My shoes keep walking back to you…

I’ve blogged about this place many times…

Ruby Restaurant 1

…and anybody coming to town, I would usually bring them here.

This is the view from the restaurant, a little to the right…

Ruby Restaurant 2

…and it looks like they’ve given the place a new coat of paint…

Ruby Restaurant 3

…but the decor inside is quite simple…

Ruby Restaurant 4

…and minimal…

Ruby Restaurant 5

After all, what is most important is the food, no need to go to the extreme with all those distractions. Some places seem to go overboard in their anxiety to impress and end up with a gross exhibition of their lack of taste and an overkill.

It seems that here, they will play some nice music/songs sometimes but very softly and if I’m not mistaken, when the place is crowded, they would switch it off…or maybe it would be too noisy to hear anything then. I cannot stand crowded places where they would turn up the music and everyone would end up shouting so as to be heard. At times, I wonder whether they are deaf or what and they cannot tell when the music is way too loud!

For one thing, I love the drinks here…especially the iced black coffee, blended…

Ruby Restaurant 6

…so one would get the nice froth as in a glass of teh tarek. When served, it would look like there’s milk in it but once the froth has gone up to the top, you would be able to see the black coffee, no worries.

I had their rich milky peanut drink with sago pearls added…

Ruby Restaurant 7

…that day and it Β was very well done indeed. The peanuts were very soft but whole…

Ruby Restaurant 8

…not hard and not mushy and I would say it Β was good and I really enjoyed it very much.

I do not drop by as often as I used to anymore as the menu here never changes – no doubt, some of the dishes are really nice but as I always say, variety is the spice of life. Besides, I would need to check out some other/new places in town to see if they’re any good…and in doing that, I would have something different to blog about.

Anyway, we dropped by for lunch a week ago and had this very nice honey pork dish…

Ruby Restaurant 9

…and their bread-crumb coated fish fillet…

Ruby Restaurant 10

…served with mayo. Both were very well done and I particularly loved how the fish fillet had no trace of oil at all.

Needless to say, we had to order their fried cangkuk manis

Ruby Restaurant 11

…with egg, the best in town. They do it a whole lot better than some other places here, I would say, and they are always able to maintain that same quality every time. I guess the dish is very popular and they would need to cook it so very often that they can do it now even with their eyes shut!

Others elsewhere may be nice too but my favourite is here…

Ruby Restaurant 12

…and one can actually see the sea cucumber, unlike some places in town.

The bill came up to RM48.50…including the rice for the three of us and Melissa had their honey lemon juice, lukewarm…and so, I gave the boss one RM50.00 note. Without my asking for a discount or whatever, he gave me RM3.00 change. Not much, you may say but it is little gestures like this that make customers feel good and want to come back again…unlike some places where they will wait for you to dig out even one 10 sen coin to make up the total in the bill. Obviously, they do not know anything about goodwill in simple Economics.

Needless to say, I, for one, wouldn’t mind going back there again and again. Anybody coming this way? Come, we can drop by here together…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

43 thoughts on “My shoes keep walking back to you…”

  1. u r tempting me.. where is da fried meesuah…?

    Yes, yes!!! Come! Come! No mee sua, just the three of us – later can’t finish. You come lah, then we can all have the mee sua. Yum! yummmm!!!!

  2. Oh everything looks delightful, although I must say the fried cangkuk mani. What can I say? I love dark leafy greens. I agree, the small things mean a lot and most people are appreciative of these simple acts of kindness.

    Yes, every little gesture, however small, goes a long way and should be appreciated. Unfortunately, these days, some/many would just take these things for granted – they seem to think the world owes it to them, the ones who would complain and complain about everything and never show any gratitude for whatever they may get.

  3. it sounds like a nice old-school place where customers can step in and know exactly what they’ll get. there’s a certain comfort to that, ya, especially in these times when everything seems to be changing constantly, sometimes for the worse… anyways, bravo to this place, it sounds like the owners have really created a place they can be proud of πŸ˜‰

    Yes, I guess that is why it has been around for so long and is doing great. The trouble was that I went there so very often and sometimes, I would even buy home to eat…so I kind of got tired of the food. Lately, I’ve been going back again as I have not been dropping by regularly so I don’t feel it so much anymore. Well, after all, we usually eat the same ol’ things at home everyday.

  4. yaloh. Usually the sea cucumber they shredded it to very tiny pieces that we hardly can see it.

    Yes. Have you tried this place? I think the taste of the soup in itself is nicer than elsewhere. Do give it a try if you haven’t. You’ll love it here! Check out what this girl has to say about it:

  5. That was a delightful lunch. Food looks nice and that milky peanut drink with sago sounds interesting. Oh, I thought you can’t drink milk. The towkay is so kind to give discount and it is that little gestures that win the customer’s heart.

    Yes, little things mean a lot. It was ok – after lunch, we went straight home and no prize for guessing what I did… Zzzzzzzzz!!!! πŸ˜€

  6. Indeed Ruby is one the jewels in Sibu!! Yes, I would love to go there again and again if given an opportunity.. πŸ™‚

    So when are you coming again? I am waiting for your answer… πŸ˜‰

    1. Yes you definitely do… as atonement for all those sinful food posts you put on fb and blog =( Sigh… *munching away a burger from Burger King*

      Hehehehehe!!!! Burger King? Blerk!!! No, thank you…. πŸ˜€

  7. The dim sum that my mom go every Saturday, the lady always give my mom discount, never charge for the cents…hehe!!!

    That’s what keeps people coming back. That’s the way to run a business…build up the goodwill.

  8. Like the simple and minimal decor

    It should be “my legs keep walking back to you” right? Haha

    Shoes. That’s the title of a very old song. Click this link to it. Veteran blind Malaysian singer Alfred Ho also has it on one of his cd’s.

  9. Ruby, i been there once i think. Miss the sea cucumber soup and fried cangkuk manis! Very soon, very soon, counting down. hahahhahaha

    Yes, yes. Not to be missed. Many nice dishes here. Come, we go together – I know what to order. πŸ˜‰

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