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In my post the other day, I mentioned that I was looking for a place that was featured in some Chinese newspaper. It being Greek to me, I could only look at the pictures and the only information I could get was the name – Mr. Bean…and the address, Lorong Indah Timur.

I know two places named Mr. Bean – one in Sungai Antu, behind Courts Mammoth called “Mr Bean Special Cafe” and the other one in the vicinity of the Sibu Bus Terminal…and since I was going to that particular area for a haircut, I decided to check the latter out. However, there was no sign of that stall that I saw in the newspaper feature.

As I was driving home after my haircut, it suddenly dawned on me that the road would be somewhere in what is called the Teku area. My cousin stays a stone’s throw away from the shops…and Gundot’s hubby who is working in Sibu, is also staying around there. Anyway, after I had published that post on this, some kind soul commented and shared a link to a blog post that showed the coffee shop where I would be able to find that elusive Mr. Bean. The shop’s name is My Corner…

My Corner, Teku

…and this man has a stall there (the one with the red lanterns) where he sells his own handmade flat noodles in a variety of ways. This is the pan mee-style, dry (RM3.00)…

Handmade flat noodles, pan-mee style, dry

I remember Annie telling me when she was back in Sibu that her mum told her that the best pan-mee in Sibu can be found in Teku, so I guess this must be the one that she was talking about.

This is the curry handmade flat noodles (RM4.50)…

Curry handmade flat noodles 1

…which is actually the noodles served in chicken curry, potatoes and all.

Curry handmade flat noodles 2

Both are quite nice…but a bit too substantial. I would prefer a smaller serving at a lower price as unless one’s a big eater, when one has to struggle to finish, the law of diminishing returns would come into force. Towards the end, it just would not seem so nice anymore…

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33 thoughts on “The corner…”

  1. The curry is not diluted?

    It’s o.k. There are some around that are a lot worse. That’s the typical Chinese/Foochow curry that we usually get around here. Like there’s a difference between Malay and nyonya curry….

    1. I prefer the malay and nyonya curry… more spicy… dono why chinese curry puts me off abit… perhaps because too much santan? i dunno…

      Watery…not enough of everything. When I was small, I would only eat my mum’s (or aunties’) curry. What they had elsewhere – all like that and I did not like. Guess I’m more tolerant now – not too bad, quite nice, in fact…something different for a change… 😉

  2. Now, you must take it upon yourself to learn Mandarin already ya?

    Not really…but I’m quite conversant in the language these days. Everybody speaks it here – many cannot speak Hokkien anymore – so I was forced to try and communicate…and gradually became quite fluent…and can get by pretty well now. Makes me wonder why those students spent years studying English in school and they can hardly utter a word…

    1. Dun worry, still got weird species like me… I use English day in, day out… and I rarely speak bahasa… lol… and guess wud? I came from Sekolah kebangsaaan. LOLOL! I am actually 2×5 with those ppl. LOL *pengsan*

      Yup…the endangered species! Like me! LOL!!! 😀

    2. I can only speak a few hokkien word… among them are:

      Gua bo eng.
      Lu eng bo eng?
      Lu tam chiak
      Sub sub sui
      Wo si lu lao bei ( I am your father…)
      *pengsan* Not exactly useful. LOLOL!

      So you’re not Hokkien. Cantonese kah?

      1. I don’t know. I come from a nyonya family. My dad is a baba. And my paternal grandparents are pure peranakan from Penang. My mum’s ancestors were Portuguese descent who marries the local-you know, the Malays, Chinese and whatnots. None of us speaks any Chinese dialect.

        We speak Bahasa, English and some Japanese tho. LOLOL! So if you ask me… I don’t exactly know what I am. Hahahahah! I can say without conviction, though… that I am really a Malaysian. LOL!

        Ah!!! A real life nyonya…!!!! Can’t speak Chinese…like many of them in Malacca. Well, I have also in my own family…

  3. The pan mee looks good… the curry too.. but u mentioned that the serving was too much for you? wow.. then i think 2 persons can share the portion.. worth it.. 4rm for 2 persons.. 🙂

    Not that much…maybe two for 3 persons, so perhaps RM3.00 each – that would be just nice.

  4. I’m not sure what’s pan mee. Looks like dry kueh tiaw to me. And what’s that pink agar agar like stuff? I read that comment about diluted curry. That always seems to be the case with Foochow food stalls. Everything is diluted. It’s the reason why I never drink Foochow coffee, too diluted.

    What agar-agar? They’re imitation crab sticks – I hate those…all the artificial flavouring, the preservatives… I would rather do without those. Well, Foochow cuisine has come a long way from the days when they only wanted quantity, not quality – as they had to work very hard and did not want to go hungry halfway…and they needed the carbo-loading for the energy. These days, they may have become different as they try to improve on the taste. That’s why even the kampua may not be that authentic – not like what we had when we were children. Yes, it may taste better…but it’s not the same anymore.

  5. the curry looks not nice. too much santan perhaps. and uhhh, i am sick with the imitation crab and whatever the ball fish ball meat ball etc they used in cooking. why not use sum real meat ba. huhuhuhu

    The Penang curry mee also looks similar…but the taste is very different – their ingredients different, so it does not taste like the usual curry as we know it…even though they call it curry mee. This one is actually chicken curry – even though so diluted, Chinese-style – with the handmade noodles.

  6. look like laksa! lol! sure spicy than laksa i bet.

    Not our Sarawak laksa! Maybe you’re talking about the West Malaysian/Singapore curry laksa…

  7. i really dont like when they put crab stick into noodle. Doesnt seem to go with the taste

    Me neither… My missus would buy those and all the frozen stuff – all kinds of peculiar fish ball things in all colours and all shapes and sizes and use for our steamboat. They ABSOLUTELY ruin the taste of the soup – all the artificial flavourings, the preservatives…. Grrrrrrr!!!!! I wouldn’t mind fresh homemade fish balls, fish cake…but not those factory-made ones that they sell in the supermarkets.

  8. yeap.. the portion looks big to me..
    but if on a hungry day, sure can eat.. =)

    Yup, I guess so. But when one has to struggle to finish, the satisfaction drops drastically towards the end…even though you may feel that it is very nice when you start eating.

  9. wow…. pan mee at Sibu. hihihihihi… from the pic and price really look nice. Hope he meet the sibu criteria for food which is “Cheap, Big Portion and Nice”.

    Yup…typical Sibu-size… HUGE!!! Nice, I guess…but cheap? RM4.50…not really cheap by Sibu standard. RM3…for the pan mee (small) is o.k.

  10. I prefer the “Red” version of the curry. This one looks…too milky ler. :p

    Well, no Penang curry mee in Malacca, according to you…so you can’t see the similarity. This is the mee…not curry chicken – the dish as we know it…

  11. I don’t like crab stick….. got a kind of smell….but I love crab. haha

    Curry pan mee? That’s something new. Over here only got curry wantan mee.

    Me neither…and I love crabs too! What crab stick – not the same at all!!! Oh? Now you have curry wantan mee? Gee…more and more new things to eat as the days pass! LOL!!! 😀

  12. Ah…Mr Bean. Ai thought that Mr Bean is the food shop owned by the funny Mr Bean. ^_^

    Whoa! Haven’t visited you for many days ah. Sorry my friend. Been very busy at work (and I feel always sleepy).

    LOL!!! Then you wouldn’t see red lanterns hanging – probably his miserable looking teddy bear instead. 😀 It’s o.k. Just drop by when you can – so busy with work. Sometimes, I’m in the same shoes too – so tired, so sleepy…but have to keep the blog going. I wonder what for…since I’m not in it for the money. 😉

  13. That curry is cina-style curry..from pot to plate in less than an hour! Ours take a whole day in the kitchen…hahaha.

    Not anymore…with A1 Mountain Globe curry paste. Hehehehehe!!!! Cina-curry…is just curry powder (any brand will do…never particular, those people) and very diluted santan plus…as usual – lots of msg!

    1. oh ya forgot about mountain globe A1!…LOL re “those people”…Can totally forget about having that kind of curry with bread!

      Never thought of that but I’m sure “those people” would eat their kind of curry with heaps of rice, never with bread – totally out of the question. LOL!!!

  14. hahahhaha…you went? Actually when my mum told me that time, she has not tried it yet, someone told her very nice. She went there once and told me not-so-nice, nothing can compare KL pan meen. hahahahaha

    Next time when you’re here, must bring you go and try the pan meen here, very different from Sibu one. My mum, she is pan meen craze, everytime come KL also eat pan meen, so far she cannot find any nice pan meen in Sibu. I ask her to learn the skill and open one stall in Sibu. LOL

    Eh, i heard the guy also sell curry dian mein gu? I wonder how it taste like.

    There used to be a lady at Aloha or Yummy (near Ngiu Kee) but I don’t think she’s still running her business anymore. I’m not a fan of pan mee…just that these are something different, so I went to try and can blog about them. So far…and the road is a mess – they’re making 6 lanes…and I think there’s the flood mitigation plan as well – so terrible. I wouldn’t want to go anymore – definitely not until the road works have been completed. Dunno about the dianpianngu – I don’t like that anyway.

  15. At first, i thought the crab stick is pcs of jelly and wondering why they serve pan mee with jelly…akakakak…oopss..i notice got egg slices also.

    Dunno why they bother to add those so-called crab sticks. I wouldn’t eat those…if I had that – don’t like the smell!

  16. Yes Yes, totally agree with u. For a small eater like me, forcing us to get a BIG bowl wont do any good. I’ll go for kiddies meal 🙂

    You small eater? Eeeee….next time, must go makan with you – will have the chance to eat most of everything. Hehehehehehe!!!

  17. Oh dear oh dear missing my favorite curry noodles already..You have “My Corner” there and we have here “Steven’s Corner” who had quite a bad publicity recently when d’bozz himself whacked an elderly man..a big issue here as emails were weaving every corners of the PCs to boycott and cut every corners of Steven..

    Yup…I saw that on Facebook, so terrible. I went to the branch at Bukit Bintang…but now closed already, heard there was some involvement in some scam… I wouldn’t want to eat there.

  18. Love that curry with hand made pan mee….sedap looking. When I come please take me to eat there 🙂

    Come…come…when are you coming? I’ve been waiting for almost a year now…and still no sign of any of you coming this way. 😦

  19. Talking of Aloha coffeeshop – its always full and hardly can get a table there.

    Nothing nice there leh? Some say the laksa is the best in Sibu but I do not think it is that great…

  20. I never have any curry pan mee before leh~! Die die must try! 1st time I found crab stick in Pan mee… hahaha!=_=

    Happy weekend!

    It’s good to be different…just that I’m not a fan of those imitation crab sticks. 😦 Wishing you a Happy Weekend too – going to be a busy one for me – 3 weddings to attend!

  21. Dunno …somehow I find the curry mee in Singapore tastier. Maybe they put a lot of sinful santan…. Even my mum said that…
    In JB, try the Pontian curry mee… quite a favourite with the locals.

    I think I had curry mee a long time ago in Singapore – early 70’s…and thought it was nice – something like this one – curry plus mee. The Penang ones are different – the curry gravy taste isn’t like curry as we know it. Dunno about Pontian’s – never been to Johore.

  22. although my english is not good, i want to say TQ for all the comments, if have time,maybe i can answer some confusion of the comment in my blog…

    Most welcome. That would be good – everyone can hop over to your blog to find out more about all the things that you have to offer at your stall. Thanks for dropping by.

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