Two is enough…

We went back to this place as my girl wanted the brinjal again but it was a Saturday and what we did not know at that point in time was that they would only have the chap fan (mixed rice) on weekdays, not on Saturdays and Sundays…and since it was brinjal that she wanted, then it would have to be brinjal that she would get.

I decided to try hereΒ (2.293049,111.835497), my instincts telling me that they would most probably have that and since we had not been here for quite a while now, not since sometime in February, my girl was quite keen on the idea. Yes, they did have brinjal and we requested for the vegetable to be cooked with minced meat and salted fish (RM14.84, inclusive of GST)…

Ming Mei Shi brinjal

…and yes, it was very nicely done indeed.

We ordered my girl’s favourites – their creamy butter prawns (RM16.96, inclusive of GST)…

Ming Mei Shi creamy butter prawns 1

…which were as good as always…

Ming Mei Shi Creamy butter prawns 2

…and also, their fried cangkuk manis with egg (RM10.60, inclusive of GST)…

Ming Mei Shi fried cangkuk manis with egg

We did not want any soup so we opted for their claypot tofu instead (RM12.72)…

Ming Mei Shi claypot tofu

…which had slices of pork belly and shitake mushroom in it and also bamboo shoots! Oh no! I just pushed the latter aside for fear of an instant gout attack that struck me once when I had the three thin slices in the complimentary soup at one place here. Never again, I told myself, would I touch the stuff! It was very nice despite the fact that it came in some kind of a metal bowl, not a claypot.

The servings were huge even though I kept repeating that we only wanted enough for two persons, not more than that. Looking at what we got in the end, I would say there was enough for perhaps four or five, at least. The total came up to RM55.12, inclusive of the 6% GST which was not too bad, really but their “mongkolong juice + somi” (buah kedondong/ambarella/ambra juice and asam boi or preserved sour plum) that my girl had was a whooping RM6.68 a glass! Barley was all right, only RM1.91 a glass and iced water was 30 sen each (I had two glasses! It was a hot day and I was thirsty.) Rice was RM1.50 a bowl and we had three altogether and with the food, all those added up to RM69.10 which was really quite a lot for a quick lunch for the three of us.

Well, at least, my girl had what she wanted – brinjal…before we sent her back to her school the following day when the week-long mid-term school holidays came to an end.

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18 thoughts on “Two is enough…”

  1. Claypot Tofu? Like DONE in a Claypot? Interesting!?

    Yes, it is supposed to seal in the flavours – anything cooked in a claypot will taste nicer…or a bronze/copper wok as well.

    1. I will have to look into a ClayPot. I know a lot of people who do crockpots here…but not necessarily claypots.

      They break easily though…but I guess crockpots do. Had one once – I would say it is a claypot in an electric cooker kind of thing. A claypot is a claypot – we put on the gas stove to cook whatever we want to cook.

  2. brinjal is one of my favourites too … especially when it’s cooked till really tender! i’m not a fan if it’s still a bit raw and chewy! πŸ™‚

    But I don’t like it overcooked, gone all mushy, either. In fact, I am not really a fan of it, cooked. I prefer it steamed till nice and soft, not too soft…and not hard either and eat it with sambal belacan. One of my favourite ulam condiments, alongside lightly boiled lady’s fingers!

  3. The Claypot Tofu please!!! OH may Gosh. I really wish you’re here in the Philippines you could help me find the best places to eat around. πŸ™‚

    Come to think of it, I have not come across a Filipino food blogger on places to eat in the Philippines – one residing in New Zealand but his is a cooking blog, mainly…or maybe there are some blogging in Tagalog, I wouldn’t know.

  4. I have fond memories of my first introduction to butter prawns in KL.

    Usually, it’s dry with the fibrous egg garnishing – I do like that too but we prefer this creamy-style one.

  5. All looks yummy, I love bamboo shoots; didn’t know that it can cause gout.

    Chinese people say “got wind”, it’s “cold” – bad with people with pain in the joints and all that. I once got an attack after a feast on bean sprouts…but generally, I’m ok with most everything…except with beer, Tiger.

  6. I love brinjals cooked that way too. A very lovely meal.

    I like it this way or with sambal but my favourite would be steamed, eaten as ulam with belacan.

  7. A glass of fruit juice, almost RM7, that’s pricey.. But nevermind, once a while.. As long as Mel had what she likes – brinjals, creamy butter prawns.. I love this meal, especially those creamy prawns and claypot tofu, these 2 dishes (and 3 bowls of white rice) sudah cukup for me πŸ˜›

    Not as pricey as at those upscale cafes and restaurants and at least, it is VERY concentrated, not so diluted like at those places…or at the coffee shops. For one thing, kedondong is very expensive now ever since word went round that it is so good for health and everything.

    Prawn and tofu, no veg? I would insist on that, every meal.

  8. All the dishes looks great especially the brinjal & butter prawns. Anything with salted fish & cincaluk sure makes an appetising dish. I won’t be surprised at the price of the ambra juice as I have come across more expensive ones but in KL though.

    I expected it to be around RM4-5, but it was 6, almost 7 with GST but it was very concentrated, not so diluted, light green colour, at all other places.

  9. Food looks nice, especially the butter prawns. But I won’t eat them as am allergic to shellfish. Won’t complain as it saves me money from expensive shellfish dishes.

    Lucky you. I eat everything…and prawns or seafood in general is so expensive these days. Yes, food here is consistently good, one of the nicer Chinese restaurants in town.

  10. oh brinjal, not my favourite. the claypot tofu looks good though.. anything with pork belly inside is goooood! πŸ˜€

    Pork belly! Aren’t you supposed to stay off such stuff? Wink! Wink! πŸ˜€

  11. Are you sure those were enough for 4 or 5 persons? Small eaters perhaps πŸ™‚ I also like brinjal cooked like that. It’s one of my favorite picks from the chap fan stall.

    We’re not very big eaters. That is why the lunch we had in yesterday’s post was quite enough to tide us over till dinner. I would imagine chap fan, the individual serving of each selection X 3, that should be the amount in each plate, more than enough for us. They do it very well here, the brinjal.

  12. I like brinjal, especially have it with chili sources.

    Sauces, you mean? I love it steamed lightly and eaten with sambal belacan, no chili sauces for me.

  13. Sad that gout attack prevented you from touching a food. Oh well, it’s better to be safe than sorry. πŸ™‚

    Indeed. There are many things that we can live without, not a problem at all – for health reasons, or things that are way too expensive, so excessively extravagant, things that go against animal rights…etc.

  14. The food all looks good and glad that Melissa got her brinjal fix! Don’t take too much food that contains protein like seafood to prevent gout. Anyway, heard that Celery supplement can help.

    They say pandan leaves. I’m ok with food – beer is the killer so I do not drink anymore, not for a long time now.

  15. If go for mixed rice, i would opt for minced meat brinjal too but then people say too much brinjal not good. will have”wind”

    But wind is good, lets out bad air. πŸ˜€ I would not eat too much of it, not really my favourite veg.

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