A lil’ lower now…

The last time I had some really nice kao-teng koi (9-tier cake) or kuih lapis (layer cake) was way back in 2011 when I came across the very delightful Lulu nyonya kueh stall at Sg Wang in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. I did go to their stall at Mid Valley on my last trip to KL too and my guess is they have other stalls in the other malls as well.

I am sure they have very nice ones in Kuching as well, if you know where to go for the best in the city, but I cannot remember when I had any from there for the simple reason that I do prefer serimuka

Kuching, serimuka
*Archive photo*

…and kuih cangkeh

Kuching, kuih cangkeh
*Archive photo*

– the ones with the green top and the brown lower half so I would go for those instead.

We do not get very nice kuihs here in Sibu but the other day, I saw these (4 for RM1.20)…

Kao-teng koi 1

…here at this coffee shop

Friends' Kopitian stall 1

…where they do have quite a lot to offer…

Friends' Kopitian stall 2

…though I am not sure how nice everything actually was and I was wishing they would put everything in plastic containers or one of those bread storage things with a lid that you can lift to take what you want…or at least, they could have a big plastic sheet to cover everything when nobody is buying. It sure looked like the people running the chap fan (mixed rice) and kampua mee stall there are the ones operating this stall right in front of the shop.

One could tell from the bright colours that there wasn’t very much santan (coconut milk) in them so they would not be as nice as one would like them to be…but they are nicer than most if not all of the rest that we can find around town. They are a little lower now though as there are only five layers…

5 layers

…unlike those in the past when there would be nine and the novelty in eating these when we were kids was to peel off the layers…

Layer by layer

…and eating them one by one. What delight that brought us at the time! I remember there used to be a lot of different colours but at many places these days, there are only two – pink/red and white.

They also have these coffee-flavoured ones…

Coffee kao-teng koi

…but between the two, I would stick to the original.

The chai peah and the ham chim beng are two other things that we have tried from here and yes, they are quite nice.