It’s the last day of school today – the long end-of-year holidays will begin tomorrow and stretch right till January next year. That was why, when we drove to my girl’s school that day, we went through some of the stuff that she had there to take home.

That girl of mine is so serious in her work. She would be so engrossed in it and neglect her meals. Besides, for a rural school, there sure seemed to be a lot of things going on – meetings (which I disdained very much when I was still working as personally, I believe that action speaks a lot louder than words), extra classes and a whole lot of activities. Well, it is good in a way as being cooped up there in the middle of nowhere, it may get really boring and depressing sometimes for want of something to do. Most of the time she would be too tired to cook so she would probably just have a drink and some biscuits and that was it! We used to cook for her to take there and keep in the fridge so she could just heat it up and eat but I guess she wants to be independent and prefers to cook her own.

Anyway, I took home this made-in-Indonesia instant fried noodles…

Indofood mi goreng

…that my ex-Kanowit student, now based in Brunei, bought from there to give to me.

It had just expired a few days earlier…


…but I guess it wasn’t all that long ago so I just went ahead and cooked that for breakfast. There were two packets, just nice for my missus and I and I served it with the leftover char siew from our lunch that day, garnished with a bit of chopped spring onion…

Indofood mi goreng with char siew

Yes, it was still all right, no problem at all.

Other than that, we also took home a few packets of this…

Maggi asam laksa

…that my girl had bought for herself probably thinking that it would be something like the ones in Penang that she quite enjoys. My missus said that she had bought that flavour before, those days when she was still working to cook in their pantry and eat for brunch and she kept saying that it was not nice, nothing like the real thing and very very sour.

Never mind, even if she insisted it was not nice, at least, it should be edible and I could have that for breakfast and finish all the packets that were left eventually instead of just throwing them away as that would be such a waste. The expiry date for this one is in January next year so there is no hurry for me to do that and I can just cook one when there is nothing much in the house and have that for my breakfast.

Well, I did cook one packet that day to try…

Maggi asam laksa with fish balls and egg

…and indeed, it was nothing like the asam laksa that I had had before, never mind nice or not nice. It was sour, like what my wife said, and thankfully, I only used about half of the seasoning provided. Actually, it reminded me of the white tom yam bihun that I had sometime ago but of course, it was not as nice minus the fragrance of the lemon grass and all the other ingredients that went into the cooking but it was all right.

I added some fish balls to it and cooked an egg…

Hard boiled egg, yolk moist and soft

…hard boiled with the yolk still soft and moist. Yes, it was nicely done, just the way I love it. As always, I just used my direct boiling method – just put the egg straight from the fridge into some water in a pot (about three-quarters, no need to submerge it completely) and bring that to boil, small flame (I always use the smallest burner on our gas cooker), uncovered. I kept rolling the egg around so that the yolk would be in the middle and not to one side…and once the water started boiling, I covered the pot and waited for around 6-7 minutes before taking the egg out to peel and cut it into halves and serving it with the noodles.

It seems that this particular brand has also come out with the kolo mee and Sarawak laksa flavours…but if this is what their version of the (Penang) asam laksa is like, I don’t think I would be looking forward to those…especially when usually, theirs are more expensive than the other brands, any flavour.


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “Expired…”

  1. I also will eat just expired food instead of throwing them away. The mi goreng in photo 3 looks thicker and nicer. I guess it tastes better too.

    Firmer too, and took longer to cook. Nice. I am never fond of the texture of Maggi’s but it seems theirs are a bit nicer now, not like what I used to have before.

  2. Back then during my college time, I like to mix curry maggi mee with asam laksa maggi mee. That was my favorite, also I actually had it for lunch and dinner. Those were the good ‘poor student’ days… haha. If it’s sealed and uncooked, one or two months passed expiry date – I’l stilll eat them! πŸ˜›

    Gosh! One or two months is rather long – I would just throw it all away.

    Ya, these were every student’s lifesaver – just cook secretly in the hostel room to eat. Now, that’s a great idea, mixing curry with the asam laksa. (You mean you’d eat two packets at one time? And still so thin? LOL!!!) The latter is just sour, not much to it. I went and tried another packet this morning – added a bit of my missus’ pounded sambal belacan and yes, it turned out very much nicer.

    1. If it’s just a packet of maggi, nescafe, milo… one or two months passed the expiry date is fine, i guess? Nothing happened to me yet that’s for sure. Haha… yeah, i only used to have 2 packets of maggi each meal and still so skinny. Now fat already. At least 15-20kg heavier than during college time. Yup, the curry taste will somehow tone down the sourness of the asam laksa.

      Fat already, not at all visible, still very thin – room for improvement! Hehehehehehe!!!!

      Ya, I really wonder what will happen if one eats something already long expired. Of course, if already discoloured, the smell is different or there is fungal growth or with biscuits that have gone limp, we do not have a choice – have to throw away.

  3. My guess is the expiry date on those types of products aren’t very accurate. Actually I think some places write “Best before…” on such goods.

    Yes, instead of USE BY…or EXPIRY DATE. The seasoning had turned a little hard though but then again, I did come across some that had already hardened even though it was before the expiry date.

  4. It is really good to see so much Asian foods mass produced these days. It wasn’t so in my younger days. I don’t really worry about using food past their use by date, as I figure I’m past my use by date myself.

    I’d just throw them all away, not taking any risks but if it is only by a few days, then I’d probably just eat it all up quickly…but I would look out for any change in smell or colour and all that and if it did not taste quite right, into the bin it would go. Best to play it safe.

  5. Oh now Mel wants to cook her own food. Yup, previously, I remembered you will pack cooked food for her, and she can just heat it up.. But there’s this news in FB, went viral last week, about a woman eating leftover food.. I’ve been eating leftover food for the past 20 years, hmm 😦

    Oh? Didn’t read about it. I’ve been eating that as long as I can remember. My missus always cooks a lot, following her standard recipes…and only two of us at home so there will always be something left. If kept in the fridge, and not taken in and out, heat and reheat (my late auntie used to do that and she lived till a very old age), it may be all right to eat…but it will not taste so nice anymore so we would just throw it away.

    What we cook for her, freshly cooked and chilled in fridge – not leftovers, she will eat within the week and if she does not manage to do that, she will bring it all home the following weekend. We would eat it…but sometimes, we will just throw it away especially when we have a lot of newer stuff to eat. She does not keep for very long.

  6. I like how you cook your egg. I am quite safe on expired product cos I have a habit of going through my pantry & most of the time, nothing goes to waste or expired.

    Yes, it’s a sin to waste. I don’t bother to check though. My missus may just shove anything and everything anywhere she likes – so not everything is in the pantry. But whatever I want to use, I will check the expiry date first – if too long already, then I would have no choice but to throw it away.

    She may buy, thinking she will want to cook something one fine day…and then change her mind or conveniently forget about it. I’m the opposite – will go out and buy only when I want to cook something…or look for something else I can use instead…or decide not to cook at all. That, the difference between men and women?

  7. I would prefer go out and eat kolo mee and laksa. ^^

    Talking about instant noodle, I have few packets of curry chicken noodle which has expired few weeks ago. Reluctant to throw them but sooner or later I may throw them. Haha. I must be hardworking checking my inventory in pantry from time to time.

    Same with the instant kampua here but I may stock a bit at home….for rainy days. πŸ˜‰

    I don’t bother to check but I will look for the expiry dates when I want to use anything that seems to be sitting around for a long time already. If long past the date, I would just throw away.

  8. Even though some things may be O.K. in exceeding the expiry date, I have the philosophy of: If in doubt, throw it out. I prefer to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to food.

    Indeed, that’s the best thing to do. I am more worried about the raw/uncooked stuff though – not much confidence in freezing so if buying fresh, I would want to cook right away or if I have to freeze it, I would cook it as soon as possible, the earliest opportunity. Will not want to keep for too long.

  9. So nice… your girl is coming home for long holidays!! More homecooked food and eating spree when she is around, right? I am also looking forward to gathering a family reunion again but it will not be so soon… CNY is still a long way to go….

    Yes, in February, around 2 months…so so so long to go. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  10. I also eat expired foodstuff. I will check the contents first and if it looks and smells OK, I just go ahead and cook/eat. I’ve tried that Asam Laksa flavor once and never again. I can’t understand how they can pass it off as Asam Laksa.

    I wholeheartedly agree. It’s just very sour clear soup, probably vinegar and not asam, so how can it be anything like asam laksa in any way. I’m with you, sure will never buy again and anyway, I always steer clear of their products, expensive…and there was this issue about the Indian made ones not too long ago too.

  11. Yes, last day before school holidays! Excited? Come, travel to Penang for a short getaway?

    We certainly would consider that if there had been direct flights to Penang. Such an inconvenience having to go through KL – had enough of that when my girl was studying in SP. We would not want to go through all that ever again. May just spend a few days at our towns here – cuti-cuti Sarawak!

    1. True… but they have direct flights from Miri though, let’s hope Sibu’s next on the list! I’d be sure to visit you too if there are such direct flights

      Dunno why they do not have flights from here. They have direct flights from Kuching too. 😦

  12. am in love with your soft-yolk egg … or maybe it’s lust πŸ™‚ yeah, it does feel like more and more, the bureaucracy of work tends to consume so much of our lives .. and those meetings just go on and onnnnnnnnn….

    Lead you not into temptation! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Ya, some people simply love to hear the sound of their own voices…or they just enjoy throwing their weight around, makes them feel so important. We had a ruling – must have at least three meetings a year so I submitted fictitious minutes for my English Department, no need to waste our time! Anything that needed to be done, any information that needed to be shared, I would just tell everybody – not that there were all that many of us. As if people have nothing else better to do. Tsk! Tsk!

  13. I am like that as well sometimes we cook expired items, I guess you can still give them one more month from the date indicated πŸ™‚

    Sometimes I would keep it in the fridge and use as soon as I can. As long it looks good, smells good…no dent or leak, it should be fine even after a month but I would not want to keep it too long either, that’s for sure.

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