Stormy weather…

It was hot and sunny for three days, praise the Lord. The wet weather we have had lately was getting me down and I could feel the chill in my bones. It would not be so bad if it just rained but these days, it is like water from a pressure pump – to say that it comes down in buckets would be an understatement. It certainly comes as no surprise that there would be flash floods here, there and everywhere and those low-lying areas, for instance, some parts where my girl’s school is, were submerged.

Unfortunately, the good weather did not last. There was a heavy downpour all the way on Sunday when I was sending my girl and her friend/colleague back to their school. It wasn’t really a big deal – I just had to go slowly and carefully, that was all…but I do wish others would do the same. They would go on their way in their usual breakneck speed, splashing the murky water over everybody’s cars like they do not value their lives at all. No, nobody’s thinking you’re so great, such a good driver – everyone thinks you’re darn stupid, quite brainless to do a senseless thing like that. I see reports on accidents in the newspapers or the social media all the time and it is pretty obvious what the main cause, the factor behind all of them, is and the sad thing is some “innocent bystander” may have the misfortune of being made the victim by these foolish nincompoops.

The weather was good that day all the way back to Sibu though…but it rained again soon after we got home. Thankfully, it did not last very long and by evening, we were blessed with very good weather…

Beautiful sunset

…and I was able to go and attend my ex-students’ wedding reception without any of the hassle that one would need to go through going out on wet days.

I taught Tham English in Form 5 before he left for his further studies and became a full-fledged English teacher himself and I taught Daisy MUET in Form 6 and she too has graduated and is now a teacher as well. I got to know that they were going together sometime back in 2013 when Tham got me some exotic meat from Song where he was teaching at the time and when I went to meet him, Daisy was with him. Now, their big day had come…

Tham & Daisy

…and they had their banquet at one of the grand ballrooms at a hotel here…

Regalia Ballroom Kingwood Hotel

The venue was much dimmer than usual, bathed in some kind of red light so after some attempts at taking some not-very-nice snapshots without using the flash…

The page boy and flower girl

…I gave up eventually…

Hot platter

…and took a couple more…

Duck with glutinous rice

…before giving up…

Steamed fish

…to spend the rest of the evening enjoying the food and the company. The food was very good that night probably because it was not all that busy that day – if I am not mistaken, only two of the six or so function rooms were used. Of course, I enjoyed my favourite the most, the duck stuffed with glutinous rice – once or twice on their busy nights, I had had the same dish but it was less than satisfactory…and service would be poor and very very slow on such nights.

Thank you, Richard, for your very kind offer and for  giving me a lift that evening – it was so thoughtful of you. We had the honour of sharing the table with Tham’s current principal and he asked, “They had so many teachers and they only invited you two?” Hmmm…that, of course, is most flattering, don’t you think?

And thank you so very much, Tham & Daisy, for your invitation – it certainly was a pleasure to be able to share the joy with the two of you and your families. Don’t worry about the rain – I remember that it poured also that afternoon on the day I got married…and the old folks said that was a good sign – an indication of the showers of blessings in the years ahead. Congratulations and all the best!

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18 thoughts on “Stormy weather…”

  1. I am also very pissed with drivers who doesn’t slow down during heavy rain. They are putting others at risk.

    Congratulations to the lovely couple. I dare not take pictures during wedding dinners as others will look at me angrily coz they are always very hungry because dinner always starts an hour late.


    One hour? Don’t bluff!!! Over there, invitation states 7 p.m., be thankful if it starts by 9 p.m. Been there, done that. Traffic jam, same old excuse. BS!!! It all boils down to sheer bad manners. If they think there will be a jam, go early lor…. I did! And got to the venue at 6 something and waited…and waited…and waited…!!! And it wasn’t even in the city centre. Somebody should do what we did at school functions here – just start on the dot and those who are late can have the dishes yet to be served…or eat the leftovers. Did that and nobody came late after that.

  2. I love seeing all of the weddings you attend!!!! Beautiful! Sorry to hear about the storm weather! We have had a lot of snow and ice issues this winter here! WAY TOO COLD!!

    I can imagine, if it’s so wet and cold here, how cold it must be there.

  3. Congratulations to Tham and Daisy.. The table gift looks like a sandwich at first, but I think that’s a cookie (?).. I love the first dish – the hot & cold platter, and oooo the last one before desserts – the glutinuous rice.. Everything looks yummy..

    Thanks. Yes, it was a cookie, very symbolic. There was a bagful of goodies too – the door gifts.

  4. I don’t mind those reckless drivers that don’t value their lives but don’t make those innocent people their victims. Sometimes, I just hope they will land themselves up in the drain and learn their lessons.

    Congratulations to the newly wed couple.

    Thanks. Ya, that is the problem – they can all go and kill themselves for all we care. Just don’t drag others along with them.

  5. “Nicompoops” – exactly! What is it that makes personalities change behind the wheel of a car?

    You should see what happens when they get to the overtaking lanes – they all turn into F1 drivers!!! 😦

  6. Congratz! Mr Wee must be very proud of his students 😀

    Of course! They certainly have made Mr Wee proud, turning out pretty well in their lives now. Yours would be proud of you too, no?

  7. so cute, the photo of the children entering the hall in their formal outfits and clinging to the balloon 🙂 duck + glutinous rice = delicious 😀

    Yes, my favourite dish. Ya, the kids were cute – could not resist snapping a picture of them…in the dim light. 😦

  8. As a general rule, I don’t like driving in heavy rain at all, visibility is poor and our roads aren’t exactly smooth so it is extremely dangerous. But when I do drive, I tend to stick to the right lanes (the fast lanes) and try to maintain a constant speed, slightly slower than normal but not too slow either. Like on the PLUS highway, instead of 110 km/h, I would try to go at 90 km/h, give or take a bit. Not sure if this is breakneck speed for most of you (I suppose it is, because I always overtake cars in such situations), but to me, this is the safest way to drive in heavy rain.

    To me, the most dangerous way to drive on a poor visibility road is constant change of speed + going too slowly + turning on the hazard lights. Especially the hazard light. Those lights are supposed to mean that you have emergency and are at a standstill, and when it is raining heavily and you are going very slowly, that’s what the cars behind you would think, that you are stopping, then they would swerve to another lane abruptly (and risk causing accidents). And the best way to drive on a wet road is to maintain a constant output of power from the engine, that would give the tires the most grip that it can. If you drive to slowly or brake all the time, it is actually easier to skid.

    Not smooth? You have not seen our so-called highway yet – no prize for guessing where all our oil royalties went to! 😦 But that does not stop them from speeding. 90 kmph is the limit here but I am sure they would go beyond 110 kmph, rain or shine!!!

    Hazard lights? Isn’t it the rule that one should never ever switch those on unless in cases of there being a hazard? We switch on the low lights – may help a bit to increase visibility on our “highway” for on-coming cars or those from behind…on our “highway” – one way going, one way coming…narrow, uneven – not level and no divider in between. Skidding when braking while driving slowly? Time to check the treads on your tyres…or maybe the roads are too smooth. Most that skid here, I would think, would be those driving too fast and applying emergency brake.

  9. Wow.. congratulations to Tham and Daisy.. and it is indeed an honour to be invited by ex students to attend their big day 😉 You must be that one great teacher that everyone loves 😉

    Thanks. Ummm…ummmm….!!! 😀 😀 😀

  10. Sigh. There’re so many careless drivers everywhere. They don’t value their lives and the lives of other motorists and pedestrians. Their licenses should be revoked.

    We’re having a good/hot weather here in Manila but I know that it will not last because the typhoon season is about to come. I hope your place will not be flooded by the downpour. Keep safe, always!

    Thanks, and thankfully, we’re fine where I am, praise the Lord. I hear it is hot and dry in the mainland, Kuala Lumpur side…but not over here. 😦 Thankfully, we do not have typhoons here but the rain storms are pretty scary these days, nothing like this in the past. I would agree that the authorities must be very strict with those irresponsible drivers…for the good of all.

  11. Weather is wet over here . sien!

    Congrats to your ex-students.

    Thanks. Yes, Batu Kawa your area, right? I saw photos on Facebook, flashfloods…so terrible. Also Bau area, Kuap.

  12. So nice, another wedding! It has been very hot and dry over here. I miss the rain but not the terribly heavy ones. Very inconvenient as there will be flash floods and worst of all heavy traffic jam!

    Serba salah…hot, complain…rain, complain. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  13. Lovely series of photos…fun. And your first photo is breathtaking.

    Yes, a beautiful sunset over the mighty Rejang which flows by our town – the longest river in the country.

  14. For a moment, the surname sounds so familiar.. hehehe…
    Congratulations to the Tham and his wife… !!

    Waiting for an invitation to an Ipoh Tham wedding… When? When? When? 😉 Hurry lor! People our age, retiring/retired…all grandparents already wor. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  15. Nice! Always have liked weddings and the ballroom looks familiar but I can’t place it coz of the unusual plates – the ballroom looks a little like RH Hotel but the plates do not.

    It was at Regalia, the riverside one, first floor…at Kingwood.

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