The same thing…

I don’t know if this…

KOKA instant mi goreng

…was on special offer but it was only RM7.00 something for a pack of 5 and that works out to around RM1.50 per packet…unlike this other brand that, if I am not mistaken, at this point in time (obviously owing to our weakening ringgit) would set you back by that same amount of money for just ONE packet and frankly, behind all that hype about it being the best and what not, I really do not think it is worth it, not at all. At the end of the day, it is what it is – instant noodles.

This one is also from the island republic…

Made in Singapore

…south of the mainland and it comes in two flavours, this one and black pepper and as I am not a fan of the latter, I did not bother buying that.

There is one sachet inside…


…with two parts, one with the seasoning oil and the other, the seasoning powder.

I cooked a packet to try…

Koka instant mi goreng & fried egg

…served garnished with some fried shallots and chopped spring onions and one fried egg and yes, it is very nice, more or less the same, I think, asΒ that Indonesian one, never mind whether it is the one sold locally or the one specially made for export to Brunei. I did try another Indonesian brand, the Mee Sedaap, extra pedas (spicy) and it was not bad but no, it did not win me over but of course, comparatively, that particular brand is a little bit cheaper. Even our own made-in-Sibu brandΒ , their mi goreng (fried noodles), is pretty much the same too, I would say, and at more than half the price of the aforementioned Singapore brand, it sure makes a lot more sense to buy our own or one of the Indonesian versions instead.

As for the egg, I always insist on frying it the old fashioned way…

My fried egg 1

…in a wok, with the nice and fragrant golden fringe and the yolk still soft and runny…

My fried egg 2

…unlike some that I had had the displeasure of being served outside here…or here, for instance. No, I definitely would not say it is all the same and I do think you can’t do it in a modern pan, non-stick usually, or worse, in a ring on a hot plate. At times, the new ways are not always better, I must say. What about you? Do you, unlike me, think they are all the same?

In the meantime, my niece in Singapore went on a trip to Bandung, Indonesia…

Sarimi mi goreng

…and she bought this and gave us a packet to try. Somebody commented somewhere either on Facebook or on one of my earlier posts that I should go and try this brand. I think it is available somewhere here as I have seen the carton box in the house but I never did go and look for it to check it out but it sure looks like it is produced by the one and the same company there…


There are many sachets inside…

Sarimi sachets

…and as for the noodles…

Sarimi mi goreng, cooked

…if you are expecting something that tastes like sate ayam (chicken satay), I did not think that it tasted quite the same. I was expecting something like peanut sauce but there was none or if what they mean is the taste of the grilled chicken on skewers, no, I did not taste anything like that either. I did not know what those white little round balls that came in the “solid ingredients” sachet, were either – they were crunchy like keropok (crackers) but were kind of bland and did not have much taste. Generally, I would say it was, at best, all right and rather strong on the msg, leaving a lingering unpleasant taste in the mouth for a long while after I had finished eating so all things considered, I would still prefer the regular mi goreng that I am more accustomed to.

Moving away from the topic of noodles and egg, it’s a special day for our country today…

I do think this year’s song is very nice and I quite like the video clip as well though I wonder why they are singing about Kinabalu (Sabah) while showing images of the Sarawak ethnic Dayaks and no, they are not the same…and why are they singing about “Rejang yang membiru” (the blue Rejang River) when the river is anything but blue?…

Rejang River
*Archive photo*

Sehati sejiwa indeed, with all of us here by our majestic river so YELLOW! For all it’s worth, Happy National Day to all. May we be blessed with better days ahead…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “The same thing…”

  1. Yes, I like eggs fried the old way in a wok. Not on a non stick pan, not on a hot plate.

    Aiyer, you making me drool at your instant noodles at this hour. I don’t know why but I have a soft spot for instant noodles. I can have them any time, any day and I think I’m going to have some now at 1.20am! @_@

    Me too! And I don’t know why they cannot do it outside…or when they do, even with a wok, they cannot get it right. Often the oil is too hot, I think and the egg gets overdone.

    You like instant noodles so much? Gee!!! I don’t mind if there is nothing else in the house for breakfast, convenient – fast to cook, nice to eat!

  2. your ‘old-fashioned’ egg is my eternal classic … this will always be my favourite preparation of egg, i think, till the day i die … even after all the new-fashioned baked and poached eggs that i’ve eaten in recent years, i’ll still always have a soft spot for fried eggs with a crispy fringe, fluffy white interior and runny-creamy yolk … and yours looks beautifully perfect! πŸ˜€

    I love eggs in any form in any way…but when it comes to fried ones like this, I prefer it this way and I get quite put off by how so many people at the stalls and shops can;t seem to get it right. 😦

  3. I love eggs! My favourite way to eat them is soft boiled or sunny side up, and I also love poached, but the yolk must be liquidy and the whites firm. πŸ™‚

    This is our traditional version of your sunny side up, not exactly the same as yours as you would be using a pan.

  4. I do like to see products made locally – Singapore is close enough – at least in the region. Beats imported stuff and all the carbon miles that go with them.

    Not too sure about now but in desperation, I did go and buy a packet of made-in-the-UK packet of instant noodles when I was there in the 90’s. It was…all right, not bad. πŸ˜€

  5. Egg xpert….you did well with the egg, be it fried or poached. Am an egg lover too. Cooking instant noodles with too many sachets is a nuisance. Your instant noodles with the added ingredient & garnishing looks great…Nom!!!!….Nom!!!….

    Not really. I’m ok with fried, the traditional way. Still can’t poach it right, what they call nui pao (egg purse) – it does not look so nice. 😦

    Yes, I can’t stand the oil and the sauce sticking to my fingers, would have to go and wash clean. 😦

  6. Lol. Like your comment on the video.

    I like my egg fried like that too. With runny yolk.

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ It’s true, isn’t it? Those people there, so many know nuts about things over here…but to be fair, so many over here dunno much about so many things over there too…despite being “sehati sejiwa” for over half a decade now.

    Ya, I think most of us like our egg yolk this way.

  7. I agree with you on the egg. I still prefer it done in the wok like what my grandma used to do and what my mum still does πŸ™‚ But I admit that it can be tricky controlling the heat and I do end up with disaster from time to time πŸ˜€

    I’m fine with it now – will always turn out all right…especially when I am just frying one or two. Maybe if I had a lot to fry, I would not be as careful and may not come out with real beauties.

  8. Quite sometimes didn’t eat instant noodle liao, nowaday me not into instant noodle….

    Good, good. More a matter of convenience. Nothing to eat in the house and not going out or too lazy to do so.

  9. Quite sometimes didn’t eat instant noodle, nowadays, me not into instant noodle….

    Ya, you said that. Connection there not so good too? Rather cranky here, may need to disconnect and connect…over and over again. 😦

  10. I’ve seen the Koka noodles on sale here, but never tried them. Might do so now.

    Not bad. The deciding factor, the prices. Rather pricey for us here but not surprisingly so, considering the current exchange rate, more or less the same as AUD. 😦

  11. You should be crowned as le instant noodle connoisseur!

    Oh no, not me! The glory should go to the ramenrater – he has tried so many, his whole blog about nothing else, many that cannot be found in our part of the world…but he has tried Penang white curry noodles and Sibu instant kampua:

  12. You are the King of Instant Noodles! I think you have tried numerous brands… I for one, always go for Cintan most of the time if I buy… I think I cannot even finish six packets in a year.. hahahha..

    You should see the ramenrater’s blog – it is all about instant noodles and he likes The Kitchen’s instant kampua from Sibu:
    but he prefers the one with dark soy sauce, 5.0 stars out of 5.0 – not me!

    Not sure if he has reviewed Cintan but I quite like it. Over a year!!! Check the expiry date – maybe can throw away already.

    Wait a minute! He HAS tried Cintan…but no, he gave it 3.0 out of 5.0 only, not so good.

  13. Haha, I only remember ‘rejang yg membiru’, and I had the same thinking as yours the 1st time I heard it. Langit yg membiru would be a safer choice πŸ˜‰

    Yalor… The lyricist did not put enough thought into what he or she was writing. I guess he or she wanted to include the Rejang and desperately needed a word that rhymed.

  14. May you be blessed with better days ahead there in your country.,

    I was like, noodles? ugh! don;t like them and then egg? oh my, i ;love eggs, so there, i loved these foods now! hahaha.

    I also wanna try boating on that yellow river there!

    You’ll have to come over to experience that!

  15. KOKA … the name sounds familiar to me. I didn’t know this instant noodles still exist today with those nissin and other brands around. And, you certainly knows how makes the noodles delicious!

    We have Nissin here too – they do have some nice ones as well and are not as expensive as the Prima Taste ones.

  16. Reading this post reminds me it’s time I restock on my instant noodles. Don’t eat them very often. Last weekend wanted to have a packet of curry but discovered there’s none left!
    And I love this type of fried egg, with runny yolk. πŸ˜‹

    I only like my fried egg this way but I will eat those not-so-satisfactory ones at the shops…and feeling pissed off that they are in the food business and they can’t even fry a decent egg. 😦

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