It had to be you…

The 2nd Day of Chinese New Year was kind of slow – we did not have a steady stream of visitors unlike the 1st Day but my good friend, Lim, and his family dropped by around noon and so we asked them to have lunch at my place…but unfortunately, all we had were leftovers from the previous night’s dinner with my in-laws. They brought along two guests, Lim’s niece from Auckland, New Zealand and her French boyfriend…and when Lim and his missus suggested going out for lunch together the following day – the 3rd Day of Chinese New Year, I told them that it had to be here

Payung decor 1

…for the exotic delights that their guests would not find anywhere else,

Payung decor 2

Well, they were keen on the idea too as they had never been to this place…

Payung decor 3

…before themselves.

Of course, I ordered my favourites – the Payung rojak

Payung rojak

…and the mushroom roll…

Payung mushroom roll

…and their special otak-otak, different from all the rest…

Payung otak-otak

…and their Payung belimbing prawns…

Belimbing prawns

Lim’s missus loved the kacangma chicken she had at our house so I ordered the one here…

Payung kacangma chicken

…for her to try and she said it was very nice too.

Peter, the boss, was so kind as to serve us his paku (wild jungle fern) cooked in santan (coconut milk)…

Payung paku in santan

…on the house and also his special ulam

Payung ulam

…which Lim’s missus enjoyed to the max.

I do not know how much their guests enjoyed everything that we had – they certainly looked very intrigued by it all and were somewhat curious as to what everything was but I could see that they were not into anything a little bit spicy. Hmmmm…perhaps we should have taken them to some place else.

My missus ordered their tom yam spaghetti…

Payung tom yam spaghetti

…and requested for it to be extra-extra spicy and it most certainly was so though some of us did try a little bit of it, she had to finish most of her order herself.

My girl was not in the mood for the usual that we have had so very often so she asked for a chicken chop…

Payung chicken chop

…for herself but she said it was dry and was not very nice. Well, it does look charred somewhat if one looks at it carefully in the photograph.

It so happened that my young and handsome friend/ex-student, Ryan, wanted to drop by my house to visit me during his lunch break but since we were out, I asked him to join us there and he did. He had the Bangladeshi lamb curry and he said it was good. He has graduated already and has been so caught up in his work that we did not get a chance to meet at all – not since Chinese New Year last year! It sure was great to see you again, Ryan – nice of you to make an effort to come by to see me…and I do hope the  Year of the Goat would be a very happy and successful one for you.

Now, this was where the “trouble” started. While we were out, people started texting me to ask if they could come to my house and I told them that I was out but I would be home by 3.00 p.m. My bad!!! I am sure you can guess what happened – everyone showed up at 3 and we certainly had a jolly big crowd at my humble little house. I thought that was fun though – so many people at one time in our usually very very quiet abode. That certainly was a welcome change. Thanks so much to you…you…and you – all of you wonderful people who came that afternoon.

Later that day, we had to go for the evening service in church as the next day, we had to send my girl back to her school – and work resumed the day after that, Monday.

The postman just delivered this yesterday…

CNY card from Nick

– a beautiful Chinese New Year card from another young and handsome friend of mine all the way in Sg Petani. No worries, it’s still Chinese New Year – not Chap Goh Meh yet. Thank you so much, Nick, it really is so very nice of you to go through all that trouble. I do hope you’re having a wonderful time ushering in the Year of The Goat at your end. Qong Xi Fa Cai!!!