I give to you…

No, I never intended to buy this…

Prima Taste fish soup La mian

…for myself. I actually bought a few packets to give to somebody but she simply would not accept anything from me so in the end, I had to take everything home and eat it all myself.

This is the celebrated made-in-Singapore brand – the curry and the laksa versions were rated the best or among the very best in the ramenrater’s blog and this fish soup version also got a 5 out of 5 review. My niece did give us a packet once and my missus ate it – she said it was very nice and I think I did buy some for my girl to enjoy at her school once…or maybe twice and yes, she did say that she enjoyed it. I do not recall ever eating it myself though and if I did, I do not remember reviewing it.

Well, there are two sachets in each packet…


…and I could detect the smell of the sesame oil in (B), the fish soup spice oil so if you are not a fan of that, perhaps you should just leave it out. I am not crazy about it either but it is not really strong so one can hardly detect it all that much.

As usual, I boiled the noodles first and then drained away all the water…


It takes a lot longer to cook than the regular instant noodles – I don’t know if this is like some Korean ones that they were telling me about – it may be boiled for a long time and it will not become overcooked or soft and soggy.

After that, I boiled a little bit of water and emptied the contents of the two sachets into it before adding the noodles and when it had resumed boiling, I poured everything out into a bowl, garnished it with a little bit of chopped spring onions…

Prima Taste fish soup la mian, served 1

…from my garden and served.

The soup wasn’t exactly clear – it was a bit milky but not as milky as those fish noodles one would find in some shops. Yes, I did boil an egg to go with it…

Egg, hard-boiled

…and I am sure that if I had added some extra ingredients like fish slices, prawns or sotong (squid), those would definitely go a very long way in enhancing the overall taste.

On its own, I thought it…

Prima Taste fish soup la mian, served 2

…was all right, nothing really sensational to merit the price it is currently selling for and I would much sooner go for something a whole lot cheaper and perhaps, very much nicer as well. For one thing, unlike the curry or the laksa, one does not feel jelak halfway through owing to the richness of the cloyingly rich milky soup.

I do not remember exactly but I believe they are currently selling at some RM7.00-8.00 a packet at a supermarket here. Others may feel otherwise but on my part, I do think that with that kind of money, I can easily buy two packs of 5 packets each of these, for instance, and have a good enough breakfast to start the day.

Author: suituapui

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14 thoughts on “I give to you…”

  1. Instant noodles are so expensive! And not so healthy too.

    I would keep a pack in the house for mornings when I have nothing to (cook and) eat for breakfast. Saw the made-in-Sibu Mee Daddy chicken flavour selling for RM3.70 a pack, used to be RM4.00 something. That one’s nice, even without any added ingredients, and at the lower price, probably I should grab a pack or two to keep.

  2. Looking at the price, I would instantly give it a pass. Anything with added ingredients, surely give the taste a better ummphh….Right, support you, go for the Mee Daddy, always my favourite.

    I saw RM3.70 at the shop near my house that day! Used to be RM4 something for the chicken flavour, RM3.70 for curry. Dunno if they tagged wrongly or what. Maybe I should go and grab some before they re-tag them. Hehehehehe!!!!

  3. Fish soup instant noodles? First time for me! I only know curry, tomyam, chicken, chicken-mushroom, vegetarian and XO.. But fish soup? Wah, I would love love love to try! I always crack an egg inside and stir together, lazy to boil the eggs first ma, haha..

    I would usually do that too. That morning, I was a little bit motivated to make it look more presentable. Hehehehehe!!!!

  4. There are quite a few nice ones out there and no, i have yet to try this brand… due to the hefty price tag

    Come, come! Come to Sibu and I’ll get you some to take home. 😉

  5. Yea lo, RM7 – 8 for a pack is kinda expensive, guess will only buy it if not really no choice

    I thought it would be something special that I could give to my friend, I am sure one can’t get them all that easily in KL – that was why I bought it for her. Otherwise, at those prices, I would not bother at all.

  6. Love your egg with the soft center!

    7-8 minutes, counting from the time the water starts boiling. 5-6 minutes, you will have a hard white and a runny yolk.

  7. First time seeing this type of brand and packeting. I still have one packet of 5 Cintan brand in my kitchen… just keeping there for emergency cases only.. hehehe… seldom into eating instant noodles unless needed, like eg. nothing in the fridge and lazy to go out at all… normally ends up going out than to end up eating cintan at home.. unless with your garnishing like prawns and squids, that will be a different story.. 🙂

    Yes, I do keep some handy too for breakfast in the morning, when there’s nothing in the house, not even leftover rice to fry – we never have instant noodles for our main meals. Cintan is good, but I prefer our made-in-Sibu Daddy Mee.

  8. Nice to see a review of this one, I love their Laksa flavour and always promote it to my friends.

    Way too rich for me but I guess those Singaporeans and West Malaysians who are very used to their curry laksa and curry mee are more ok with it.

  9. I liked this one – I like the curry and laksa much better though. It was great to try; so hard to get in the USA – Prima Taste sent it to me directly to sample which was awesome! Another great blog post! Beautiful bowl 🙂

    Thanks. Only one supermarket stocks up on these here – they must be selling well as they replenish what is on the shelves regularly, always available.

    Yes, I do agree that the curry and laksa are nicer, bursting with flavours but because of the rich milky gravy, I can only manage this much – would be all right, if shared by two. There is more to a packet than the regular instant noodles, that’s for sure.

  10. You grow some of your own herbs? We’ve tried and tried on our balcony but everything keeps dying. I wish I had a green thumb.

    The tropical ones like lemon grass, turmeric, spring onions, Thai basil. My sweet basil died…eventually, not going to plant anymore. Previous attempts at growing mint, dill (and I see my neighbours’ flourishing!!!), rosemary all failed. 😦

  11. Oh, I haven’t tried the noodles you passed me. I went shopping with Yee Ling and we saw the exact same ones for sale, and it’s very expensive here. I think it was around RM 9 or so.

    That’s cheap. It was RM10 something here. Do give it a try – it is very nice plus it is something different from the rest.

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