Move away…

(All photographs in this post EXCEPT the last one were taken using my mobile phone camera.)

I used to go to the car wash opposite this coffee shop…but the coffee shop closed down eventually and the car wash has moved some place else too. I do know where they have moved to but so far, I have never gone to them at their new location. Instead, I’ve been going to this one…

Bandong car wash

…across the road from the shops at Bandong Road here. There used to be an “Agro Mart” here but I guess their business was not all that good so it closed down eventually (or maybe they shifted elsewhere, I wouldn’t know) and subsequently, these car wash people took over the place. They are doing pretty well, I guess, as I would often see a lot of people sending their cars there. I find that they do a much more thorough job than that old place and they charge less too – RM12.00 compared to RM15.00 previously.

While waiting, one can always cross the road to this coffee shop…

De'Mas Bandong 1

…for a drink or a bite to eat.

It is a very nice and clean place…

De'Mas Bandong 2

…and I guess it must be doing all right as it has been around for quite a while now.

That morning, I decided to check it out and ordered their mee goreng (fried noodles)…

De'Mas mee goreng

…and yes, it was very good! I paid RM4.30 for this plus a glass of kopi-o-peng kao (iced black coffee, strong) which was not bad at all, nicer than many other places in town. I did not ask exactly how much each cost – I guess it is RM2.80 for the noodles and RM1.50 for the coffee, or RM2.50 and RM1.80 respectively…but whichever the combination may be, I must say that I think it is relatively cheap.

This shop is right across the parking area from my regular Malay kuih stall

Bandong Malay kuih stall

…so if one does not fancy the freshly-cooked food here, one can always pick up something at the stall and order a drink here and eat in the shop. Seeing how I did enjoy what I had that morning, I certainly would want to stop by and check out what else they have on their menu the next time I send my car to the car wash.

Incidentally, I did drop by the stall that morning to place my orders for their steamed (layer) cakes for Chinese New Year and I saw this one…

Kek belacan

Good grief!!! Some people would be put off by the name given to it – kek belacan (Dried prawn paste cake)! And no, there is no belacan in it, none at all.

It is VERY expensive though – RM32 for a rectangular loaf (and that works out to around RM2.00 for that little slice) and from the price, I could guess that they must have used a lot of the very special and expensive ingredients to make it and it should be really very good. That was why I just had to grab one to take home and try…and yes, it was absolutely awesome! Very very nice and very rich and flavourful, not very sweet – nowhere near those imported cakes and cookies when it comes to sweetness, many of which are just so very sweet and not all that nice at all. However, at that price, I think I will go back there one of these days to order some to serve to any guests who care to drop by, come Chinese New Year – I suppose it is all right to spend a bit more for this special and very auspicious occasion – but a poor ol’ pensioner like me sure can’t afford to indulge in anything this expensive on ordinary days. Sobssss!!!!