Mack the Knife…

I love sardines – fresh ones and even those canned ones in tomato sauce. I love the latter in sandwiches, preferably with slices of tomato…or in baked rolls or puffs. My daughter is not a fan as she does not fancy the idea of eating the bones – something that we thought was such a novelty when we were kids like it was some kind of a major achievement and we were so amused by it.

Ever since  I was small, my mother would cook the canned sardines with sliced Bombay onions, adding a little bit more tomato sauce to enhance the flavour. To this day, I still do the same except that I may add some sliced chillies for that extra kick. Once I even used the sardines to cook fish curry using the Yeo’s canned curry gravy, adding vegetables like ladies fingers and brinjal to it…and I remember how I enjoyed that.

I do not mind the Ayam Brand ones but my favourite is still the Marina Brand. However, my missus bought this the other day…

AYAM mackerel 1

…and claimed that the mackerel tasted better than sardines. I did not find any difference between the two – I like them both.

In fact, it was only after I got married that I started eating sardines without cooking them. Instead of cooking the sardines, my missus would cut a few shallots and chillies and spread the slices all over the fish in a plate and after that, she would cut some calamansi lime and squeeze them over everything in the plate. I had a post on this a long long time ago but the other day, I opened the can of mackerel in tomato sauce and did the same…

AYAM mackerel 2

The lime would drown out the canned smell of the fish a little bit and the sour taste plus that of the raw shallots and the spiciness of the chillies go a long way to enhance the enjoyment of the dish.

AYAM mackerel 3

Actually, if you use that to make sandwiches, they will taste great as well…but do make sure you do not talk to anybody at a very close range after you have eaten that. LOL!!!