I don’t think so…

I was here the other day to tapao some of their very nice char siew paos for breakfast and while I was there, I decided to try the Foochow fried noodles that Andrew mentioned to me once.

The old guy at the counter looked very familiar and I could not for the dear life of me remember where I used to see him before. Was it at Thomson Corner when it was at the Catholic Centre next to St Rita’s Primary School and then, they moved here? Never mind! I just ordered what I wanted and took a seat and waited to be served.

It did not take too long and boy, the serving sure was huge!

Pahlawan Foochow fried noodles 1

This was the special (RM5.00)…and for that extra RM1.50 compared to the one I had here, it really was a steal as there were bits of meat, fish fillet, fish ball slices and lots of cuttlefish…

Pahlawan Foochow fried noodles 2

…but tastewise, I would say that the other place was very much nicer despite the lack of ingredients and I was wishing that they had added a little bit of green vegetables in this one…

Pahlawan Cafe Foochow fried noodles 3

This just goes to show that it is not a matter of adding a lot of extra ingredients but rather the skill of cooking the dish that will separate the men from the boys. I guess that is why we have tried cooking our own at home and we never could get it right simply because we have the tendency to add all the “best” stuff in the hope of enhancing the taste. At this point in time, therefore, the one that I had here still ranks as my Numero Uno!

I also had the teh-c special and I am afraid it paled in comparison to the one at that other place too and needless to say, it came nowhere near the very very nice one that I liked a lot here.

I saw a stall selling the celebrated Bintangor rojak and I just had to order a plate (RM5.00)…

Pahlawan Cafe Bintangor rojak 1

…to see if it was any good. Yes, the rojak sauce tasted similar – after all, they do sell it in bottles so anyone would be able to get hold of some but they could have been a little bit more generous with it, I thought.

They sure added a lot of the kacang tumbuk (crushed peanut) though so that was a bonus point in their favour and they had pineapples, yew char koi (Chinese crullers) and tauhu pok (tofu puffs) in it along with the usual mangkuang/sengkuang and cucumber…

Pahlawan Cafe Bintangor rojak 2

…but they did not have the sweet potato fritters that were in the original. Well, I am not really a fan of this kind of rojak…even though I would say it was good and if you are into this, you may want to drop by and give it a try. I, for one, would not go out of my way to come here and have it again.