When my Singaporean friend, Alfred, was in town, he wanted to drop by this restaurant again but it was closed so we had to go elsewhere. He said that he wanted to go so as he had seen many nice dishes in my blog that I had enjoyed there at one time or another but I did not order those when we went there together the first time they came to Sibu. He sent me some photographs of those and gosh!!! Some of them went back a very very long time like the calamari salad from 2008!!!

Yes, I remember enjoying that but somehow or other, we had not had that for so long that I was wondering if they would still be serving it…still. So last Saturday afternoon, when we dropped by for lunch, I made it a point to order that and yes, they still had it on their menu…

Ruby Restaurant salad sotong 1

…and yes, it was still very nice, much nicer than the squids we had here not too long ago and needless to say, my girl enjoyed the dish a lot – she’s a sotong fan, that I know!

We also asked for their very nice honey spare ribs…

Ruby Restaurant Honey spare ribs

…and for our vegetable dishes, my girl wanted their cangkuk manis with egg – they do seem to do it very well here, a head above the rest…

Ruby Restaurant cangkuk manis with egg

…and the bitter gourd fried with salted egg…

Ruby Restaurant bitter gourd with salted egg

…which, of course, was very good too.

Since it was afternoon, I took the opportunity to enjoy their very special kopi-o-peng (iced black coffee)…

Ruby Restaurant kopi-o-peng

…which has never failed to disappoint me.

All in all, the bill for the food for 4 persons came up to RM37.00 and with the rice and drinks, the total came up to RM48.20. I gave the boss a 50 ringgit-note and the nice guy gave me RM4.00 change – he has kindly given me a discount again! But frankly, it is not so much the special discounts that keep me going back there – I do think that the people are very nice and friendly and service is prompt and good and the food is great…plus rice is still RM1.00 a bowl – if I’m not mistaken, they’ve jacked it up to RM1.50 or more at some places around here.

Actually Alfred is not the only one who wants to go back again after the first time – there have been others like my dear KL friend, Mandy, for instance…and there were others who went back on their own, many again and again and again!

Author: suituapui

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19 thoughts on “Still…”

  1. so that vege dish was called cangkuk manis with egg. was my favourite and sure take when i had malay economy rice.

    In Hokkien, we call it mani chai or lakia chai. Widely available here, be it at the Chinese or Malay stalls. Often cook at home too. Not all that cheap anymore but still cheaper than some/most.

  2. I see a lot of salted eggs in the bittergourd.. All good food, good price, can come many many times..

    Yes, prices going up everywhere – these that maintain theirs would be the favourite of many, I am sure.

    1. No. I did not go to Ruby. I did tried Ming Mei Shi. Went there twice.

      Nice too but getting a bit too expensive these days.

  3. The veggies look yummy! I don’t mind coffee hot but I don’t like it cold. Tea, however, I like both hot and cold. 🙂

    I should learn to like it hot but unfortunately, I like everything iced…cold! 😦

  4. My kind of dishes. All looks so heavenly. Indeed a good deal. Somemore got discount…that little gestures goes a long way.

    Yes, that would keep people coming back. That’s the way to do business! The young ones running those classy cafes and restaurants sure have a lot to learn.

  5. Go google ketupat sotong

    I’m sure that is very nice, can’t get that here…and big sotong is very expensive these days (one at nasi kandar shop in Penang, nothing inside – RM14 sometime ago, dunno now). When you come to Sibu, you bring some and let me try, can? Or when I go KL, you cook for me… 😉

  6. yum yum……love the bittergourd dish

    I would say theirs is the best in town…or to me, at least, and their cangkuk manis too. Others may also be good but I like the ones here better.

  7. It seems like you are a huge fan of cangkuk manis?

    Not popular there, it seems. Very popular here – maybe it’s the way of cooking…or maybe the name mani chai sounds like money vegetables, so like midin in Chinese is mi lien, sounding like million…so suddenly everybody wants to eat in the hope of getting rich. Hehehehehe!!!!

  8. LOL! is like ordering food even before reaching there! haha next time if i want to visit Sibu i think i will send you those food photos that you took previously! LOL

    Yes. That will make it so much easier for me – I would not need to worry about what to order for you to eat. Most people would not bother to go through the trouble – they would just leave it to me – easier, they say!

  9. The squid looks well fried and crispy. That is something I would love to eat.. And of course, the spare ribs too!

    I’m ok with squids, prefer prawns…but my girl loves squids, dunno why.

  10. heheh, possibly for the first time ever, you and i have posted one similar ingredient in our posts on the same day: bitter gourd! 😀

    Is that so? Now, let me go and see which classy joint serves bitter gourd… Hehehehe!!!

  11. At least i have been there once… 🙂 sorry Arthur, these days cannot comment regularly… Wifi is not easily accessed here… Will try to catch up with you guys when I go back….

    I scratch your back, you scratch mine. No comment from you, none from me too lor…. Hehehehehehe!!!

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