Bombay dreams…

On our first night in Kuching, we went to this Indian restaurant…

Bombay Spices Kuching 1

…located among the shops along Nanas Road. Actually, we had just gone for high-tea – it was Gerrie‘s daughter, Tracy’s birthday…but another cousin of mine, Sophia, insisted that we stopped by this place to have a light dinner.

I certainly liked what I saw on the menu…

Bombay Spices Kuching 2

…as I don’t like those places where they cook a whole lot for lunch and by dinner time, we will have to help ourselves to the not-so-fresh, and sometimes cold even, leftovers.

We had the naan bread with the very nice mushroom masala

Naan bread & mushroom masala

…and the tandori chicken…

Bombay spices tandori chicken

…which was really well done. The chicken meat itself was nice and sweet. so flavourful and firm – not squishy or so soft like tofu…or bland/tasteless like the tandori chicken that I had had at some places.

The pilau rice was also great…and like the naan bread, it went well with the mushroom masala.

Bombay spices pilau rice

All in all, it certainly was a delightful dinner and that is one place that I would not mind going to again, should the opportunity arise. I hear the butter chicken is great too… Yum! Yum!

Thanks, Sophia…and thank you so much also going through all that trouble to drive us here, there and everywhere those few days when my missus and I were in Kuching.