Do that for me…

I mentioned in my previous post that we bought some big freshwater udang galah (bamboo prawns) at RM45.00 a kg but no, we did not buy one whole kilo – just 6 of the crustaceans for RM27.00 (SGD10.00) and I wanted to bring them along to a restaurant and ask them to cook them for me…or rather, us.

We went to this place as my friend, Alfred, loved their butter scotch prawns that they had on their previous trip here and he would love to have that again but unfortunately, it was closed. No, it wasn’t because it was a Monday – normally, they would close on Wednesdays. They were taking the week off for their much-needed rest after the very busy Chinese New Year period and I guess they had gone off on a holiday some place.

In the end, we went here and they sure did a very good job of it…

Creamy butter udang galah

– in our favourite creamy butter prawn style. The prawns were so fresh and sweet, very firm and succulent and needless to say, everyone loved it to the max.

Of course, we had to have the midin


…since they enjoyed it so much and I also ordered the fried cangkuk manis with egg…

Cangkuk manis

I was also thinking of having venison…


…as well for them to try. Normally, at most restaurants here, they would fry it with soy sauce and ginger but the one taking the order said that they had one other style. Unfortunately, I could not really understand most of what she said and I just went ahead and ordered that anyway. As it turned out, I didn’t really like it as I could detect the use of black pepper sauce in it and I’m not fan of the stuff.

Alfred sneaked off to settle the bill and luckily, I was on his tail. The total came up to over RM60, inclusive of rice and drinks for the four of us and when I asked, we were told that they had charged us RM25 for cooking the prawns and I thought that was absolutely absurd! Once, we asked them to cook a fish…

*Archive photo*

…for a table of 10 persons or more and we were charged RM20 for that…and this was just a small plate of 6 prawns for 4 persons. Of course, I had to point it out and in the end, it was reduced to RM15.00 only…and Alfred only had to pay over RM50.00, around SGD20.00 which I guess was very cheap for them. The total for that plate of prawns came up to RM42.00 (RM27 + RM15) and for them, considering that back home, they may get one not-very-big one for SGD15.00, this was truly unbelievable!

Wait a minute! If you’re thinking that was it for the afternoon, you are very very wrong. Alfred insisted on dropping by here again for the banana cake…

Payung banana cake

He said that since he could not buy any back to the island republic, he wanted to have it one more time before leaving town…and he would want to eat their rojak

Payung rojak

…and mushroom roll…

Payung mushroom roll

…that he had the last time we was in town as well. He said they were “legendary” – something he must have again.

After that, we went here and there to get this and that and we stopped at the Sibu Resident’s Office to get their copies of THE book…and while we were in the vicinity, we did stop to buy some kueh lenggang (ketayap) and they loved the keropok lekor from  the stall at Bandong (afternoon only) – very nice, they said. It was past 4.00 p.m. when I dropped them off at the hotel to bathe, rest and get ready to go out for dinner at around 6 that evening…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

22 thoughts on “Do that for me…”

  1. Next time 2-3KG worth of prawns, with a plate of midin. That will be extremely satisfying. 🙂

    Hmmmm…I wonder if they would be happy about that but no worries, we’ll do it at my house. I can cook well and my missus too, take my word for it. Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

    1. Certainly they wouldn’t be too happy if we only order midin LOL. Well we can order a few more items…my next trip..I must stay in sibu town…walking distance to red ruby….and my supper will be prawns every single night :p :p

      Sea water prawns, Ruby does not sell udang galah. They say too expensive. I did show you the decently-all-right hotel right in the middle of town but you said you all would want to stay in the previous one…so I suggested this brand new one. Actually, there are some places around this one – just that you did not really go and explore the area. I did indicate a few in the map that I drew.

  2. I like it when we bring our own seafood and ask the restaurant to cook for us.. Fresh and delicious of course.. The butter prawns look so so creamy and yummy, and fresh of course..Next time, you can cook too, no need to always eat out 🙂

    Exactly. Cheaper and may be nicer even. 😉

  3. I am glad your friend have a wonderful foodies holiday in Sibu. I love all the food you guys had.

    You are a very hospitable host.

    I love company, getting together with friends, old and new and if any care to drop by this simple little town, I sure would go out of my way to make sure they will find their trip most worthwhile.

  4. Banana cake looks divine… so moist and can see the banana flesh clearly, must be good!

    Yes, very different from the usual that we get at the bakeries – I would not bother getting those, mostly banana essence. 😦

  5. OK I don’t know what midin is but I want to eat it!

    It’s a fern, grows wild in the jungle. I know they export it to Singapore, dunno KL. Very expensive there, available at selected restaurants.

  6. Crazy, RM 25 to cook 4 prawns. This is expensive even by KL standards! Although I might be wrong, I haven’t done that for 8 years now, so the prices might have changed…

    8 years sure is a long long time but yes, that’s too much…even for 5 or 6 prawns, not four. We got a couple extra (I knew the ladies would just have one each – they were big). Especially when it was only RM20…or RM25 at another place to cook one really big fish for a table of 10 persons or more. That was exactly why I asked to confirm. Even RM15 was a bit high, I thought…but at least, that’s not as bad as RM25. Next time, we’ll buy and I will cook them myself at home.

  7. Yum…midin is nice. Cakur manis cannot eat too much coz got wind

    Fine with us. We eat it quite frequently at home ourselves – it’s relatively cheaper than most. Midin, paku…kangkong all got wind, or what people say “cold”.

  8. What a feast. Love the rojak & mushroom. Guess their next time is not too long from now. Glad that they enjoy to the max.

    I certainly hope it will not be too long, looking forward to having them here again. Hope they will bring their other friends too. To know Sibu is to love Sibu… 😉

  9. Loves all the foods you all had…

    Drool! Drool! No chance to try, people who don’t want to come to Sibu. Tsk! Tsk!

  10. Everything looks very good, and I love banana cake. 🙂

    Dunno how they do it but it’s different, the one here – the texture and the real banana inside. Very nice. Goes so well with ice cream.

  11. I was about to say the midin looks like a fern, but noticed you confirmed it above. Interesting, have never had it, of course.

    I guess they did not have it when you were home. I hear they have it at some places now, imported from here but very expensive.

  12. That banana cake looks very moist and I like the sound of Butterscotch Prawns.

    Very nice banana cake, different from the rest. Secret recipe, the butter scotch prawns…but I suspect there is condensed milk in the sauce, slightly sweet.

  13. Your Singapore friends sure love the food in Sibu. I guess they will go to Sibu every now and then to satisfy their craving for the good food and hospitality!

    You would want to come again, I’m sure…if you come once. Like my friends, a couple from KL – they came back again the following year and stayed longer. Haven’t been here since though – dunno if they’ve gone elsewhere. 😦

  14. i wonder if there are interesting ways of cooking venison that we haven’t seen in chinese restaurants … they’re usually just sliced and stir-fried but there could be other fun preparations — venison salad, venison sandwiches 😀

    Not that I know of…though we do cook curry with it. To me, nothing special, something like beef. I would go for wild boar, if I can get hold of some really good ones.

  15. absolutely love midin…why can’t we get it here in the Peninsular????

    Maybe they’ve cleared all the jungle for buildings and oil palm estates? Or there is but nobody goes to pluck? Same climatic conditions, usually found in secondary undergrowth, areas with lots of lallang. I’ve seen people blogging about eating the (red) leafy ones but not these young curls.

  16. Uncle Arthur you are certainly as what they would call the “host with the mostest” as usual a veritable feast both visually and palate wise..

    Thanks for your kind words. I do feel that if friends care enough to make an effort to come here, on my part, I have to make sure that they will feel that their trip is worthwhile and hopefully, they will want to come again.

  17. Coincidentally, some food stalls near my place also closed which I was surprise this morning when I went for breakfast. I guess it’s rest for CNY …maybe. tempted me with the cangkuk manis again … good thing I can eat soon as I will be travelling up north and will pass by Yong Peng. hahaha…
    The rojak looks good …a lot of paste … prawn paste right ?

    Nope, their own original paste and they actually cook it – very special! I asked my friend about Yong Peng – he did say he went before, did not say about wanting to go again. Won a free homestay at Kluang from Air Asia – maybe I can go…and drop by Yong Peng as well. Never been to Johore.

  18. Yam paste looks very delicious. I seldom get to eat yam paste. Had once during a wedding dinner in Sibu. Noam nyam

    I thought it is very common, found everywhere. Didn’t know that isn’t the case.

  19. The banana cake looks very rich; very different from the usual ones I had. Must be very yummy.

    Yes, that was why my friend loved it so much, wanted to buy back to Singapore – not like the usual.

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