Little bit of this, little bit of that…

I was down with a cough around two weeks ago. It was not really bad, worse at night when I was trying to sleep, but I had this lump in my throat that hurt terribly when I swallowed. Because of that, I had to go for a soft diet most of the time – porridge, and to go with it, I went out and bought myself a bottle of Bovril.

I have not bought Bovril nor Marmite for a long long time now as they are really not all that affordable anymore. Well, now that I had that in the house, one morning, I cooked some Bovril mee sua

Bovril mee sua

I missed eating that!

As a result of my ill health, I had to miss my alma mater’s annual reunion this year held on Saturday – for once, they invited the retired teachers and I got an invitation to attend. I missed the one last year too but I did go to the one in 2013 and also in 2014. However, I did not feel up to it when the day finally came so I had no choice but to miss it again this year. A cousin of mine in Kuching flew in for the event and she brought me this bak koi

Bak koi from aunt

…that her mum made for me. That certainly was so sweet and nice of her, thank you so very much, Auntie and thanks to you too, coz, for carting it all the way.

Incidentally, the other day, I spotted this red-leafed hibiscus hybrid…

Red-leafed hibiscus

…outside my neighbour’s house and I thought that was very nice. I’ve blogged about the different varieties here and also here but this was the first time that I had seen one with red leaves. Has anybody seen anything like this before?

We had not been here for quite a while now for the simple reason that we had not come across anything there that was worth going back for but I heard that the beef noodles lady who was here previously had moved to a stall in the food court…

Beef noodles stall at Bateras Food Court

If I am not mistaken, she is related to the guy here, our favourite beef noodles place in town, and they all started off here a long time ago.

We decided to drop by after the church service on Sunday morning and my missus had the dry noodles…

Bateras Food Court dry noodles with beef soup

…with a bowl of beef soup. Obviously, they are not using kampua mee and have replaced that with their handmade noodles instead. You have the choice either to have it white (with light soy sauce) or black (with dark soy sauce). According to her, she prefers what we would usually have at our regular place.

In fact, we also shared the same sentiments regarding what we had – my girl had the beef noodles, soup…

Bateras Food Court beef noodles, soup

…while I had the mixed version…

Bateras Food Court mixed beef noodles, soup 1

…the one with beef plus tripe and tendons…

Bateras Food Court, mixed beef noodles, soup

…and they all cost the same – RM6.00 each.

However, minus all the parking woes plus the fact that it is free here…and the food court is more spacious, not so crowded and congested, we might just decide to come here instead should we feel like having this again.

Incidentally, I found that many of the stalls that were there previously had closed down and had been replaced by some other people including the very familiar char kway teow guy, the brother of the guy whose son used to be here a long time ago…and he sure seemed to be getting a whole lot of business – perhaps I would order something from his stall next time.