Almost there…

I went to get a haircut the other day. Lately, I do not go so regularly, having retired from government service…and I will usually let it grow until I cannot stand it anymore before I will go and get it trimmed. Besides, there isn’t much of it left…and considering how expensive one session of cut and wash is these days, I might as well wait till it is really long so as to get my money’s worth. LOL!!!

Well, my regular hair salon is located in the vicinity of the Sibu bus terminal and not too long ago, I saw a feature article in some Chinese newspaper on a place called “Mr Bean”…and since it was all Greek to me, I could only guess from the photographs that the man made his own noodles and the menu included pan mee…and something that looked like curry mee. I remember a place by that same name in the same area…but unfortunately, when I got there, I did not see anybody like that…nor any stall selling such stuff.

Venturing a few doors away, I stumbled upon this coffee shop…

Seng Huat coffee shop, Sibu

…and a fat guy selling roast meats…

Seng Huat - roast meats & stuff

I noticed that he had other things in claypots – some curry and this – braised pork leg…

Seng Huat - pork leg rice

I couldn’t resist giving it a try…and for all that, I only had to dish out RM4.00, inclusive of the rice. Β Cheap!

As for the taste, it was pretty good…almost like what I used to love but not quite up to the standard of what I had at that coffee shop in Kanowit in the late 70’s and early 80’s and besides, I think my missus does it better. The gravy was too diluted to my liking but on the whole, it was all right…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

39 thoughts on “Almost there…”

  1. Actually that is very cheap… and plentiful too. We can never have RM4 dish like this inclusive of the rice in KL! Ohhh!

    My sentiments exactly! When I was served, the moment I saw that BIG bowl of meat, I was thinking it would cost at least RM5.00 or perhaps RM6.00. Had to ask them to repeat…to be sure – only RM4.00!!! Like that, can go again…if in the area.

  2. Ps: You still can cut hair ah? My dad have receding forehead… lol… hair very thin liao, and instead of getting them cut, he’s desperately trying to make them grow. LOLOL! Kesian my dad… sobs… he’s been complaining about it ever since he turned 50, but horr…. he’s already been that way in his 40s. I dun see any difference… he’s always 40 forever to me. πŸ˜› Strange, eh?

    I still have hair…getting thinner, somewhat sparse already…but still ok. I think it drops more, if long… Perhaps I shouldn’t let it grow to save money – perhaps, that’s why thinning! 😦

    1. since u do not drink all those martell u got.apply them to yr scalp.will stop yr hair from dropping. πŸ™‚

      I tried before… Didn’t work and when I walked around, people would think I was a kaki botol… If stopped by police, sure will have to take breath analyser test – so stinky! LOL!!! I think it’s hereditary – my mother has a full head of hair but the hair very sparse – can’t see through and see the scalp, exactly like mine.

  3. oooo when i was in bintulu we stayed in a hotel for a few months, and there was this coffeeshop opposite the plaza that had amazing braised pork leg rice. used to deliver it right to our door esp when my parents had dinner parties to go to…haha…now i miss that place 😦

    Bintulu? The last nice one I had was in Kanowit in the late 70s… Perhaps the older ones who could cook this dish best…not in the business anymore, so the ones I’ve been trying so far – almost there, but not quite there! Not as nice… Hmmm…hope to make a trip to Bintulu sometime. Pork leg rice, here I come! LOL!!!

  4. So… u have your meal first before or after haircut when u become more handsome then? πŸ™‚

    Before… Didn’t want to go from aircon salon to hot coffee shop… πŸ˜‰

  5. Wa, braised pork leg early in the morning ka XD

    That was for lunch… Except for nasi lemak, usually I do not eat rice in the morning. Porridge, yes… πŸ™‚

  6. STP, want cheap, super fast and efficient haircut? You should definitely try out “Yii Mei” (Sorry, it’s direct pronounced from Mandarin as I forgot its English name) at the Sungei Merah market area.

    1 haircut would cost you RM5 only.

    Me and my wife always trim our hair there.

    You cut your hair kah? Always looks long to me… πŸ˜€ Ya, I’ve heard of Sg Merah – last time only RM3.00. I must give it a try one of these days – at the hair salon, cut and wash…RM24.00 – simply too costly for poor old reitired pensioner like me. Sobs!!! 😦

  7. First of all cikgu, don’t worry about hair, let it grow grow and grow, keep it long,may be for once spot a different hair do, if you don’t like it ,you can always have it back the original state,right? so keep it long, i would think you’ll look cool with long hair.

    For me, i think RM4 for braised pork plus rice is good bargain, i used to think penang”s foods are cheap,sadly now it is otherwise, for that braised pork plus rice, it would be like 4.50 -5.00

    take care now ya

    Me? Keep long hair? No, thank you…people will think, I already gila – mid-life crisis! LOL!!! Ya…I was pleasantly surprised that it was so cheap, especially considering that it was so very substantial… I think plain white rice alone these days, already RM1.00…

    1. Cikgu, please dun listen to Eugene… I’ll freak out of you keep your hair long like those predator in Alien vs Predator!

      Might as well ask me to keep a beard too…and dye all white. Then I’ll look exactly like Santa Claus! LOL!!!

    1. Mamarazzi on kiasu mode… beware… cabuttt!

      Why kiasu? She’s going to go for her vinegar pork leg AGAIN kah? Tak mahu kalah! LOL!!! πŸ˜‰

  8. Wow…I think in Malacca this will cost me around RM5. :p You still cut hair meh?

    Still got hair, of course…must cut lor. Otherwise, people will think I orang gila, escapee from Tanjung Rambutan… 😦

  9. Tempted to try the yummy looking braised pork leg… hey, I noticed there was a malay girl with a head gear in the restaurant, that’s something strange that we don’t usually see in K.L!:p

    Have a nice day!

    Ahhhhh!!!! I was hoping someone would notice that! This is a typical scene at many coffee shops in Sibu…or in Sarawak generally – a Malay stall right next to a Chinese one in a coffee shop.

    THIS is the true 1Malaysia spirit…and when you go and eat with our Muslim friends, we can sit at one table and they will eat theirs and we will eat ours – no problem at all.

    THAT is one of the many differences between here and your side – over there, all that 1Malaysia crap – talk only, doesn’t really exist…or at least, not across the board like what we have here.

  10. That is a real deal! Where can we get such cheap food anymore in KL.

    Cut hair? Er…. shave bald and polish shiny? :p

    I wonder what I will look like if I were bald. Should be quite cute, don’t you think? Hehehehehehe!!!! KL – no way! City bah…everybody so rich, can afford even though more expensive.

  11. HAHA ur hair quite thick worr, not much left meh?? πŸ™‚ gudness, dats very cheap la! wonder if i can get this price at here. :/

    Not thick lah…actually very sparse. If in salon with spotlight right on top, I can see through my hair…and see the scalp – almost botak already. 😦 KK…also city bah! All so rich, patut the things all more expensive. Hehehehehe!!!!

  12. actually i was more interested in your haircut than the food! HAha.. at least show us a pic of the new haircut la!

    Aiyor…old man, nothing to see lah! If handsome2 lengjai, sure to post the photo liao. I think Huai Bin used to do that. Hehehehehe!!! πŸ˜‰

  13. haha…..same goes to us. Will wait till very messy and long only go for hair cut.

    That pork dish + rice is really cheap. But agree with you…the gravy kind of diluted.

    You people young, must keep well-groomed…to look handsome/pretty. Me, old man…not the same lah. Nobody wants to see liao! LOL!!! Yup…a bit too watery – not like the ones my missus cooks…hers has very thick and nice gravy.

  14. LOL at not having much hair left! Ask your missus to cut for you lar.. It’s a fun experience! πŸ˜›
    Ohh pork leg! My grandpa would love this dish!

    So, you always cut Saucer’s hair, is it? Hmmmm…very handsome, very nice. Next time, I go KL, I’ll make sure I’ll keep my hair long and you can cut for me too. LOL!!! Your grandpa? You mean he likes this dish too…or are you implying that old people like to eat this, like me? Humph!!! Hahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  15. o yea can definitely see that it’s diluted. “a fat guy selling roasts meats…” are u sure not a fat guy BUYING roasts meats? Hahahahaha xD

    Ooi, budak! You want to insult fat people kah? I go over there and knock your head and see whether pecah or not! Muahahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€ Actually, one of the ways to tell whether the food is good or not is to look at the seller/cook/chef. Usually if they are fat, the food is sure to be good… Thin people, where got know anything about food – macam tak cukup makan pun! ROTFL!!!! πŸ˜€

  16. The pork leg looks pretty good but not sure if I like the ambience of the place. Which shop in Kanowit? Did you ever try the kampua at Penang Cafe when you were in Kanowit? It’s the corner shop near the river.

    Oooo…Ah Tong’s kampua – best in the world!!! Penang Cafe used to be in the block across the road and the kampua was sold from a stall beside it…and earlier, the stall was beside the coffee shop directly across the road – Nam Hin or something…until the towkay decided to sell kampua and fry noodles too…(surname was Lim, I think…)

    Now Penang Cafe has moved to its present place and the kampua has a stall IN the cafe itself…no longer operating from its old mobile one as before. The towkay-neo fries noodles and cooks food for lunch – her cooking also very nice.

    But the pork leg that I used to enjoy was from Liong Yu coffee shop/restuarant. I think it was the only restaurant then that catered for sit-down full course Chinese dinners. The Foochow fried noodles there also very nice…

    Hmmmm…how I miss those days in that nice little town.

    1. Ah Tong’s kampua. I didn’t even know the name. I grew up on those noodles, had them for lunch every day when we lived in Kanowit. It was the father making them then in a small portable stall. We’ll have to make the trip there next year. I timed it, it’s only a 55 minute ride, thanks to that new bridge.

      Yup…it was a mobile stall that they used to push from their house every morning…and push back after their business was done. You wanna go? Let me know – would love to tag along. I love Kanowit – my first teaching post! My missus did not want to stay there…so I had to move back to Sibu.

      1. It’s a date. And after the kampua, we’ll sample the Liong Yu pork leg (if it’s still there).

        Can’t wait. I think it’s still open – probably the son and daughter-in-law running the place now. The mum who used to do the cooking then – my mum and aunties’ good friend – I’m sure your mum would know them. But she did not have pork leg every day – it’s something like “Today’s Special”…and you can bet that I was always looking forward to those days. LOL!!!

  17. RM4.00 is a steal! Cannot complain. In Miri, I may have to pay double that.

    Talking about hair cut, I am doing the same…I let my hair grows until I can’t stand it any more.

    You too? “Orang minyak” very rich…can go more often and enjoy shampoo and massage at salons. Muahahahahaha!!!! Same reason why food in Miri is a lot more expensive!

  18. that braised pork looks absolutely yummy!! especially the gravy, i can just finish a whole bowl of plain rice with it~~ πŸ˜€

    Come! Hop over to Sibu and I can take you there to eat…or I’ll ask my missus to cook hers. A whole lot nicer! Sure you will sapu at least two plates of rice! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  19. Oh…at first glanced, i thought the man selling the roasted meats is you….

    Looks good – the braised pork leg especially go with a bowl of white rice…yummmm

    Yup, it was pretty good…and value for money! Alamak!!! I’m sooooo fat kah? Muahahahaha!!! He’s much younger though…and already so fat. πŸ˜‰

  20. Missus must be happy to hear that LOL! Smart Arthur or you will not get to eat the missus cooking of this dish anymore :p

    Oh…I tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and the truth is her braised pork leg is the best! If no good, I would say so… If not nice, I will also say so…even though at times, she may not be too happy – well, that’s her problem. I don’t pretend one… πŸ˜‰

  21. No lah, wat i meant was its a joke in my last post. But a lot of ppl believe it. Tats why i underline the label XD

    Huh? You’re talking about the post in your blog, I guess? You mean many people actually believed it was true…??? Gee!!!

  22. Before i scroll down and read, i thought you want to blog about roast meat. hahahhahah

    Your bowl of braised pork leg look quite big portion and only cost RM4? cheap cheap cheap.

    We cook this quite often at home, normally we will add some corn starch to make the sauce look thicker and not so dilute look.

    Yup…my missus does that. But if you “ngau’ for a long time, it will also thicken the gravy (probably from the fat)…but you would not have very much left to put on your rice. Ya…it is indeed very cheap…and since it’s not bad, I would be going back there again some time….

  23. Haha! Right Suituapui. I also do that when I am studying in college years ago. I just let my hair grow long until it is unbearable. I want to get my money’s worth like you. Now that I am in government service, I have to the barber once every three weeks.

    Wait!…the last picture looks like a pork dish that we call in the Philipines as adobong baboy. Does that dish has soy sauce, vinegar and garlic?

    LOL!! I wouldn’t want to keep my hair too long – very hot, very uncomfortable, I don’t think they have vinegar in this one – the Cantonese have a different version of the dish, vinegar pork knuckles…with a lot of black vinegar. I think that one is similar to your adobong…

    1. Ah…yes. I guess that is the similar dish with our adobo here. ^_^

      Me, I keep my bangs long and hide one of my eye. That’s my hairstyle back then.

      Hahahahaha!!! So trendy then, eh? I don’t bother about style anymore, not at my age. Just cut it short to get my money’s worth…and let it grow as long as I can stand the discomfort. 😦

  24. The pau tau stall just next to it!

    Very common in Sibu… Even at that Sg Merah coffee shop where you go for the coffee – it is right next to the kampua stall…and I also saw among the stalls at the Sibu Central Market…and the one at the Sibu Medical Centre (where you had the black chicken mee sua) – there was a stall not very near the kampua stall but now they’ve added a roti canai stall in between the two…so you can imagine that it is quite a tight squeeze. Just a few examples – more elsewhere… You don’t get to see this in Kuching?

  25. Please refer to his new stall at following link –

    He is a very handsome young man although I haven’t met him and a very good Chinese blogger plus taken good photos.

    Thanks for dropping by to share the link. Yes, the address given in the newspaper was Lorong Indah Timur…and only on my way back that day from my haircut did it dawn on me that it is in that residential area on the way to Teku (Old man, sometimes the brain does not compute very well! LOL!!!).

    In fact, my cousin (Gundot) – her hubby is staying in a house there…and my blogger-friend, Annie, did tell me once that the best pan mee is available at that “Teku area”. Will definitely try to drop by and try soonest.

  26. oh i think my mum makes it the best. i’m missing my mum cooking now 😦
    hehehe, i think bald is good . LOL. i want to cut all my hair too when i’m becoming rebellious? LOL

    Of course, mum’s cooking is always the best. My mum’s too…but she’s bedridden, so cannot cook anymore. Your BF’s a chef… He doesn’t cook this kah? Must ask your mum to teach him… Hehehehehe!!! πŸ˜‰

    1. hahaha. he never cooks that for me, well he is far away. it’s long distance relationship. can’t ask much lor. hahaha. but whenever he cooks for me, it tastes nice. LOL

      I guess that’s what they call…LOVE! Muahahahaha!!!! Where is he? In Bintangor kah? πŸ˜‰

  27. wah…the braised pork legs looks very good leh….. I buay tahan liao!

    Got lah…Johore, anywhere…even overseas, but my brother in NZ said theirs NZ$10 a plate…and only a little bit of meat. RM23.00…so kesian! LOL!!!

  28. the hair salon at the back of delta shophouse there only charge rm 5. Mr bean coffee shop is famous for its rm 2 chicken rice. give it a try as its not bad. πŸ™‚

    I went to one there and I think I was charged RM6…and I did not like the end result. I think there are two others, should give them a try one of these days. Chicken rice…I usually go to Chopsticks but of course, it’s more expensive. May try Mr Bean’s if I drop by that area again for another haircut. LOL!!!

  29. Does this braised dish have banana blossoms in it? We had something like this last week, I cooked. Wow we have almost same dishes too.

    Nope… I’ve heard of people eating banana blossoms…but I’ve yet to eat that myself. I think it is used mainly in the local ethnic dishes, not so much in the Chinese cuisine.

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