Neither here nor there…

That day, when we were walking to this restaurant at Jalan Maju here, we walked past this one and I noticed that they had closed down half of it. It used to occupy two shop lots but now there is only one – the other side was closed but business still looked very good at the remaining half though – there were a lot of people eating there.

I heard that one of the brothers had moved to one of the shops at the other side of the Sibu Bus Terminal…

Li Hua Hotel & the Sibu Bus Terminal

…and his coffee was very good plus they had the KL Hokkien mee and liked it a lot too.

That was why I decided to go and check it out but I did not know which shop it was exactly. All I knew was that there are a number of coffee shops in that solitary block there and I did go for the stewed pork leg rice at one of them once but though it was all right, I did not think it was anything like our own homecooked one and I never did go back again. The coffee shop is still there, bigger and occupying two separate shop lots now but I did not think the stall that I ordered what I had from was still there, I’m not too sure.

I spotted this one (2.305427, 111.850441)…

Sarawakia Cafe

…there and I did not recall seeing it before so I just assumed that must be the one I was looking for. This probably is the name in Mandarin…

Name in Mandarin

…for those of you who can read the written form of the language.

There was this banner in front…

The banner

…and this must be the stall…

The stall

…but we were not in the mood for any chicken rice so we did not order anything from there.

I was intent on having the KL Hokkien mee but when I went to enquire at the chu-char place at the back, they did not seem to have any idea what I was talking about. No, despite my not-so-good Mandarin, they could understand me all right just that they did not seem to know what KL Hokkien mee was. In the face of that kind of situation, I just settled for the more familiar fried kway teow (RM4.00)…

Sarawakia Cafe fried kway teow 1

…which was very nice and had a lot of ingredients in it…

Sarawakia Cafe fried kway teow 2

…and the serving was big.

My missus had the Foochow fried noodles (RM4.00)…

Sarawakia Cafe Foochow fried noodles

…which was good too and yes, the serving was rather substantial as well and it was quite a struggle for her, being not a very big eater, to finish all of it.

I noticed that they were selling the noodles with those giant freshwater prawns too so I asked about the price – they said it would be RM15.00 a bowl which makes it even cheaper than the one here or here – maybe the prawns are smaller, I wouldn’t know as we did not order that to try but since the Foochow fried noodles tasted great, the prawn noodles would be nice too. After all, it is more or less the same thing with the crustaceans added.

The kopi-o-peng (iced black coffee) I had was good and the boss of this coffee shop was a tall and rather loud man, quite like the one at the aforementioned shop so I thought this must be the brother! It turned out that he was not the one – he was originally from Kapit (and hence, he could converse very fluently in Iban) but he left for Miri in his teens and now he is here, since five months ago. He is obviously a very nice guy – he bought some bananas from a woman going from table to table selling the fruit and some bags of midin (I would have bought one, at least but the boss’ wife grabbed both of them)…and he even offered us some.

I asked him and he said, no, he was not the one I was looking for – that guy is not here but there – at another coffee shop right at the end of that same block. Hmmm…I would have to go to that one the next time then.

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16 thoughts on “Neither here nor there…”

  1. The shop you are looking, Kian Hock Kopitiam just behind Li hua hotel.

    Kheng Hock. Yes, I know that one – now one shop lot closed already, only one side left. Tried the kampua? They said very good. They said the brother moved away to a coffee shop the other side of the bus terminal – I found out the name, Ak Kia.

  2. It seems that if you’re not fussed about eating seafood, or more specifically prawns, you are getting some incredibly good value meals. 4 bucks in any currency works out a deal. No wonder Malaysia has such a delicious reputation for being ‘foodie heaven’.

    Yes, can’t get anything for $4.00 overseas. In OZ or NZ, anything and everything, like a simple plate of Chinese fried rice or noodles, is at least around $10.00 or over, their currency. Converting that, we’ll get a heart attack. The much coveted ones with the giant prawns, only around $5.00 their money, dirt cheap.

  3. The huge portion of fried kway teow & noodles only cost RM4 each plate, good deal. I think I will have to struggle too in order to finish. Hahah!!!!…in the end it was the wrong shop but at least now you know whereabout is the guy you are looking for. Good Luck!!!!!

    Yes, I do know now but we’ve yet to drop by to check it out. Will certainly blog about it when we do.

    If only when people share info on what’s good, they would at least give the name of the shop or the specific location…not something so general that is not all that useful/helpful. I know the name of the shop now – Ak Kia, in Hokkien it means duckling. 😀

  4. Only Rm 4 for that gigantic portion of koay teow? Pretty convincing.

    I wouldn’t say it was the best in town but for that kind of money for such a huge serving and a whole lot of ingredients, can’t complain, I guess.

  5. For the portion, if i were to eat it, can last me for dinner too…

    Same here. Had that for lunch, no more lunch.

  6. Our prices are going up and up; fried kway teow will cost at least $10 now.

    I heard from my brother in Auckland, over there these days, it is NZD12 up but their currency is a little lower than AUD.

  7. The chicken rice station is right up my alley!!! 🙂

    Lots of such stalls all over town, not too sure which the really good ones are.

  8. So two brothers also opening coffeeshop… I like the fried noodles your missus ordered, looks more ravishing compared to the dry version…

    They used to run the same one. Heard they decided to break up, go on own way. Yes, I seldom have the dry version, mee or kway teow. Chinese ones, not so nice, not like the Malay ones so Chinese places, I would usually go for those with sauce.

  9. I notice your wifey likes Foochow noodles wet style.. Same here, I like wet soupy style too, but I think the gravy is made mostly from oyster sauce, haha..

    Yes, she orders either that or kampua noodles quite often, not so adventurous in her eating. I’d like to try things different and new. I think there is a bit of oyster sauce in the gravy, just a bit – mostly soy sauce and dunno what else.

  10. Both looked good to me. Not expensive, quite a portion with many ingredients.

    Yes, better than the usual 3.80, no sign of any meat or anything, just 20 sen more.

  11. Mmmmm…nice fried koay teow! In fact I also had some fried koay teow today served during tea break at a seminar. Not much ingredients in there but very nice wok hei and flavor. The one you had is a whole lot better with lots of ingredients.

    Yes, most importantly, the wok hei fragrance and the taste is good…plus not too expensive. Ingredients an added bonus.

  12. Not in the mood for chicken rice? But I’m ALWAYS in the mood for chicken rice! Hehe 😉

    You are? If there’s duck, count me in. Hehehehehe!!!!

  13. Yum Yums…on the Foochow fried noodles. RM4 cheap!

    Yes, tasted all right too, too. Some not great at all, I don’t like those with clear gravy, not dark or brown like this one – must know where to go.

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