Last Friday, I had to drive to my girl’s school to bring her and her new friend/colleague/housemate home for the weekend because the one who would give her/them a lift had to attend a course at another school in the district and would not be going back to their school and would drive straight home after that and anyway, that would be very much later in the day.

I was up early so I decided to cook something for dinner in case we would be home late or we might be too tired by the time we got back so we could just heat up the food to eat. I deep-fried one of the two tilapias…

Tilapia 1

…that my friend, Nancy, gave me sometime ago. I had cooked one sometime ago and yes, it was very nice, never mind what they say about the farmed fish…and so was this one. It was very lemak (oily, rich in Omega-3) and very tasty, very sweet and no fishy smell at all, plus there were no bones other than the big one down the centre and those at the sides/fins…

Tilapia 2

…I would say it was very much nicer than the somewhat bland and very expensive tangadak we had for our reunion dinner despite the fact that we had kept it frozen in the freezer for so long.

For our vegetable dish, I fried this thinly-sliced long beans with egg…

Long beans with egg

On our way there, my missus and I stopped by one of the coffee shops facing the market in the Selangau Bazaar for an early lunch. Boy!!! Eating in that little place could be so expensive! We had the chap fan (mixed rice) – my missus had the mini-squids with two vegetables while I had the squids as well plus the sweet and sour chicken and the kembong (which was not all that big) and a serving of bayam. I did not take any photograph of what we had but together with our kopi-o-peng (iced black coffee), the total came up to RM20.00!!!

Never mind, I thought! After all, it isn’t all the time that we will get to eat there and I would say that the food was pretty good. I decided to tapao two packets for my girl and her friend for lunch – rice with the chicken and squid and the bayam…and the total was RM17.00. Shocking!!! I think it was RM8.00 each and they charged 50 sen for the flimsy cardbox box for tapao-ing in place of the polystyrene containers that they used to use before.

We got there before noon and I parked my car by the side beside the parking shed of one of the teachers. Then we went to my girl’s quarters and waited for them to come back from work, change and have lunch before we went back to the car to drive our way back to Sibu.

OMG!!! I was so put off by what I saw!!! There was this metre-long scratch and dent…

Scratch and dent

…by the side of the vehicle!!! No, I was not blocking his way. He could have reversed STRAIGHT out quite easily or turned a bit towards the left (instead of right) and he would not have hit my car. All that was needed was a little bit of caution and attention, something that some young drivers these days seem to lack.

Now, I was really pissed off not so much because of the damage – it’s an old car, anyway, and no, I would not ask him for any compensation or anything – but he did not even have the common courtesy to go and look for me/us to let me know what he had done. Perhaps he was in a hurry to go for his Friday prayers, I wouldn’t know. I certainly hope that he did pray for forgiveness for his sin… Tsk! Tsk!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “Scratch…”

  1. yikes! sorry to see the scratch … but i like how you have a healthy perspective about it. sorry you had to encounter an inconsiderate driver though!

    What’s done is done, cannot be undone…and getting upset over it will not help in any way. In fact, it will only make things worse – the damage will still be there and I will feel awful and worse, the people around you will be affected as well so I will not be spoiling my own day but others’ as well.

  2. irresponsible drivers! they should at least leave their number!

    Well anyway, have a happy cny!

    Yes, just let it go, no need to spoil the Chinese New Year cheer. It’s just one of those things.

  3. It’s annoying when you’re trying to be careful and these other people just seem to not care at all. Hope everything’s okay now.

    It’s fine, still dented and scratched – but I’ve seen worse…on the road. Will get it done sometime.

  4. That’s a big fish! Mil always fry this kinda fish (dont know same kind or not), and then pours the oil, lots of soy sauce and fried garlic on top, super yummzzz…Ouch, that’s a long and deep scratch, maybe could go for a polish or something..

    I asked my girl, she did not want any sauce on the fish so I did not bother. Nice as it was. Ya, I did polish it a bit – slightly better after that, it looked a lot worse.

  5. Oh dear. Sorry to hear about the scratch. Some people really have no courtesy and manner.

    I love deep fried tilapia. With or without sauce like tomato sauce or black bean sauce. The flesh itself is sweet as long as it is fresh.

    Exactly. Wish there are more careful drivers around, so many so reckless these days. 😦

    The tilapia from Batang Ai is really good, very sweet. Buy them frozen so you can be sure it is all right and put in the freezer till you want to cook it. Those at the market, the fish sellers will defrost to sell for the day…and then freeze again if nobody buys…and defrost again the next day so you can imagine how good theirs would be. The worst thing is they will insist theirs are not farmed, freshly caught…and charge you extra. We never know. 😦

  6. That veggie dish looks great! Sorry about the dent in your car – but as you say, for me it wouldn’t be so much about the dent anyway, but more about common respect and having the decency to own your errors.

    My sentiments exactly…but probably the guy was in a hurry. School just ended and he had to rush to go and pray – the nearest place, I think, is an hour away!

  7. Racist! Tsk tsk

    Not really! I would say the same if this had happened when I went for my Sunday service…and since you’ve started on it, I would say there are probably worse – people who double-park and block your way and take their sweet time to come out and drive off…and once I fell flat on my face, blood all over, they just threw me looks of disgust – NOBODY came to help me to get up.

    This one, I know who it was…and I would sympathise with him, being in a school in the middle of nowhere – the nearest place to go to pray would be an hour’s drive away, nearer to Sibu…so he probably had to rush.

  8. Once, parked at one lrt station fOr a day trip to kuching. Came back, backlight smashed and big dent! To think tat I spent 10 minutes to choose tat spot.. So angry

    Sabar! Sabar! Take it easy! People our shape and size, cannot get angry…and for me, it is worse – have to throw in the age factor some more. You went to Kuching? Why you didn’t tell me? Tsk! Tsk!

    1. Took first flight out on MH C class, waited whole day, boss busy, flew back on same class. Tat was long time ago lah… Else will call u and spend 3 days there, all paid for…


  9. Not even a note to say that he/she is sorry for what has been done? tsk tsk…

    Never mind. What goes around comes around…

  10. The deep fried tilapia reminds me of Sugar Bun which I will never fail to order. I am also piss off to see this hit & run attitude and so sorry to see the scratch & dent.

    Yes, their eco-fish! I like! When they first started, they did not remove the insides – that put me off…but these days, they’re ok. Maybe already done for them when they buy from the supplier – Batang Ai.

    It’s ok, can live with it – there are worse things in life, of that I’m sure.

  11. U? Fell flat? How? Hahaha… U should come and experienced haphazard parking here on fridays… Wonder the amount of curses outweigh the blessing for their friday do… Does not happen in indo, non I experienced before over there… Two lane roundabout becomes half a lane, right in da middle, wt vehicles squeezing frm left and right. Tnsknnbccb

    I guess there are not that many here so I do not feel it as much. Nowhere over at your side would they have to drive one hour to get to the place, I’m sure – they’re all over…here, there and everywhere.

  12. I’m just wondering, did you actually caught him in the act when he was reversing his car out? Is there any possibility that it might be someone else who parked at that spot after he left and it was that a**hole who left the dent? I mean, if it was him and he knows it was your car then he must have very thick skin to just get on with life like nothing happened.

    This was in a school in the middle of nowhere in the jungle – there were only the teachers’ cars and mine, no other living soul around. I used to park on the grass under some shady tree but they’ve since cemented the vast open area, real thick that I would not want to go over the edge…so I just parked in one corner right beside this particular parking shed. The rest would be in their own sheds scattered out of the way – it wouldn’t be likely for them to weave zig zag all the way to bump into my car by the side…and besides, we were not there long – only after till the girls had had their lunch so most of the rest of the cars were still in their sheds – only the guys go to pray, if I’m not mistaken…so that would rule out the others. If it had been some place crowded like in the middle of town, then it could have been anybody.

  13. Sorry to hear about your car, but you have a good positive attitude. I often find that hard to achieve.

    At our age, it is best to just let things pass. There are other more important things in life. I know one school principal – he came back and saw someone parked in his shed – he got so angry that he had a heart attack. I think he is still on sick leave, some years now…and not back at work.

  14. The two dishes are my all time favourite. Several years ago, in Brunei,a policeman accidentally hit my mother’s car while trying to overtake it. he brought the case to court and my unfortunate mum had to pay him compensation.

    So sad. Sudah jatuh, ditimpa tangga. 😦

  15. I would prefer deep fried fish anytime compared to steamed! That one you fried is a beauty. I love it with chillies, raw onions and sweet soya sauce. Lack of courtesy is very common these days. These people don’t seem to have a conscience and are incapable of feeling responsible or embarrassed by their actions. I blame that on poor parenting.

  16. That’s terrible what happened to your car. I know that feeling, I had my car keyed along the entire left side intentionally. And I too was parked properly (guided by a parking assistant on to of that). But that’s okay, what goes around, comes around.
    On the other hand I think tilapia is the best fresh water fish on the planet for frying. Even though the fish is sometimes boney, it is crunchy when it is fried well. But if anyone agrees the best part of the fish is it’s belly. The way it explodes with flavour when you bite into it. Only works for the really big fish though. Sometimes when it is overdone the meat becomes quite rubbery so it is a matter of finding the sweet spot. Sigh. Tilapia for me tonight! Thai Style…

    Yes, at the end of the day, we will be sure to get our just reward. Do good, be good…stay happy. Life would be a lot more meaningful that way.

    I enjoyed this tilapia, very nice. We used to buy it more often but when my girl was small, my missus bought one ALIVE and she filled the kitchen sink with water and let it swim inside. Then she asked my girl to come and look thinking she would be delighted. My girl simply refused to eat tilapia after that – so pitiful, she said. Lately, she has grown out of it a bit, will eat already…a bit…thankfully!

  17. Oh dear! Another encounter with inconsiderate drivers! Sigh. You really have a big heart in being able to look at a situation from a different perspective.
    Anyway, I love, love your deep fried fish! 🙂

    Maybe it comes with age – old folks like us will just let things pass, no use getting upset – will not solve the problem. God is all-seeing, all-knowing – He will deal with things the way He thinks fit.

    Yes, the fish was good.

  18. oh dear… those scratches. Yeah, some people do have such ignorance. 😔

    Sad that there are the likes of those around. Parents never taught them well, spoilt.

  19. Our whole family loves deep fried tilapia… looks real good! Sorry to hear abt yr car…

    It’s ok. Ya, tilapia is affordable and very nice.

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