You give love a bad name…

All my life, I was told that these…

Quail eggs 1

…were not good for health owing to their high content of cholesterol.

Well, it did not bother me that much as we very seldom eat them except when we had steamboat at home…


…and those eggs…

Quail eggs 2

…would be one of the many condiments…


…that we would make sure we had.

Well, we are familiar with all those conflicting articles about this and that. At one time, they went all out to give our tropical oils a bad name but lately, they are praising coconut and all its by-products to the skies. It was the same with eggs – first they say you must not eat them, then they say it would be all right to have two a week and at one time, they said the danger would be in the yolk so you should just eat the white and after that, they said it would be fine if you would eat the yolk with the white…bla…bla…bla…and now they say lard is good!!!

Anyway, going back to quail eggs, I came across this article that says, and I quote: “Do quail eggs have cholesterol? Yes! The good kind. Quail eggs are rich in HDL cholesterol…” and somebody linked me to this very interesting article on cholesterol. It singled out Dr. Ancel Keys’ 1953 Seven Countries Study, which linked the consumption of dietary fat to coronary heart disease claiming that when Keys published his analysis that claimed to prove this link, he selectively included information from only seven countries, despite having data from 22 countries at his disposal. I don’t know how true this is but I do know for a fact that when some people do their research for their thesis, they would do that or even manipulate the statistics to prove their point.

Well, whatever it is, I do believe that it would be pretty all right if we would just consume anything in moderation…and when it comes to quail eggs, I have not seen them served any other way other than in our steamboat at home or being fried with some green vegetables at a restaurant and even then, I hardly ever see it these days. Considering that we hardly ever eat them, therefore, I am pretty sure that having them once in a blue moon would not bring about very much undue damage to one’s health…but that’s my two cents worth.

For one thing, I did read somewhere that 5 quail eggs would be the equivalent of one chicken egg…and at RM4.40 for 15, it works out to around 30 sen each, almost the same as one chicken egg and one sure would not be able to afford that many! Besides, they are not that easy to come by here – there may be a couple of supermarkets that have them on their shelves here or one would have to go to one stall at the wet market to buy them and that reminds me of the time when I went all the way to get some.

I bought a bagful of them and walked happily back to my car, swinging my arm as I went along. Somehow or other, the bag slipped off my finger and went flying in the air and landed some distance away from where I was. “Omigosh!!!” I thought. “There goes all my quail eggs!” I quickly walked towards the bag and from what I could see through it, there were some that looked intact…still. I rushed forward to pick it up but in my hurry, I could not stop in time and…I stepped on it!!! I was so pissed off that I simply refused to walk back to the market to buy some more. Tsk! Tsk!

What about the rest of you? You like quail eggs? Or are you one of those that have been avoiding it like a plague?