a supermarket one morning and was horrified to see how the prices of instant noodles have shot up like nobody’s business. I am not exactly sure but it appeared to me that what most of them did was to just add 50 sen to everything. So this used to be RM3.80 for a pack of 5…

Mee Daddy chicken flavour
*Archive photo*

…but now it is RM4.30 and as a matter of fact, I did see it selling for around RM4.50 or more some place else.

I’ve always had a bone to pick with this brand as despite being made right here in Sibu…

Made in Sibu

…it has always been more expensive than many of the others which may be just as nice or at times, even nicer! I just cannot understand why.

No, no…I do not have a problem with the GST thing…


…but if it was RM3.80, 6% would be less than 25 sen…so why has there been an increase of 50 sen…or more?

Anyway, this post is not going to be another one of the many you have seen in many blogs. I do believe that the money is in our hands so we have the power to decide whether or not to buy…and of course, with the jacked-up prices, I decided that I could jolly well do without those instant noodles, thank you very much.

Now, what happened was I dropped by a mini-supermarket near my house…and I was delighted to see that they were selling them for only RM3.70!!!


I wasted no time at all in grabbing two packs and carted them home…only to realise that I did not see carefully and it was the wrong flavour!!! Tsk! Tsk!

The chicken flavour is very nice, something like the chin therng mee (clear soup noodles)…

Chin therng mee
*Archive photo*

…at the shops, or maybe even nicer…and I do like their curry flavour too…

Kari 365
*Archive photo*

…even when it was in this old packaging…

Kari old packaging
*Archive photo*

…a long time ago…but I did try their mi goreng (fried noodles)…

Mi goreng old packaging
*Archive photo*

…before and though it was quite like the rest, it did pale a bit in comparison and of course, considering that it was a lot more expensive than the others, I jolly well would not want to buy any more of this particular brand and would rather opt for the cheaper Indonesian brand which I do think is the nicest of the lot.

Ah well!!! What to do? Since I had already bought them, I might as well cook and eat as and when necessary which I did the other day for breakfast…

Daddy Mee mi goreng 1

…served with chicken slices and one fried egg, garnished with a sprinkling of chopped spring onions…

Daddy Mee mi goreng 2

…and it actually tasted pretty good. Maybe they have improved on it since the last time I had it way back then.

Still, go ahead and take advantage of the situation to exploit everybody and increase the prices according to your whims and fancies, may you all rot in your graves! At those prices, I, for one,Β would not be buying anymore, that’s for sure – after all, any one of my many variations of fried rice…

My fried rice

…or mee or kway teow (both RM2 a kg, enough for at least 10 plates)Β or bihun would make just as great a breakfast anytime any day or in fact, one that’s a whole lot better at that…but yes, I do need to look and see very carefully when I go out shopping so I would not end up stuck with something that I do not want and have no intention of buying at all.

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27 thoughts on “Don’t you see…”

  1. Oh yes. I’d take your fried rice or noodles anytime over those instant stuffs. Why do you even need them when you can dish out much superior stuffs in a jiffy? Ppl like me lah need instant noodles. Got kitchen but dunno how to cook 😦

    Hmmmm…better don’t tell people you’re a nyonya from Malacca. πŸ˜›

    Sometimes there are no leftovers in the fridge to cook something for breakfast, no cookies or biscuits left in the house and I did not buy any bread or paos or whatever so these instant noodles would come in handy. I MUST have a hearty breakfast, most important meal of the day.

    1. I know right? My mom will be so ashamed. Haha. But she’s happy coz this way, I treasure her cooking more. She is ever so willing to dish out my favourite food each time I am back in Malacca πŸ˜€

      Cannot like that! Must teach…and must learn. Like many in my family – the mums too old to cook or have passed away, they cannot get to enjoy their favourites anymore – they do not know how to cook like their mums.

  2. We’re finding cost of living in KL is increasing dramatically too. I do like that you can get locally made noodles though. I’d always prefer to buy local – just as long as there’s no palm oil in those things.

    Wouldn’t the oil in the sachets for the instant noodles be palm oil? Palm oil is fine by me…but not when it is used as milk substitutes in condensed milk, they call it sweetened creamer now…and butter!

  3. Hmmmm….I have been hearing a lot of negative health comments in relation to the instant noodles here in Canada. I am wondering if this could be part of the reason the price difference?

    Are they very cheap there? Here, there was talk about the “wax” used to give the noodles their shine so one must boil them to cook and drain before cooking the soup to add to it. Of course, as with all manufactured stuff, there would always be the dangers of artificial flavourings and preservatives, not to mention the salt and msg. Best not to consume very often…never mind which country they may be from.

  4. Yes. Instant noodles no longer cheap. Better stick to cooking and eating fried rice from now. Sigh!!

    I would…as long as there is any leftover rice in the fridge.

  5. I agree with you. Money is in our hands. We can choose to ‘boycott’ that brand or the restaurant, and choose a cheaper alternative.. Since you always add a lot of good liew in your noodles, why buy instant noodles? Can go get a big packet of bihun or yee mee to make the same thing..

    Bihun & yee mee & also the egg noodles are sold pre-packed in the shops and supermarts, are they not? They would be subjected to that 50 sen price hike then – it goes across the board, it seems. Fresh noodles, yellow mee, kampua, kway teow…the problem is they do not keep too long, have to cook and finish off quickly so even though they may be cheap, one kg enough for 10-20 plates, one would end up trying to finish the whole lot in a short time…and except for weekends, there are only two of us in the house.

  6. Mee Daddy, I only buy chicken or curry flavour. Never try mi goreng. Prefer your fired rice anytime. Spot the lap cheong, love it.

    Chicken is nice but expensive so if ever I bought any, it would be curry. Tried their mi goreng once, not as nice as the Indonesian one and since this is more expensive, I never wanted to buy again. Yes, but not likely to have leftover rice every day in the fridge so sometimes have to have something else for breakfast.

  7. I want the chicken slices! you can have the noodles πŸ˜›

    Oh? That’s so very nice of you. You want the egg too? πŸ˜€

  8. I think there are some opportunists which just add GST to everything and in most cases, it’s more than 6%. Eating out over here almost the same price,still OK, just a few sens increase due to govt tax and GST calculation difference.

    Yes, so far so good here too at the eating places. Only at one franchise place, I had to fork out extra for the 6% GST, otherwise…everything’s still the same. Actually, there are ways and means to cope – smaller servings, fewer ingredients or ingredients of lower quality like smaller prawns instead of the big ones, fewer pieces of meat etc…etc… As long as the prices stay the same, few would bother – they would not even notice, just eat!

  9. Curry flavoured? How come I never seen them sold here before?? In fact, I think they went out of stock again here, the original ones. When the new batch comes in, it will probably be at increased prices! 😦

    Not sure if the price hike stems from the manufacturer or the greedy business people around here are the culprits – just increase the prices of everything by 50 sen, never mind what, GST or no GST…and we don’t even know how much they actually declare. Very cunning people, all of them – that’s why all so rich, can stay in huge mansions and drive posh limos…

  10. Will look out for this brand if i got go Malaysia…

    Come to Sibu, and I’ll get you a few packs to bring home, no problem at all!

  11. I’ve done that myself, got excited and bought the wrong flavour or specification. Then when I get home, I get so upset 😦 Have to be careful when selecting our purchases. At least your noodles turned out to your liking.

    Ahhhh!!!! Safety in numbers! Glad to know…I’m not the only one. Hey! That’s Sam Smith. Hehehehehe!!!!

  12. i’ve never seen so many instant noodle packet variations in one single blog post, heheh. i’ve not tried any of these brands, but as always, i love the results of your cooking … you definitely do justice to fried eggs, btw, that looks lovely … i know people say fried eggs are easy to prepare well, but not for me! πŸ™‚

    It’s all the same brand, Mee Daddy, made in Sibu – three different flavours, old and new packaging. Only available at a few places over at your side and not well stocked as far as the flavours go, limited.

    That’s how I like my fried eggs. Ii is easy, VERY easy and I am sure your mum would be able to go a great job too – we old folks do it the old school way…with a wok. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  13. “may you all rot in your graves!”

    Cool down cool down..must be the weather these few days..LOL…very hot here too and expecting to go north further next week.

    Same thing happened here when there was an increase in GST few years back. Amount increased is more than % of GST increase. Some said they give more quantity, who knows. But one thing for sure..sometimes a few cents is not worth the trouble to go around looking for cheaper alternatives. Reminds me of the time when I was in Perth, I would always drive around comparing the prices of petrol stations(the prices there fluctuates daily), and then one day I realised that the savings I made is not much actually…it is not even A$1!…the trouble and effort and time to just save that few cents is consuming more of my resources more than thing…..a case of penny wise pound foolish. For food wise…I see it from the point that everyone is just trying to make a living….at least it is a conscious choice πŸ™‚

    Indeed. I often buy things from those shops near my house even though those things may be cheaper elsewhere further away. No point, cost of petrol…and at times, parking fee some more…and time wasted going so far. Some people will buy a lot when there is a special offer – not me. Buying a lot would mean use/eat a lot – I cannot stand seeing things sitting there idle and would want to finish them off quickly…so the best thing is if I feel it is what I do want, just buy…if it is too expensive or it’s something I can do without, just forget it.

  14. Among all, I like it to be served with chicken and fried egg, especially I want it to be cooked half boiled, so when cut the egg yolk, then the “lava” inside will all flow out…

    Yup, the yolk is runny…though it is not obvious in the photos. I only like it that way, not overfried.

  15. production cost increases more than the percentage, depending on which tier you are in…

    No GST stuff like eggs, also up 50 sen… Ibu ayam charging more to lay?

    1. need to factor in all the cost with GST such as chicken feed, vitamins, enhancers and transportation … so, indirectly will affect the price of eggs…

      Betul jugak. But aren’t eggs a controlled item? Cannot simply increase the price like that? Now, over RM10 a tray of 30 here. Last time, used to get RM8 or RM9 depending on the sizes. How much over there?

      1. depending on sizes… but they do get sell by Kgs in Indonesia, which I feel, is fairer…

        Oh? Here, the small ones last time around RM8 a tray, already over RM10 as well – I only buy those, don’t bother to check the big ones, more expensive, that’s for sure.

  16. now I’m confused with all those different packagings.

    Lucky thing you do not have to sit for the Maths test that is currently going viral online… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Well, at least, you would understand why I grabbed the wrong packs and carted them home… πŸ˜‰

  17. Sometimes I also dunno if some shops are taking advantage of the GST. I used to take a cab at RM19 and suddenly it became RM22 or RM23… 6% increased so much meh ?

    Where do you go using taxi? Less than SGD10, so cheap lah. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Wahhhhh!!!! SGD going up up and up…my friend, memang getting more and more kaya lor hor? πŸ˜‰

  18. It’s been puzzling me as well, this GST business.

    Like Chris said about the cab, when I got home from Sibu, it was increased by 20-30%! The actual amount as I calculate it was closer to 40%. I was quite surprised so I asked the counter lady at KL Sentral and she said it’s increased by 20-30%. I don’t know what justifies such a huge price increase when it’s supposed to be 6% too.

    Everybody is jumping on the bandwagon – just jack up the prices for everything. After all, they have a scapegoat. Everything, blame GST, blame government. Don’t we all know only too well who the real culprits are!!!

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