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I hang around Facebook most of the time. I find the social media very useful as it keeps me in touch with family and friends – their birthdays, anniversaries, what’s going on in their lives and share their joys and also their sorrows…and anything of mutual interest. It keeps me up-to-date too with the latest information and news and I do not have to watch any football match anywhere in the world to know who scored and who won. I’ve a Twitter account too but no, I hardly ever go there…and I’m not on Instagram since I do not own a smartphone.

I do wish, however, that everyone would be more responsible in sharing anything that they come across. Like in the case of the recent flood in Kuching, there were people who posted old photographs from many years ago of the Kuching Waterfront totally submerged. Such acts may lead to undue shock and worry not only for the unsuspecting folks there but also their loved ones living elsewhere. Then, of course, there were those that would surface everytime an election was round the corner or when there was a tragedy involving our airlines…and God knows how many times Jackie Chan has died on Facebook. It really makes me wonder what cheap thrill certain parties derive from doing such silly things…and the problem is there are many people who would quickly share without verifying the authenticity, the truth behind those things.

Like, for instance, way back in Β 2010, there was this video clip of a news report in Taiwan on an Indonesian-made instant noodles. Many countries including Singapore and Australia quickly ran tests that showed that there wasn’t any truth whatsoever in the report. After all this time, the video clip surfaced again very recently – I do not know how she came across it but without a second thought, she quickly shared it on Facebook and of course, the uninitiated, who did not see it the first time around, would fall for it, hook, line and sinker! I could not refrain from telling her off…but no, she did not delete at all. I just cannot understand why she saw it fit to keep it there.

Anyway, my ex-student gave me two packs of the made-in-Indonesia mi goreng

Indofood mi goreng

…the other day, 5 of these individual packets in each of them, and everyone started asking why it was named Indofood and not Indomie – the name that all of us would be more familiar with. Well, if you look closely at the name of the manufacturer, it is the same company…


…that produces Indomie sold locally here – PT Indofood. You can click the link to that old post of mine and see this same name on the packets.

So these that I got were made in Indonesia…

Product of Indonesia

…for export to Brunei…


Now, the question is whether this is better than what we can get from the shops here. Inside, you will find the same four sachets – the seasoning, chili powder, fragrant oil and sweet dark soy sauce…


…but when I opened the one with the seasoning, I could catch a whiff of the fragrance – something that I never experienced before.

The noodles were harder or firmer so I had to boil it longer but even though I did that for quite a while, it never turned overly soft and at times, even soggy, like some of the other brands. I tossed the noodles in all the ingredients provided and fried an egg to go with it…

Indofood mi goreng

…and sat down to eat.

It was very nice but pretty close to our Indonesian-made Indomie…

Indofood mi goreng

…which is definitely nicer than the Malaysian imposter and also the mi goreng from the other brands available – nice and special enough to make me decide not to eat the rest but to save them all for my girl to take to her school…to cook and enjoy sometime.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

25 thoughts on “Just another name…”

  1. Oit. Really that good? I’m a sucker for good instant mee goreng. But due to not being able to eat it too often, I have only Mee Sedaap to rely on. Havent got the chance to try other brands.

    My missus’ favourite – their soto ayam. Not my favourite…nor their other flavours, but I’m ok with all…plus they’re the cheapest. I know they’ve launched their Mee Sadaaap mi goreng. Dunno if is already in the shops or not here – haven’t got to sample it so don’t know if it is any good or not. Wouldn’t take the word of those who went for the event – they were “invited” to do the review, if you get what I mean…and anyway, one man’s meat is another man’s poison – many still think Maggi is the best!

    1. Yeah. Maggi’s still the best! I still call all other brand ‘Maggi’. As long as instant noodles it will be called Maggi. Just like any chocolate drink will be called MILO. Haha

      Nope, no Maggi for me – the texture is kind of peculiar…but the ones I had in NZ, so very nice…and so many flavours to choose from. Dunno why that is the case – manufactured there themselves, it seems…not from here. Yet to try the new varieties – they said they would send to me, January 16th…but they never did. Probably have cold feet – have to send all the way to Sarawak? This was their email…
      “Hello Suituapui!

      Congratulations! You’ve been picked as one of the winners of the Maggi Royale giveaway from KYspeaks.
      In order to have your prize posted to you, kindly fill in the information below:
      1) Full Name:
      2) Postage Address
      3) Contact Number

      Kindly reply to us as soon as possible by 19th January 2015 in order to prevent any delays in delivery ya.
      Thank you and have a nice day!
      Rebecca Kiew
      Executive, Advertising Operations”

      So until I get what they promise, NO MAGGI FOR ME…FOREVER & EVER, AMEN!!! Grrrrrr!!!!!

      I didn’t get the sauce I was supposed to get via your blog either. This was the last I heard from them on January 6. 2015:
      “Hi there,

      Thank you for your message. I’m currently out of country for company summit followed by our company trip from 5th Jan – 19th Jan, and will have limited/ no access to email and my relies will be delayed.

      For urgent matters, kindly contact me at 012-3396375. Or else, I would attend to your question when I come back to work on Monday, 19/1/2015.

      Thank you.

      Best Regards,
      Xing Yi”

      All these, bluff people one. Tsk! Tsk!

  2. Hehehe, I love Indomie as well, my go to food when I am hungry and in a hurry, Ive seen this Indofood as well but very rarely

    I’ve seen Indomie when I was in Auckland…but not Indofood. Maybe they’ve rebranded, I wouldn’t know, expanding into other things besides instant noodles..

  3. Looks tasty! I’d love to try!: )

    Nice. I like the texture of the noodles but as for the taste, it sure can’t beat your own using fresh ingredients. Was thinking how good it would be if they sell just the noodles.

  4. I just went to check my pantry, our indomie also from Indonesia,never knew can be from Indonesia or Malaysia. I bought cup noodles Suimin for son who loves them n realised they r made from Australia. Do u have Suimin there?

    Nope, no Suimin here. Nice? Our Indomie long long ago was made in Malaysia – now it’s Ibumie, not as nice…and our Indomie now is made in Indonesia, more or less the same as the old-time made-in-Malaysia Indomie. Mee Daddy’s mi goreng is milder – the smell is not as strong and it is not as sweet…so I prefer Indomie. Can’t remember what other mi goreng I’ve tried.

  5. I’m with you with your thinking on “responsible” social media posting. I don’t know what people are thinking (or not thinking) sometimes.

    I really get pissed off. Would go and tell them off – add links to the “truth” but it sure does not seem to help at all. I guess it takes all kinds to make the world… 😦

  6. I used to surf FB religiously a few times a day everyday but recently, I’ve stopped logging in so often already.. No reason, just got bored of it, maybe? I like instant mee goreng, but I don’t eat it all the time, I find the sauce and seasoning a bit sweet..I still stick to soupy Cintan chicken+mushroom flavour πŸ™‚

    I know many like you and they start to lose touch with their dear and loved ones unless they have other means to keep in contact like Instagram…or one of those apps but I don’t have a smartphone and I can only tweet or go on Facebook on my mobile so Facebook is my best option though I prefer logging in on my PC a lot more.

    Cintan is fine, pretty good…like how I like our made-in-Sibu Mee Daddy…but for soups, remember to boil the noodles separately and drain and rinse well to remove all the wax. It causes cancer, they say.

  7. Has been ages since I last had instant noodles and the only brand I take is Mi Daddy, curry or chicken both I like. Oh ya, like the recent flood at Kuching Waterfront, I was really shocked & thought it was true too. Once people posted it, others, no head no tail also follow suit & share….chiak pah boh su cho..

    Yes, Mee Daddy is nice – but it is the more expensive of those in that “class”. I’d buy when there’s a promo…buy 5 get one free.

    Yalor, dunno why there are people like that. Maybe they have that one thing in their agenda – paint a bad picture of everything around here. Or to them, it is some kind of cheap thrill? Or they think they’re so smart or what. Real stupid!!!

  8. No doubt it social media is another good way to keep in touch with friends, but recently I found that I’ve spend too much time on social media…got to cut down a bit. hehe!

    Yes, gotta have control. Ok for me, I’ve retired…I’ve got all the time in the world.

  9. I love Indomie so I know I would love this too. Love my noodle to be firmer. Not soft or soggy.

    I think this is just as nice as the Indomie, made-in-Indonesia ones, that we get here…or maybe a bit nicer.

  10. Noodles sure look springy!

    Very! If they sell just the noodles, I sure would want to buy and cook it my own way…with fresh ingredients.

  11. I do use Facebook but mostly for the purpose of encouraging others with uplifting posts (similar to those I share on my blog). Some people share everything from the moment they are visiting the restroom and other such things that should be kept private, in my view. LOL! πŸ™‚

    There are fanatics with their own political or religious or racial or whatever views – those are the scums on Facebook that I would get rid of right away. Keep those stuff to yourselves, I am not interested. I think it’s like a disease – let it grow and it will blow up into an epidemic in no time at all. Some people will subscribe to those, no brain to think and evaluate stuff on their own…and all single-track minds, never looking at things from different angles and making one’s own evaluation and decision. Not all are always bad…and at the same time, not all are always good./strong>

  12. Will look out for it…

    Not sticking to your own Singapore brands? Best in the world! Too expensive here. 😦

  13. I think it used to be Indomie here some time ago, but they got a lot of bad press from the said Taiwan incident, then now they rebranded as Ibumie. Same thing same thing.

    That’s how dangerous social media is nowadays. I can understand (but do not agree with) why some assholes share bogus and fake news, it’s all in the name of attention seeking and driving traffic to their websites. The problem is many people just read and share instantly without thinking. There is a saying that people become smarter thanks to the availability of alternative information online, but I think as long as we do not stop and use our brain to think for a bit, then we never really changed much, still the same gullible fools as before, only that now there are more avenues to trick us.

    Ibumie is Malaysian, check the manufacturer and see. It used to be Indomie…and they have retained the appearance of the packaging – rebranded Ibumie and renamed Always. Not doing too badly, it seems – just now at the supermarket, I saw some different flavours that I had not seen before. In the meantime, after the aforementioned change in names, Indomie started appearing on our shelves – the Indonesian-made ones, two different things…and then the Taiwanese came out with the news report. And now, here comes Indofood – same manufacturer as the Indomie that we can buy here!

    Yes, I would always google first – like last night, somebody shared about switching off the handphone from 12.30 to 3.30 because of harmful rays. I googled and found this…an old hoax from September 2014:
    …and it has resurfaced and I’m sure many are foolish enough to fall for it, hook, line and sinker…and get all excited, sharing with everybody quickly…and feeling so pleased with themselves, thinking they are so clever!

  14. I thought I was the only old fogie without a smartphone! My mobile phone does not even have a camera!
    The Indomie is available in Australia and very popular. Long ago when my son was a bachelor, his other Aussie bachelor friends and him eat a lot of this.

    Yes, a lifesaver for students living on their own abroad. My girl would be one too when she was in Wellington.

    Hah!!! At least I’m a bit better than you. I can check my blog…and go on Facebook and tweet on my mobile phone but it has its limitations, not a smartphone…but then again, all those extras, the apps and what not…I don’t think I need. Sure can live happily without them. I have all that I would want.

  15. I love how you can be talking about the dangers of social media one instance, and the next it’s all great with awesome yummy food ! Nom Nom nom

    The slaughter…and then the fattening to soothe all pains? πŸ˜€

  16. #HappySigh! Instant noodles.. Forever a favourite! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Goat xi fa cai, Arthur!
    Wishing you many many blessings ahead!

    Thank you, and the same to you and all your loved ones.

    Your favourite? Hmmm…try not to eat too often, not all that good – once in a while, ok. Moderation is the key.

  17. I hardly have time for Facebook, I will only log on when I receive an email telling me that I have 20 notifications πŸ˜€

    I get a lot every day – wonder if there’s a way to disable these notifications. Such a chore deleting them from my inbox. Hmmmm…no wonder, once in a while, I will get a whole lot of LIKEs from you all at one go. πŸ˜€

  18. I know it’s not wise to visit your blog when I’m hungry but it seems I made that mistake again. Wakaka.

    Eniweiz, ya man, i dunno why but i can see the mee is harder than the precious Indomie. Put a sausage, an egg, some tomato sauce and that would one of my favourite breakfast as a kid. Rarely do it nowadays… mainly because I won’t be full enough to keep me energized till noon. lol.

    Happy Monday, bro.

    My! My! You eat so much? The noodles alone will not last – will burn out very fast and you will feel hungry, all carbs. But with sausage and egg – protein, that should last till lunch time. Maybe you need to double the number – two sausages and two eggs. πŸ˜€

  19. Arthur, you made instant noodles sound so interesting in this post.. really went through all the fine details, didn’t you… and garnishing them with just an egg also is tempting enough!

    Yakah? Didn’t look very nice in the photos, sort of greenish..too early in the morning, not bright yet. 😦

  20. yop, it’s national hearthrobe swetthearth darling staple supper here in Indonesia,
    Indomie is very delicious and comforting for me, but for a health concern i didn’t much consume it
    or at least boiling it with lots of water and rinsed then tossed it with the seasoning to reduced the level of soda…

    That’s one thing I like about mi goreng – you boil and drain away the water and toss the noodles. For soup versions of instant noodles, after boiling the noodles, you will have to boil some more water to cook the soup and then add the noodles. I feel this is more of a hassle…but no choice. They say the coating of the noodles is cancer-causing.

  21. I hang around Facebook and checking out a few blogs too. It keeps me in touch with my friends, especially my ex schoolmates and ex colleagues. And it also keeps me up-to-date on news and information. I also read a couple of online news portal, so I don’t buy physical newspapers anymore. But you’re right in saying some people get cheap thrills or kicks from sharing irresponsible, unverified information. And worse, some doing so with malicious intention! I would just ignore those people and quickly unfriend them!
    Speaking of dry instant noodle, I have tried Ibumie. Don’t know much about other brands because I like the soup versions like curry or Tom yam πŸ™‚

    Ibumie is one of the main brands on the shelves here. I’m ok with any of those – it all depends on the price, will pick up any with attractive promos.

    You’re exactly like me. I don’t buy newspapers either – just read those online…or get updates on Facebook, faster! And yes, I would unfriend the likes of those as well. Life is miserable enough without having them around sharing all those stuff that leaves a bitter taste in one’s mouth…and it may not even be true.

  22. I’m a Bruneian and I dare to say that, this is brunei’s number 1 favourite fried noodles of all time! Try ask any bruneian, they’ll know it. I grew up with this noodle, it’s nostalgic, we have them since very long ago as I could remember.

    It’s delicious, great taste, makes you addicted, the smell of freshly cooked… ohh… even words could not explain it.
    I even brought indofood noodles along with me when I studied abroad.

    The indomee brands are also available in Brunei, famous but still can’t beat indofood.
    It’s tasty if you eat with sunny side up egg (like with any other noodles)

    Hello! Thanks for dropping by and for commenting, welcome…welcome! Indeed, it was very very good – other brands may be a little nice but none can come close. Unfortunately, we cannot get them here…or maybe, I should say fortunately as I would probably be buying and eating that all the time. πŸ˜€

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