My hometown…

I got this…

Package from Banting

…sometime ago but I did not blog about it. It was so sweet and thoughtful of my friend to send it all the way to me. No, she’s not from here – her hometown is in Bintangor, around 30-45 minutes’ drive from Sibu but she has been posted to a school in Banting, Selangor so she is teaching there right now. I wonder what happened to all that talk about bringing all the Sarawakian teachers back to serve in the state – to date, we are still waiting to see that happen!

So what did she send me? There was this pack of coffee…

Coffee from Tg Sepat

…from Tanjung Sepat. She said that it was very nice when she had it there but when it comes to good coffee, sometimes the secret is in the brewing. People used to flock to this coffee shop here just for the very nice coffee but then the guy decided to take over the fried kway teow stall and left the making of the drinks to the son or the workers or somebody and of course, the quality of the coffee nosedived…and so people do not bother to drop by just for that anymore.

Yes, I’ve tried this one that my friend sent me and yes, it was quite good – nothing like our Sibu Mui Hock, of course but for this type of coffee, instant, it is indeed quite good like the ones from Tenom, Sabah. I’ve had others that were not really that great…and it took me ages to finish off the whole pack.

There was also this big packet of tapioca chips…

Tapioca chips

…inside. No, I do not eat those but my girl loves these snacks but right now, she is still having a little bit of her cough though she is very much better now so she is refraining from eating such things for the time being. She said that she lost 3 kg…or was it 5, all that time when she was ill. Poor thing!

Like my friend in Banting, my girl too has been applying for a transfer to a school closer to home. She has been there for 3 years now and has not been successful in her applications. I shall not comment on how the incompetent useless good-for-nothing officers concerned do their job – it will go on and on and on like it is never gonna end and at the end of the day, it does not change a thing. When the time comes (when she completes her bond which is coming up very soon), I would probably ask my girl to resign and go into the private sector and it will be their loss for she’s truly a devoted teacher, always diligent and serious in what she does despite the father telling her all the time to relax a bit, no need to get all up tight and stressed out and all that but I guess that’s her, and she’s not me so I would just let her be.

Well, if it is any consolation, at least, my girl gets to come home every weekend unlike my friend in Banting who, I’m sure, will crave for all the local delights like a plate of kampua mee (RM2.50)…

Home Town Cafe kampua mee

…for instance. This one is from this coffee shop (2.304360, 111.835888)…

Home Town Cafe Sibu

…along Lorong Merdeka 5 here.

A friend of mine was telling me about how nice the kampua mee at a coffee shop along this lane was but he told me the name in Mandarin so I do not know exactly which shop he was talking about. Well, this is a very short lane in a residential area and there are only two coffee shops – this one and the other one named the Esplanade which was not open. I was very early that morning, just past 7.00 a.m.

Well, this one was quite good – they used the bigger and straighter noodles, not the thin and very curly ones that is more like what you would find in Kuching kolo mee, and it had that original authentic kampua mee taste and yes, there were those slices of red-coloured boiled meat trying to pass off as char siew, all buried in the noodles, but there are lots like it all around town and I did not feel there was anything that would make it stand out when compared with the rest. Perhaps it is the other coffee shop that my friend was talking about – I will have to drop by there to check it out  some other day then.

The complimentary soup…

Home Town Cafe kampua, complimentary soup

…was nice too but maybe that was because I was so early. They tell me that those guys would add water to those same few bones in the stock so at the end of the day, it would be nothing more than plain water with msg and a sprinkling of chopped spring onions added.

Well, thankfully, my friend in Banting now has the instant kampua mee…and gets the Sarawak laksa sambal sent over so she can cook her own and I gathered that the made-in-Sibu Mee Daddy is easily available over there so those would help to tide her over till the next time she comes back to her  hometown.

Thank you so much, King Hua, for sending me all those things but please don’t trouble yourself to do so next time – I know you have your hands full juggling between all your school work and responsibilities and taking care of your baby…but do let me know if you need anything from here. I will see what I can do.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “My hometown…”

  1. That packet of tapioca chips looks good to munch while watching TV. Once you start, it will never stop. Very addictive.

    Can’t remember if I’ve tried tapioca but I’ve had banana before. My girl loves that too…but not me. I’d rather reserve my calories for other more deserving things.

  2. RM10,000? That’s too cheap. Mine was 2 years bond or RM80,000 for one year in UM.

    If she wants to join the local international school, I will inform my friend working there. My friend was asking me if I’d be interested but I am too attached to Special Ed now.

    Oh? So sweet of you to offer. Her bond finishes July next year, 4 years so she may be looking for openings elsewhere if she still does not get her transfer back to Sibu town proper. Yes, I thought 10,000 was real cheap too!

  3. I wanna lose weight too! How i wish i can fall sick and lose 5kg!

    What? You would want to be sick? Choi! Choi! I, for one, would put on weight when sick as I would eat and eat and eat – makes me feel stronger and more energetic! 😀

    1. Yes, that’s one of the easier ways to lose weight LOL! especially diarrhea 😀

      Easy, just eat something contaminated. Good luck!

  4. If i am the one who lose 5kg, will be good…

    Console yourself! In my case, I would need to shed 50 kg, no less. 😀 😀 😀

  5. oh no, I hope your daughter gets a closer placement soon …. Ah and tanjung sepat coffee eh? I’ve had it but found it just OK.. pass only la:) Must try your Sibu Mui Hock one la

    Yup, just ok. Not something I would be asking people to buy for me some more. I’ve had some a lot worse. Our Mui Hock coffee is the butter roasted type, extra fragrant…but with the rising cost of butter these days, the quality has gone down – not as nice as before but still good. Read all about it here:

  6. Aiyo poor gal, Melissa. She is already very slim. Losing 3 or 5 kg is no joke. Hopefully she’ll gain it all back and be in the pink of health soonest 🙂

    Let us pray! 😦

  7. The tapioca chips survived the Pos Laju? They appear largely intact. In that case I can send you cookies then hee..hee…

    It was in a box, Brand’s chicken essence, with the coffee. No, no, no, no…don’t send me any cookies or anything. If I want something, I will let you and everybody know.

  8. Working away from home and returning only for weekends is quite a hardship. I hope your daughter gets another job closer to home soon.

    Not so soon, one more year to go before she completes the bond – July, 2017. Actually it is a nice school in a nice place just that it is not very rewarding especially when you teach an alien language – English…and studying is the last thing on the minds of the rural kids. My girl is very serious in what she does so she gets all stressed out and depressed but she keeps trying her best, regardless.

  9. I’m guessing half the people here wants to know how to lose 3-5kg by getting sick? lol.

    Muahahahaha!!! I shall not comment further on this. 😀

  10. I love these care packages that you keep receiving from time to time from your treasured friends. It must be really fun tearing them open in anticipation of what could be inside, thinking of what tasty food could be within 😉

    Yes, they are such pleasant surprises and sure add a bit of cheer to my otherwise rather mundane life. Ummmm…you have my mailing address? Muahahahaha!!!! 😀

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