Someone new…

My girl has a new colleague, many of them in fact, six altogether, if I am not mistaken, and one has taken up the vacant room in her unit in the teachers’ quarters. Prior to this, she had a room and the colleague who gives her a lift back to Sibu every Friday occupies the other room in the 3-room place.

The new-found friend came back with them last Friday and spent the weekend at our place, a very nice and sweet girl originally from Kuching. Gee!!! Whatever happened to those VERY stern, big and fat teachers with horn-rimmed glasses, the one depicted in Lat’s cartoons? Well, we took her around town, shopping for everything she would need…and we also took her for dinner here.

Of course we had everybody’s favourite – the butter prawn balls with creamy sauce…

Ming Mei Shi creamy butter prawn balls

I love the curry leaves in the dish – when you bite into them, they have that very nice exquisite fragrance and of course, I’ve read about their health benefits somewhere.

Normally, we would have their sweet and sour fish fillet here – the ones here a head above many of the rest…but that night, for a change, we opted for the kiam sor hu phee (salty crispy/crusty fish fillet)…

Ming Mei Shi kiam sor hu phee

…which turned out to be really great and was a welcome change indeed.

We also had the Foochow-style tofu soup (with canned oysters) and my girl wanted the fried cangkuk manis with egg…

Ming Mei Shi fried cangkuk manis with egg

…and no, it wasn’t oily, just the reflection of the light. It was good, very Foochow-style…but when I cook it myself, I would use a bit more oil – the leaves would absorb it like magic…and less water. I would prefer it drier like how they (usually) do it here

Ruby's fried cangkuk manis with egg
*Archive photo*

…but it was all right.

Now, this was a tad too oily…

Ming Mei Shi fried midin with belacan

– their fried midin (wild jungle fern) with belacan (dried prawn paste). It tasted great though just that I would prefer it a lot more with a little less oil.

The servings were HUGE for the four of us…except for the prawns and not surprisingly so as with Chinese New Year round the corner, the price per kg has shot up by at least one third and that probably explains why the serving was a little small but was just enough to go round. On the other hand, the rest were big enough for at least 6-8 people…and we were not able to finish the vegetable dishes, just around three-quarters of each. I did not see the lady boss around initially and I forgot to tell the captain taking the orders that I would prefer very much less msg…so I did feel a little discomfort, the lingering taste in the mouth, after the dinner.

I do wish they would make the servings smaller and charge a little less – the total that night came up to RM91.00 (inclusive of rice and drinks) so I guess that would make it come to around RM80.00 for the five dishes for four people, not really cheap, I must say.Β Well, if anyone still does not know where this Ming Mei Shi Restaurant is located and is thinking of stopping by, it is in the Fortune Commercial Centre – the area of shops behind the Rejang Medical Centre, main building…right beside the cross-junction somewhere in the middle of that area, to the right.

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23 thoughts on “Someone new…”

  1. Food looks great and I agree with you. I’d prefer they give a smaller portion with cheaper price rather than making us pay for much more when there are only 4 of you. I dislike the lingering taste of MSG in my mouth too.

    I asked for smaller servings…enough for 3…but what came out was enough for 6, at least. Should have asked for 2.

  2. Ooh, butter prawns. I have fond memories of my very first experience of eating these. Yum!

    My girl’s favourite – the creamy version. In fact, the favourite of many, butter prawns done this way.

  3. So very nice of you to bring her around to buy whatever she needs and then a nice dinner.. All the dishes look good, but portion a bit too big la for 3 ladies, hehe..

    I had a few very good friends who went out of their way to help in any way they could when my girl went to further her studies in Sg Petani and also in New Zealand and I do appreciate that very much. I certainly would want to do the same, lend a hand to anybody’s son or daughter who come my way. Do unto others what you would want others do unto you.

  4. Haha. That description of a teacher is very much in every children’s mind. Lol. Nowadays all those female teachers are sweeter and kinder.

    Lovely meal. Yup they Should have a smaller portion.

    Yes, so different from my time – every teacher was so strict and fierce and was armed with a cane. Hehehehehe!!!! The food was all right, good – I thought the two, coming out of the jungle, would appreciate the special treat.

  5. That’s really a nice dinner. Foods looks good. I also prefer smaller portion and just nice for 4 person, no wastage. Glad that your daughter has a sweet girl for companion.

    Yes, I’m glad too.

  6. Their dishes come in only one size? Usually we get to order either small, medium or large. All looks good especially the prawns and fish.

    No standard sizes. Usually we order for 2, 3 or 4 or more persons…depending on how many people altogether. I think from now on, I will order half – 4 persons, I will order 2….6 persons, order 3. More than enough to go round.

  7. They come in one serving? No Small, Medium, Big to cater to see how many people eat?

    See my reply to Phong Hong above.

  8. Teachers nowadays are hot! When I see the school teachers nowadays, I always feel sad that I am not born 10 years later.. πŸ˜€

    I wonder why…all of them so good looking, slim…and the guys too, all handsome ones. If I were to pick, I would choose the ugliest, biggest or fattest, grumpiest – knowing what the kids are like these days, they would need more like those.

  9. now terbalik teachers kena bully by students lor. Not fierce enough and cannot use cane to threathen the students liao else kena complain. How Melissa? She so sweet. Got kena bully?

    Sighhhhh!!!! Lucky not in town – kena bully by parents some more. Not easy to be teachers these days.

  10. Anything near CNY will cost much higher than usual.. yes, I feel the price is a bit steep here.. but anyway, let them earn something good before CNY… so that more bonus can be given to the staff..hehehe…

    Hopefully, it will go to the staff. If things stay this pricey, sure we’d go elsewhere for stuff more or less the same or maybe even better – they should remember they are not in any way exclusive and think carefully before jacking up prices just like that.

  11. The crusty fish fillet looks real good and of course, I love Cangkuk manis !

    I would love to try the cangkuk manis at your side, see how they cook it. I have a feeling it’s Sabah’s sayur manis, the stunted version – nicer, small and softer and sweeter. Used to buy till people started spreading word about excessive use of pesticides and what not… 😦

  12. I was reading the first comment regarding MSG = that was the main reason I first went vegetarian was because I couldn’t handle MSGs in meats, etc…they gave me migraines and once I went veg no more migraines!

    And with your last photo – I like oil but that does look like a lot LOL

    I think the dishes at the Chinese vegetarian places here are not spared of msg. It’s a Chinese thing, I guess. I would use just a bit, if I have to…and very little oil and the down part is that I have become very sensitive to these things. A bit more of those stuff would put me off the dish already.

    1. I know what you mean – when we go to a Chinese Buffet here we make sure it’s MSG Free! Even with the vegetarian dishes they sometimes still use it! eeeek!

      Exactly! They do not use a lot of ingredients usually so I guess they need to add that to give it some taste…or maybe it’s cheaper to do that, I don’t know.

  13. Aaww.. girl from Kuching … hehehe..

    i would love to try that salted crispy fish fillet.. looks very tasty πŸ™‚

    It was nice but I would prefer a little less msg…and maybe, a better type of fish, never mind a bit more expensive.

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