Take me there…

My god-son/ex-student, Andrew, had a few days left before he and his family had to make their way back to New Zealand and he asked if I could take him for the best kampua noodles in town. Of course there is none that I would categorise as the best as what is best for me may not be the best to others…so I told him that I would take them for my favourite here

RTM Cafe kampua

…and yes, both he and his missus and even their little girl liked it a lot, especially with the strong lard fragrance.

They’ve done up the place nicely…probably for Chinese New Year and I particularly loved the stickers…

RTM Cafe wall sticker

…on their walls.

I decided to try their chin therng mee (clear soup noodles)…

RTM Cafe chin therng mee 1

…and ordered that for myself to try. It was nice but no, it is not supposed to be like that – the original/authentic chin therng mee

Authentic chin therng mee

…or what I would refer to as the soup version of the kampua (dry plate) noodles. That would comprise the noodles served in clear bone stock soup with light soy sauce, lard and msg added served with a few slices of the red coloured boiled meat (the imitation char siew) and a sprinkling of fried shallots and chopped spring onions.

The one here had the stewed meat slices and minced meat as in the kampua noodles, dry, and they also added a lot of green vegetables…

RTM Cafe chin therng mee 2

…which one would never see in the original/authentic ones.

We also had the pian sip (wanton/meat dumplings)…

RTM Cafe pian sip

…tossed in dark soy sauce but they did not seem to be helping themselves to any so no prize for guessing who had all of that.

After that, I drove them to Bandong to my regular Malay kuih stall where they did pick up a thing or two and then, we went to the Sibu Resident’s Office where they managed to get hold of two copies of THE book to take back to New Zealand. After a short drive around town, we dropped by here to buy the kaya but unfortunately, it was sold out and they would not be making any more till after Chap Goh Meh. Never mind! They were keen on dropping by there anyway as they would like to have the durian ice cream…

Payung durian ice cream

…one more time before they leave town. In fact, they had been here earlier for lunch and they complained that the one they had had very little of the durian cream. There! They should have mentioned my name for that special preferential treatment. Wink! Wink! Hehehehehe!!!!

They also told me that their niece or somebody had the mango ice cream and loved it so so so much but they did not get to try as she finished it all by herself. Oh? I had never ordered as I expected it to be just ice cream with some bottled mango syrup but no, they also made their own mango puree/cream for it but they used our local mango – the quinee with its much stronger (and nicer) fragrance and taste.  We all tried…

Payung mango ice cream

…but we unanimously agreed that the durian was much nicer.

It certainly was nice seeing you all again, Andrew and Michelle and little Ashley. Thanks for all the treats throughout our brief outing that morning. I certainly looking forward to seeing all of you back in Sibu again soon. Take care and God bless always Cheers!