Dusty memories…

Some of you may remember Helen, my student from my first batch in Kanowit way back in 1978 – we had a reunion not too long ago and I did blog about it then. Well, she is based in Brunei right now and she was back in town the other day with her mum to attend a wedding.

I remember the mum very well but being in her mid-70’s, it took her some time to dig out the dusty memories at the back of her mind before she could remember who I was – that young and slim and handsome teacher! Sighhhhhh!!!!! Unfortunately, time has not been kind and though she did say that I still have the looks, I know I definitely have “grown” a lot since. Sobssss!!!!!

I took them out for lunch here – I did not want to go some place else that I have not been to just in case the food might not be all that great.

We had the creamy butter prawns…

Creamy butter prawns

…that were great as usual and Helen insisted on having the friedΒ cangkuk manis (mani cai) with egg…

Cangkuk manis egg

In her opinion, the best is right here in Sibu – none that she had had elsewhere could measure up, not at all.

Other than those two, we also ordered the midin, ching chau (fried plain, with garlic)…


…and the Foochow-style tofu soup…

Tofu soup

Yes, Helen and her mum enjoyed all the dishes very much and we really had a great time talking about old times and everything that has transpired in our lives since that time so very long ago in Kanowit. Unfortunately, something cropped up and I had to rush home right away so I dropped them off at their hotel and made my way through the jam – it was already the 5th Day of Chinese New Year and everyone had gone back to school or to work and I thought the roads would be clear already. Unfortunately, it wasn’t so.

It sure was nice seeing you and your mum again, Helen, and thank you for the made-in-Indonesia instant noodles that you brought all the way from Brunei for me…

Indonesian mi goreng

Yes, a cousin of mine had an Indonesian girlfriend and once, he gave me a packet from there to try – he was of the opinion that the ones made there, despite being from the same company, were much better. Can’t wait to try these and blog about it!

Author: suituapui

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18 thoughts on “Dusty memories…”

  1. The presentations are so nice!!! πŸ™‚

    This is a nice place – they don’t just dump the food onto a plate and serve like some other places around here.

  2. Come on, you are still young and handsome la πŸ˜‰
    Love love love that creamy butter prawns and tofu soup, no need rice, just pass me the two dishes and I can wallop all, yummmzzz..

    You’re so sweet and kind. At 62 going on 63 this year, I’m old…big, fat and ugly. Sobsssss!!!!! Come on over, I’ll see that you get to eat all you want. πŸ˜‰

  3. My favourite veggies of all time! Midin and cangkuk manis.

    Indofood? Not the same with Indomee? Look similar. Ok. Look forward to your review.

    Maybe they changed the name, not sure.

  4. All the food looks great. By the way, did they put a bit of red wine in the midin? Would love it with red wine. Yummy!!!!

    I don’t think so. We asked for ching-chao…not ang chiew. They do cook it with that, I know, just that we did not order it that day.

  5. Well, well! Someone remembered the young and handsome you πŸ˜€ I do remember seeing your old photos in your previous posts and I must say that you were rather cute **blush** And you did apply for a job as an air steward before, eh? hee..hee…

    You have the memory of an elephant! Like me! Don’t tell me that, like me, you look like one too? Hehehehehehe!!! πŸ˜‰

  6. oooo, since it’s indonesian noodles, maybe you could try making an indonesian recipe out of it! πŸ˜€

    It’s just instant noodles. I know they have fried Maggi mee but I’m not really a fan. Will just try it as it is first – see how good it is.

  7. Haha, I don’t think I can remember seeing a photo of the younger you. Maybe you have posted in one of your earlier posts! πŸ˜€

    I thought that packet of noodles is of the same brand as the one here, but.. Indofood, not Indomie or Ibumie.. I’ll wait for you to do a review on them.

    I think Ibumie is Malaysian – probably Indomie pulled out so they had to carry on under a new name. I think the mi goreng is branded “Always” or something. Not as nice as the Indonesian Indomie. Yet to try this one – probably the same comp-any, new name.

    You need to brush up your memory like Phong Hong. Quite recently, I posted a class photograph with my Form 2 1982 students in Kanowit. Of course there were more in some earlier posts – I guess you were not around then so can’t blame you if you did not see those.

  8. Tofu soup looks great, do you add in chinese black vinegar to that?

    They do add that…but that is not authentically Foochow. The soup is nice, just not actually like the real thing – something like sharks’ fins soup with tofu instead.

    1. Indofood produces other type of instant noodles too… marketing gimmick… check out Sarimee

      Nice? I think I’ve seen that somewhere here. Will look out for it.

  9. The other night in JB here I had the creamy salad prawns too.. when I saw that dish, it reminded me of your Sibu dish and now you posted it up, I must tell you… hahaha.. Ipoh doesn’t have this dish yet… my kids like it very much cos of the sweet cream…

    If it’s salad, then it’s just boiled prawns served with mayo or their own salad dressing, not the same. We have that at banquets – first dish, in the middle of the Four Seasons. They always call it “leong hay” (lobsters) but I’ve a feeling it’s udang galah/giant freshwater prawns, sliced…but lately, I notice that they just use ordinary “pek hay” (seawater).

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