Time is tight…

If you remember from this earlier post, my cousin in Brisbane, Australia sent me this pack of sausages, among a whole lot of other things…

Sausages from Oz

…and it is due to expire soon – 31st March, 2015. I guess kept in the freezer, it is all right to stretch it a bit but as far as possible, I would like to finish them off as soon as possible.

I did cook some for everybody for breakfast

Breakfast 1

…and I had some with my plate of instant mi goreng one morning.

Variety is the spice of life so of course, I would not be serving them the same way till they are all gone. There I was, cracking my head as to how I could serve the sausages…and one morning, I cooked this box of pasta…


…that I bought quite a while ago and it had been sitting in the pantry, expiring in May.

This was the breakfast platter I whipped up for my girl that morning…

Breakfast 2

…and she enjoyed it to the max.

I remember when she was small, I made what I called a “chicken in a blanket“. Basically, that was just chicken sausages wrapped in slices of bread and toasted in the oven. It certainly did the trick! She was amused by the name and enjoyed eating it. Unfortunately, while I was taking the pan out of the oven, my hand brushed the grill at the top and I suffered a severe burn, 2nd or 3rd degree, and that took months and months to heal and years before the scar became no longer visible. Sigh!!! The things parents go through for their kids. I did not know then that in fact, there are such things and different ways of making one’s own whatever in a blanket.

Since I had a lot of sausages at hand, I decided that I would use some for my own version of the so-called “piggies in a blanket“. It wasn’t anything fancy – just half a sausage on a bed of very thin tomato slices with a little bit of cheese to hold down the edges once it melted…

Piggy in a blanket

…and a toothpick stuck through it temporarily. I brushed it with a little bit of egg and put that in the oven.

Well, there were some egg and tomato left so I just fried an omelette with those…

Tomato omelette

…and had it with the piggies…


So, was it any good? Not really, I would say – nothing spectacular. I guess one can’t expect much – after all, basically, it was something like sausage and cheese with tomato on toast. For one thing, the sausage was salty and the added cheese made it worse…but it wasn’t too bad when eaten together with the lettuce and omelette.

At the time of writing, I only have five of the sausages left. Time is running out but I shouldn’t have any problem finishing them off soon…in one of the above ways for breakfast over the next few days.


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “Time is tight…”

  1. Luckily the lettuce and omelette came to the rescue to reduce the salty taste. I have my eyes on your omelette, it looks delicious!

    That shouldn’t be too difficult to whip up in a jiffy. 😉

  2. I made piggies once. The children enjoyed them.

    Now you reminded me I had a pack of those salty ham sausages in freezer. Very salty to be eaten alone.

    I love your American breakfast. Very hearty.

    Make some for your kids, will be gone in no time at all. I’ll try deep frying next time – no so healthy but bet it will be nice.

  3. Haha you’re right. It’s not unique, but most parents probably thought it is. Most moms I reckon, would do the blanket for us. In fact, I sometimes do it for myself. 😀

    I guess kids love the name, so cute… LOL!!!

  4. I love love love the breakfast sets that you cooked.. Ooohhh look at those sausages, so nicely sliced.. I lazy to do like that la, normally I just take out from the freezer, thaw and just fry like that…

    My girl loves it like this, says the meat inside gets fried a bit too…not just on the skin outside.

  5. There’s a nice party food here, with canned asparagus rolled in buttered bread like your sausages. It’s quite nice and creamy.

    Canned asparagus? Gee!!! Have not had those for so so long. Used to love them in soup. Gotta look for them in the shops, dunno still available or not. Has its nice smell/fragrance.

  6. The breakfast platter you whip up looks better than those at the eatery. What a cute name, “piggies in the blanket”…you are so creative. Looks like every bite is good, so says the plate.

    Seems to be a popular and rather common recipe – did not know that when I first cooked the chicken in a blanket for my girl long ago.

  7. you found quite fun uses for the sausages … i guess you could also chop them up and fry them with rice and noodles 🙂

    Yes, would do that sometimes…like ham or luncheon meat.

  8. If wrap with bacon will also be salty right? Make pizza? That would be yums 😀

    Good grief. Already so salty without the bacon. I will have to start on my that 1 kg. pack soon… 😉

  9. Though you say it is nothing spectacular, it looks pretty good to me and I would have polished it off with gusto!

    It sure looked better than it tasted. Great presentation idea, finger foods…for kids’ party.

  10. wahhhh… your breakie looks so attractive! Very innovative leh.. I am sure your girl enjoyed them to the fullest… Papa’s cooking with lots of passion!!!

    She liked, nice for a change.

  11. well, actually now i avoid any preserved sausage unless it’s fresh.
    boy, this post made me crave some of preserved pabricated sausage

    You make your own, bet they’re a whole lot nicer. Nothing beats own home-made.

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