Just one…

No, there were more than one of us – three, in fact…but we were at this place…

One O One

…called One O One, located at the Sibu Bus Terminal area round the corner from here, at the other end of the block where this coffee shop is and right next door to this one. I’ve blogged about this place a few times here and here, for instance…but the other day, my friend, Julia, who was home from Perth, Australia with her brother, Gabriel, contacted me and asked me if I would be free for either breakfast or lunch and of course, I was!

Initially, we wanted to go next door but it was closed – probably they do not open on Wednesdays so we decided to go to this one instead. After all, on my previous visits, I was of the opinion that what they served here wasn’t too bad.

Julia and Gabriel had their chao chai (preserved vegetable) hung ngang (the big bihun)…

One O One chao chai hung ngang 1

…with the big freshwater udang galah (bamboo prawn)…

One O One chao chai hung ngang 2

…for only RM10.00 each, served in a tureen complete with the lid, mind you! The serving was that big! Gabriel thought it was just nice while Julia said she would prefer it extra sour and she enjoyed the one she had here a lot more. For one thing, the crustacean was big, not as big as the one here but it was a whole lot cheaper at only one-third of the price. I noticed that they had laksa on their menu with an option whether to have it with these giant prawns or not – I certainly would go back there again soon to give it a try and see if it is any good or not.

I had their kampua noodles before and I thought it was pretty good so this time around, I decided to give their kolo mee

One O One kolo mee 1

…a shot.

It did not come cheap though, RM5.00 and you can choose to fork out an extra 30 sen for extra lard added but they sure give a lot of ingredients in that relatively big bowl…

One O One kolo mee 2

Ooooo…it was really very good!!!

I would say that it could give the good ones in Kuching a run for their money. There are some very nice ones there (and some that are really not worth the calories as well) and the taste may vary from one to the other depending on where you go to (which is the same with the kampua noodles here). Among the better ones, I liked this one a lot and I would say this one here is similar – just as good, if not better. No, it is nothing like many of the kolo mee we have here in town – those would taste like kampua noodles but are disguised to look like kolo mee…and no, they are NOT the same. I loved the pickled chili that they topped the noodles with and the hint of garlic and vinegar in the noodles. I don’t know if they are consistently this good but if this is their usual standard, the one in Kanowit that I love so much can now take a back seat.

I was kind of tickled by this page…


…towards the end of their menu. I guess when one sees that, one would know there would not be anything else after that so there would not be any need to turn the page and look for more. LOL!!!

Julia insisted on treating as she has graduated now and is currently pursuing her doctorate degree back in Perth and look at what she brought home all the way for me…

From Julia

I love that very very nice rack of spices and ooooo….my favourite flavour from the Adriano Zumbo range of Tim Tams – the Red Velvet plus the very much sought-after Lindt chocolate with sea salt.

Thank you so much, Julia. It sure was nice seeing you and Gabriel again. I truly enjoyed the breakfast and the company…and I sure am looking forward to seeing you two again on your next trip home. Take care there, God bless in your undertakings. Cheers!