To sir, with love…

In conjunction with Teachers’ Day, the teachers at the centre where I am presently attached to, were invited to dinner at this restaurant…

Ming Mei Shi Restaurant

What I heard was that one of the chefs at the Blue Splendour Restaurant, one of my favourites in town, left and started this new one beside the small roundabout in the Fortune Commercial Centre (behind Rejang Medical Centre).

Well, we were given a cake each…

Teachers' Day cake

…and the dinner started off with this more-than-Four Seasons…

More-than-Four Seasons

I think there were about 10 different selections in that dish, all of which were pretty good.

Then, the fish was served…

Sweet & sour fish

I think Kongkay had the same thing when he was there. That certainly was an ugly-looking fish but it tasted real good. I loved it!

Next came the claypot seafood…

Claypot seafood

…with sea cucumber, prawns, fish slices, yam, bamboo shoots – very nice indeed. I guess this was the replacement for the not-to-be-named soup considering that there wasn’t any that night.

The chicken with Thai sauce was good too…

Thai sauce chicken

…and so was the ang chao duck as well…

Ang chao duck

…though I would very much prefer my duck to be roasted or braised in soy sauce and five-spice powder. The one stuffed with glutinous rice and Shitake mushroom would tickle my fancy more too as I’m not really a fan of ang chao, not when my missus would cook ang chao pork or ang chao chicken every opportunity she gets – and truth be told, comparatively, she does it better!

Now, this has got to be my favourite of the night – braised pork belly…

Braised pork belly

…which they cut into bite-size pieces to be eaten with man tao (steamed buns)…

Braised pork belly with mantao

It was really out of this world and no prize for guessing which dish I would order first if ever I would drop by at this restaurant again. LOL!!!

I gave the black pepper beef a miss…

Black pepper beef

…as I’m not a fan of black pepper sauce and I do not like green peppers either – just can’t stand the “green” smell.

For one thing, I could not understand why they served all the heavy dishes first and by the time, the ladies’ fingers…

Ladies' fingers

…and the fried midin came out…

Fried midin

…nobody could get anything anymore. Everybody was simply too full by then.Β And the fruits came last – I did not bother to take a photo of that, of course.

All in all, it was a nice dinner but it was not cheap though – RM350 a table! I think I would rather settle for fewer dishes for a lower price as there were simply too many dishes for 10 people at each table to manage.

Now, let’s see who will be coming to town soon! I need an excuse to go back there again for that braised pork belly dish… Drool!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

75 thoughts on “To sir, with love…”

  1. Oh, God! To Sir With Love. That’s the song I almost sing with my best friend on stage during teacher’s day back in 1999. *horrified* Thank God we didn’t go on stage to perform… I would have brought on tsunami with my horrible voice~!

    Oh dear! Missed opportunity!!! You could have been a star by now! Hahahahaha!!!!

    1. LOL… it’s a calamity escaped. My best friend and I ‘practiced’ too much the day before, and when the actual day arrived, we were actually croaking with hoarse voice, so had no choice but to forfeit. LOL…I bet the teachers were thanking God that they escaped the ‘cringing’ session.

      Good times, though…my bestie, she would laugh each time she hear To Sir With Love til this very day, and i would thank God repeatedly for not embarrassing myself on stage! Darn… she just asked me out yesterday…lol…mebbe I shud ask her to go karaoke with me instead of harping over a cuppa tea again. LOLOL!

      Oooo…I love karaoke but in a lounge, with a captive audience. I’m so vain! LOL!!! Been ages since I last went singing… SIGH!!! 😦

  2. The pork belly looks fatty and good. I would enjoy the black pepper beef, coz i love black pepper sauce and certainly i can stand the green pepper smell πŸ˜›

    All good…except the beef. You can have that…and the two veg dishes at the end – so full, could hardly eat anymore by then. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  3. i never eat bamboo shoot before, mom ever cooked but i will never take it. dunno why , just that i dont like it. lol! all nice foods. =D

    Chinese say it’s “cold” – will cause rheumatic pain. I do not eat that normally. Once I took a few slices (fresh ones, not canned) they put in the complimentary soup at a restaurant – so very nice and sweet…and came down with a gout attack. My missus loves it so much – she has all kinds of pains but she will buy and eat it herself, then take painkiller. Tsk! Tsk!!! 😦

  4. Next time I am in town, we go for that pork belly dish! I love that too! But I need to go to KK first! But that will give me a good excuse to have it to my heart content as in KK I shall go to the gym. Yay!

    Lucky me – going there for the Harvest Festival. Back here for the Gawai! That should be the soul moment – my brain resonate as I experience the glory of being “East Malaysian”. LOL!

    So nice! Fly here, fly there! You need a personal assistant? I can help you carry your bags! Hahahahaha!!! Everytime you come back, I don’t want to kacau u lah…let you spend quality time with Chris and also your hubby. Bet they miss you a lot when you’re not around…especially Chris.

  5. that braised pork belly looks like it cud just melt in ur mouth

    Ya…wouldn’t you want to eat that? Come, it’s freezing cold over there – take leave and come back…and we can go and eat that together plus a whole lot of yummy stuff waiting for you here! Drool! Hahahahahaha!!!

  6. Omg, look at the oil and fats of the pork belly, tat’s the thing we can’t resist even we are obese^^

    I love to be a fatty, can eat anything i want!!!

    Yup!!! No worries. So kesian those people – this cannot eat, that cannot eat, starving themselves to death! Oooooo….thank God for these simple pleasures in life! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  7. feels like eating braised pork belly now..

    Plan another trip to Sibu… I’m sure I’ll be around this time and I know all the best places to eat – not those that you all went to…other than Ruby which I guess you saw here in my blog or in Clare’s.

  8. My respect to you Cikgu…and surely to sir with love….. you must be one of the most loved or the fav one they call it in your class… i right to say this?

    No lah, only the centre treating us to dinner. The students? Dunno…no sign of them, nothing! Tsk! Tsk! 😦

  9. O-M-G!!! the braised pork belly!!! yummmmmmmmmmm!!

    and the midin.. I’m glad I’m going back to kch sooooon.. πŸ˜€

    Watch your figure!!! Hahahahaha!!!! Not coming over to Sibu? Sold the house here already? If no place to stay, always welcome to put up at my place – simple, simple. πŸ™‚

    1. lol.. don’t think i’m going to sibu this trip. yep sold that house before moving to kch.. lol.. thanks for the offer.. πŸ˜€

      Well, always welcome…whenever you want to hop over. Just let me know – you have my number…still, I hope!

  10. Wowie the bruised pork belly looks jolly good, oh love the ugly fish and the claypot seafood and price also lovely too. Is ‘midin’ the same we called ‘paku’ in KL? tQ.

    No, no, no, no, no…!!!! Midin is NOT paku!!! That’s why I keep saying you people over there have to come over and see for yourselves. So many things here that you all dunno…and everything’s so cheap and nice summore!

  11. War…I wished someone will treat me to sumptuous dinner like you too. :p

    Come, come to Sibu and I’ll take you there for dinner. You teacher, no Teachers’ Day dinner like that kah? Last time I used to have lots – and so many students give cakes, presents… Now, no more lah!!! Used and abused! Out of sight, out of mind! All forgotten!!! See! I don’t even bother to put up a Teachers’ Day post anymore…so meaningless. 😦

  12. Wah…10 dishes for RM350! That was a steal! In Miri, 5 dishes for RM350 leh! Ok, I will be the next to go to Sibu…hahaha. NATO – No Action Talk Only. But I do know where to go if I am there.
    The food really look very good.

    Miri, no need to say lah! All the orang minyak there…so very rich. Sibu, nothing – if too expensive, no business…in the end, close shop. Come! Come to Sibu and I’ll take you to eat there, my treat! πŸ™‚

    1. Yeah…I will see whether my wife will sign the passport for me to go over during the holiday.

      Hahahaha!!! Cannot bring her along meh? πŸ˜€

      1. hahaha… difficult lah!

        Why? Wah! You go and enjoy…leave the missus at home one kah? If I do that, the old lady’s face black for a month lor… LOL!!! πŸ˜€

      2. I wanted to bring her along but she wasn’t in the mood to go. So, I have to stay back and be at her side. Otherwise, like you say, I have to face a black face also! Never tried! So, don’t know how long the black face will last! LOL

        Hahahahahaha!!! Same lah, we two! Half kati, eight tahil!!! Mine’s working….cannot go, so I have to just stay at home and try to find some good ways to spend my time. I’m having a one-week break right now…but old lady, cannot take leave – all the Ibans taking…to celebrate Gawai! 😦

  13. Pork belly looks gooood! Went to eat crispy pork leg at Venue last nite. Very good too. Friend’s treat from his Sibu by-elections betting proceeds. hahaha. SOme idiot bet with him by taking BN and giving 3500 votes handicap some more. hahah.

    That’s Philippine pork leg? Venue’s not bad…but I think Sweet Family here is better. Humph…no wonder kalah! All that betting going on! LOL!!! Hey…Sibu so near, no plans to hop over for a weekend. Can drive even…road pretty good now!

  14. wah nice to be a teacher also!! Good food and good company. Did any teachers asked you why u are taking pictures?

    Where got? This one – the centre is treating, keep teachers happy so that they will continue to teach for them and the money will keep rolling in. Nope, they’ve seen me taking photographs before – they all know about my blog… πŸ™‚

  15. i want that PORK! and i want to eat as much as possible…mua ha ha..

    Come, come on over and we’ll go and eat there. You can eat to your hearts’s content, my treat! πŸ™‚

  16. all the food look good, and all my favourite!!! Yummy!! Especially the ang chao duck! I love ang chao and bamboo shoot! That braised pork belly sure look very good!!! Drooling!

    Wah!! RM350 per table you said not cheap?? I will said very good price and with so so so many food!!!!!!!

    Gout attack – boil the pandan leave and drink the water, it can cure gout. Boil as often as you can, just drink like water.

    Ok, my next trip back this one will be in my list. πŸ™‚

    Ya, I heard pandan leaf is good…would put some with my rice when I cook…but most of the time, my missus will cook the rice in the morning and she’s too lazy to go to the backyard to cut. 😦
    Cheap kah? And all your favourites? Come! Come back…again. Don’t wait for another two years!!! I can take you all there to eat, my treat.

  17. The ‘dong por yoke’ (pork) really very nice wor!!! But the wine duck is a NO-NO to me. hehe…..

    Really nice food you have there. Happy belated teacher’s day to you.

    No wine. Ang cao is just the residue from making the wine, or is it because you don’t take duck? Like my missus? Tsk!! Tsk!!! 😦

  18. RM350 over there kira cheap la. I dont think can get it here at RM350.

    Well…by our local standard, may be a bit expensive – no that special soup (from one part of a fish)…and the last two veg dishes are actually cheap stuff. And there’s no prawn dish either. For RM350 we normally have fewer dishes – the 1st dish plus the soup, then fish…followed by either chicken or duck, not both…and pork or beef, a vegetable dish like broccoli or something more special than ladies’ fingers or midin…prawn and then dessert and if you want better quality fare, you need to pay more.

  19. so delicious esp. the pork with man-tao…old man lazy to drive back over the Gawai holidays..will show him the food – maybe can get him to move. haha.

    Ya, if he changes his mind, call me… We can go there together. πŸ™‚

    1. Lol! STP, u can be the ‘scapegoat’ for everything. When our food/gas/internet bills not to mention weight went up we put the blame on u. When we want to go and try new eatery places,just show your food blog as an excuse! :)!

      Poor me, I get the blame for everything! I know my blog’s a food directory…so what is it now? A motivator? LOL!!!

  20. yep, RM350 abit pricey, RM200 is still ok.

    Hah! The others say it’s cheap…but by Sibu standard, I think it’s quite expensive considering that the non-to-be-named soup (the fin of a certain fish) is not on the menu. If we had that soup plus the other dishes, then RM350 would be reasonable. There wasn’t any prawn dish either…and the last two dishes stick out like a sore thumb! Not the stuff we usually get at such Chinese full-course sit-down dinners.

    P.S. And btw, welcome, Saucer! Whatever wind blew you here today. Thanks for dropping by and do come again often. Will link you in my blogroll.

  21. Hi, 1st time leaving a comment here though have been following your blog for some time.;)

    RM350 for a table of so many dishes is cheap to KL standard.. I especially like the braised pork belly. I remember having “Tung Po” meat (Are they the same?) and its gravy tastes great when eaten with man tou. Some restaurants replace the man tou with silver thread rolls and that tastes heavenly!:)

    Welcome and thanks for visiting. Will link you so do drop by often! Ya…the braised pork belly was out of this world. Loved it a lot!!! πŸ˜€

  22. Selamat Hari Guru, Cikgu STP!
    Wah, nice and tender pork Belly! Good for me lah!

    Thanks. Sure, you have to eat a lot of that – so skinny, have to put on a bit of weight. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  23. Cikgu… do you know what these are called in English?
    I’ve been asking around, nobody knows what it’s called in English.

    Cermai has a scientific name – Phyllanthus acidus…and kelubi is what we called asam paya’ in Sarawak or in English, swamp (sour)fruit.

    1. Oh, so that’s what it’s called…I had no idea… been asking around, and nobody has a clue!

      Emmm…there is such a thing as Google, yunno! Muahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  24. come lets go there. i want the braised pork belly. look very delicious. so STP, when r we going? im buying hehehehe

    Just the two of us, how to finish all that! You’ll have to call some of your friends…Gawai “open house”?? Wink! Wimk! LOL!!!

  25. wow..fabulous eh.. no doubt price is pricey a bit.. i bet u ordered the pork if u go there once again, right?

    Sure will…that’s exactly what I said. Really nicely done… Something like what we had when you took us to lunch in Ipoh – though we did not have the mantou, if I remember correctly.

  26. ME! ME! I’m coming to town! and I lurrvveee pork πŸ˜€

    Long time no see! Been busy with your finals? So when exactly are you coming back? Mid-June? Let me know…and I can take you there. Gosh! Your mum will have fits at the idea of you eating all the fat! Hahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  27. wow so plenty.. i love the Fish (4th photo)
    i love fish skin….

    the pork belly… oh my oh my….

    The lady’s finger is called Okra here in Philippines and that is one of my favorite veggies… Though it’s kinda Slimmy in texture but it tastes so good

    So? Any plans to come over? I’ll be your host and your guide – will treat you to all the nice food here. πŸ˜‰

  28. *LOL* at a certain not-to-be-named dish! hahaha… why is it not to be spoken of? Like Voldemort of Harry Potter only πŸ˜›

    Oh you need an excuse to go eat the braised pork again eh? Me Me! I should plan a trip to the east Malaysia! Haven’t been there since my last visit 10 years ago!

    Later all the NGOs will come in and slam me left, right and centre for eating an endangered species! LOL!!! Come! Come! 10 years ago? Gee! I can’t remember what Sibu was like 10 years ago…or Kuching for that matter. Just let me know… I love vistors/guests!!! πŸ˜‰

  29. Eeii..u also got a cupcake..hehe at least it looks much better than mine..ahahah..

    Well, no goodies, but still have scrumptious dinner.

    Happy Cikgu Day!!

    Does it? Looks plain…but I hear there’s carrot inside. Gave to my friend – he has two kids and one cake. So I did not get to eat it! 😦

  30. Too bad that you are already full before you tasted the other dishes. Maybe they should make the heavy dishes last. They got it wrong there.

    Or slip the two veg dishes in between…separate. Very odd sequence, not usually the case here.

  31. I love teachers….cos I come from a family full of these generous under appreciated people πŸ™‚

    Overworked, underpaid and under-appreciated…that’s us, teachers. Anything goes right, somebody takes the credit but anything goes wrong, we get all the blame. SIGH!!! 😦

  32. I thought new graduate teacher pay is now one of the highest in the country? For example, a new accounting graduate only gets between RM1000 – 2000 per month.

    That’s only during probation when you join an accounting firm, even the very big renowned ones. I suppose when the time comes, they will reap the harvest. An accountant who opts to become a teacher (with Dip.Ed) will be placed at a higher category, getting more than an ordinary B.Ed graduate teacher.

  33. I think the probation period will last until you get your professional qualification like CPA & ACCA etc. And that can takes years, a minimum of 3 years. I don’t think teacher has probation period lasting that long? Then teachers probably get more holiday.

    The point I am making is, I don’t think teacher are as overwork and underpaid compared to other graduates nowadays. May be in the past but no longer.

    I would not say that teachers are underpaid – I would agree that their salary is pretty good. The Chinese would say – eat but not full, starve but will not die!

    But these days, they are made to do all kinds of rubbish – all the documentation, the filing, the records…and all kinds of silly, meaningless activities…and the worse thing is that if you can do, more will be dumped on you!!! That was why I retired at 55 – couldn’t wait to get away…and it’s their BIG loss!

    I would think the most important thing is what goes on in the classroom…that effective teaching and learning takes place – not all those stupid donkey jobs teachers are made to do. No wonder the discipline in the schools is getting worse – the teachers are simply too busy to pay much attention to the kids! Of course, the quality of teachers these days is another story…

  34. hey, been quite awhile…i see lovely drool worthy food photos again! haha..

    Welcome back. Ya…haven’t seen you around for a while. That’s right…pretty much the same around here – food…food…and more food.

  35. what?? you can’t stand the β€œgreen” smell. Okay.. i’m surprised when I read that.. hahaha..

    Yup, not a fan…and not a fan of anything green tea either.

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