Her favourite…

This is Irene’s favourite…

Daddy instant noodles

– our very own made-in-Sibu instant noodles, Daddy instant noodles – chicken flavour and yes, I do like it too except that it is a little bit more expensive than most of the other brands but I guess it is value for money since it is very nice. Their curry flavour is cheaper, more or less like the rest so usually, I would buy that. After all, at the end of the day, it is what it is – instant noodles.

The family pack of 18 packets is now RM15.50 so that works out to over 80 sen each, less than 90 sen. Of course, I never bought that, just the small pack of 5 sometimes but with the partial lockdown or the Restricted Movement/Movement Control Order, I grabbed one to keep in the house in case we run out of things to eat. Originally, it was supposed to end two days ago but unfortunately, it has been extended till the 14th of April.

Inside each packet, you have the noodles and two sachets – the seasoning and the shallot oil…

Noodles and sachets

…and you may have noticed on the wrapper that this is supposed to be a 3-in-1. You can eat it as a snack, dry or soup. My guess is that because it can be eaten as a snack, the noodles are flavoured and hence, the yellow stains on it in the above photograph. Usually, when I cook instant noodles, I would cook the noodles first, drain away the water and cook the soup to pour over it. I find that I cannot do that with this brand because the flavour would be lost and the seasoning in the sachet is not able to save the day.

So what I did that day was I cooked a few fish balls (made using the Jakar fish paste) in some water before adding the noodles, the seasoning and the shallot oil. Once the noodles had softened, I broke an egg into the pot and covered it a while to allow it to cook. It is very easy to poach an egg when cooking instant noodles, unlike when cooking it on its own.

Once done, I poured everything into a bowl, added a bit of lightly blanched cabbage by the side and garnished it with chopped daun sup (Chinese celery)…

Daddy Mee, with fish balls

…and served.

Of course, it was very nice but no, you will not see me eating it again unless the necessity arises – who knows when this lockdown is going to end! Let us pray that it will not drag on any further come the 14th.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “Her favourite…”

  1. There’s Daddy Noodles from Sibu, and Mamee Noodles in Melaka. Now all we need is Anak Brand Noodles! =))

    So far we only have Anakku, a company producing baby products – nothing edible. LOL!!!

  2. I like both flavours, chicken and curry but nowadays I didn’t see any curry flavours on the shelves, only chicken flavour. Was wondering whether the curry flavour is still in production or not. I didn’t manage to get the family pack as it was all snapped out and left with no choice I just get 2 small pack of 5 each.

    Yes, we do get the curry flavour here, lots at the shop near my house. There’s mi goreng too but so-so only, not as nice as Indomie.

    Wow!!! Panic buying in Kuching? I can drop by the shop near my house anytime, always available.

  3. I have a feeling it’ll be extended, hope this boils over soon tho!

    Sigh!!! I’m getting on all right with the lockdown but I can’t wait to go back to our regular lives. The consequences will be really damaging, of that I’m sure.

  4. I an praying hard for no more extension. I want to get back to normal routine.

    I think I never try this local made instant noodle.

    Let us pray!

    I can vouch for this chicken one – you will not be disappointed. My brother used to buy boxes to bring back home to New Zealand after he tried it, now not anymore as they are getting very strict about people bringing food into the country.

  5. I bought only one packet Cintan noodles consisting of 5… yeah, I won’t eat those yet until very necessary…

    If 1 per day, good for only 5 days wor. If nothing else to eat in the house, you will need 3, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Have to stock up on a lot more than just 5, just in case!

  6. I remember when I was in school, the Mamee brand could be eaten as a snack. I tried it but nope, I don’t like it.

    This company was making something like that too – no, I did not like it at all. Kids in school seemed to enjoy it very much.

  7. I am not an instant noodle fan but have to say that I do find locally made products enticing.

    Yes, way back in 1994 in the UK, I was craving for it and I bought a local-made packet of instant noodles. Let’s just say something was better than nothing. LOL!!!

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