Not today…

My cousin in Melbourne, Australia said she would be sending me some stuff through a friend who would be coming back to Sibu for the Ching Ming Festival last week. Well, her friend contacted me and I went to pick her and her hubby up at the hotel at 8.00 a.m. to go for breakfast with some of her classmates – same year as me, all of them, except that they were all in our sister school next door. Mine was a boys’ school, you see.

They agreed to meet here but no, it was not a good day as three of the six stalls were closed – probably they had chosen to go to the cemetery that morning, I wouldn’t know. There were only the kampua noodle stall, a roti canai stall and the bak kut teh stall open and nobody wanted the latter so we all ordered something from the other two. The place was very busy so of course, they were desperately trying to cope with the crowd. I suppose that was why never mind what we ordered – with or without chili, dry or soup, the regular kampua mee or the flat ones…we all got a bowl of this…

Chopsticks kampua

– take it or leave it!

My friend’s hubby also ordered two bowls of pian sip soup for us to share and we got these…

Chopsticks pian sip

I tried the kampua noodles here before because somebody told me it was very nice but I did not quite agree. This time around, however, I thought it was quite good, thank God for small mercies!

One of the ladies ordered these mini steamed pao‘s…

Chopsticks mini-buns

…each about the size of a golf ball, with char siew filling…

Char siew filling

I had one and I would say they were quite o.k. but of course, they came nowhere near the very much bigger and nicer ones here.

Our friend also ordered their bak chang (meat dumplings)…

Chopsticks bak chang

…and though they were nice, as far as the taste went, anyone dropping by here on a brief visit need not bother about the ones here as the meat inside would be hardly visible, if at all.

The roti canai stall was enjoying brisk business and we shared the roti telur

Chopsticks roti telur

…which was all right – the one at another coffee shop in Sungai Merah, served with curry gravy, would be much nicer, I think.

We spent around two hours there, chatting and catching up with one another…and it was around 10.00 a.m. when I sent the two back to the hotel. Gosh!!! The traffic jam was absolutely horrendous – it sure looked like virtually everybody came home for the long Easter weekend, for Ching Ming and whatever else. I tried a longer route, avoiding the town centre and it turned out that it was not much better so it did take quite a while before I managed to drop them off at a corner, a short walking distance to the hotel entrance.

Thank you so much, Gina & Henry, and Veronica too, for the breakfast treat…and also to the two for helping to bring all the goodies from my cousin all the way from Down Under. Well, if anyone is curious as to what my cousin sent – come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you all about it! LOL!!!