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My sister-in-law was in Sibu some two or three weeks ago…and she gave us a fish. It had been sitting in the freezer for some time, so when it seemed to me that my missus, for reasons known only to her herself, had no intention of cooking it, I took things into my own hands before the poor thing got fossilised and end up looking like a potential character for “Ice Age 4 – Th4w”.

I was not familiar with this variety and it was very big, so I was not sure whether it would be nice if it were steamed. Considering its size, deep frying would use up a whole lot of cooking oil…so cooking it with sweet and sour sauce or with black or fermented beans and ginger was out of the question – both would entail deep frying the fish. In the end, I decided to cook fish curry with it…

STP's fish curry 1

I just used the A1 Mountain Globe curry paste (seafood), so I would not go into the details of the cooking procedure. Well, I’m glad to say that it turned out pretty nice…

STP's fish curry 2

…but unfortunately, there weren’t any ladies’ fingers, brinjal or pineapples in the refrigerator, so I could not put them in the curry and come out with an all-in-one dish.Β As a matter of fact, there wasn’t much in the fridge that day – just one-third of a cabbage, so I would need to use that for the veg dish to go with the curry.

I sliced the cabbage thinly, and did the same to 4-5 shallots, peeled and two chillies, seeds removed. Then I cut some hay bee (dried prawns), soaked…into tiny bits and mixed that with the rest of the stuff….

STP's anything and everything salad

Having done that, I had to make the dressing. There was a little bit of thousand island salad dressing left in a bottle that had been standing in the fridge since God knows when…and some evaporated milk. I mixed the two but the dressing was not enough and I could taste just the milk. I added a spoonful of peanut butter and some sugar but the end result still was not that nice. I squeezed 4-5 calamansi lime into it and pouring the dressing into the cut ingredients, I tossed the whole thing together…

STP's anythinga nd everything salad

By George, it turned out to be very well after all. I thought it was pretty good and we finished all of that in just one sitting – my anything and everything salad dish! LOL!!

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26 thoughts on “Anything and everything…”

  1. Wah…. the fish looks yummy, but no thankiu… I’m not a fan of fishes. LOL. If I were to cook this, would throw chicken or sotong inside! LOL. Mountain Globe curry paste sedapkah? I never tried before. I only use the A1 brand and the Mak Nyonya Brand, never tried the Mountain Globe one before.

    Umm… no thankiu for the salad too… makan salad with some peanut butter and bits of milk? Aiyerr… no thankiu, no thankiu! I would prefer it with plain vinegar… I guess… Hahahahaha

    Eyewwwww…never acquired the taste of salad with vinegar.

    The brand of the curry paste is “A1 Mountain Globe”…. Everybody calls theirs A1, but not all are nice…like bak kut teh herbs – all A1 also. Once, I told a friend “A1 brand” and he called from the supermarket to ask whcih A1 – all A1, he said…and I did not know then the specific brand. Mak Nyonya, I’ve tried…and I can state unconditionally that it is not as nice.

    Not crazy about sotong, not much taste – would prefer prawns or fish…and if curry, chicken’s ok…beef or lamb/mutton also good.

    1. Oooo…sotong, ketam, chicken and prawns are my arch enemy ohhh… so I must makan them a lot a lot! Bwhahahaha! LOL. Hmm… i must check out this A1 Mountain Globe. I think I saw them before… but did not try… cus some A1, not nice lah. 😦 Taste weird. Here in the pasar mini, dun have much choice… so I had to use the Mak Nyonya. 😦 Frankly speaking, i prefer the rempah giling. But cannot get that anywhere here in KL, period. Have to go back Penang and buy. 😦 Rempah giling for curry, kurma and whatnot is to die for!!! Sedap! Would have sent some to you if I have them, but unfortunately for me… here dun even sell rempah giling. 😦 Very old fashioned rempah… they giling all the rempah for you on the spot… used to be my childhood fascination!

      We have rempah giling here…and at one time, we used to buy the best – in Kuching – near the old state mosque…but not anymore. This A1 Mountain Globe is just right, ALMOST the same as how my mum used to cook. Here also, at one time, it was not easy to buy, this A1 Mountain Globe – once, got stock…all sapu habis! But now, not so bad…the shops here will order a lot but even so – sometimes, they have seafood…but for meat, no stock. I guess most people cook meat curry….

      You like prawns? Wait…wait…one post coming soon! Muahahahahahaha!!!! *evil laugh!

      1. Oh… no! Got prawns post kah… oh, no!!! *dies* Must go makan prawns dulu before that post comes out… else will suffer. Boohoo… sobs!

        Hehehehehehe!!!! *mean laugh!!! πŸ˜€

  2. The fish mouth is gaping…kesian…

    Maybe that’s because when I clean fish, I will remove all that’s inside…and everything in the head as well – the gills everything, so I guess it did not have much bone support anymore. Well, at least it did not make a sound. When you eat chicken, imagine it squawking in pain when being slaughtered…. >.<

    1. Bwhahaha… poor Tekkaus… so bad of you to tease him, but good thing la… he probably wun come back to check the comment, so he wun be going around imagining chicken squawking in pain as he makan ayam! LOL! Ignorance is bliss. LOL. *mengumpat mode*

      LOL!!! I could have been worse…and asked him to imagine the poor de-feathered bird’s head dangling from its half cut neck… Muahahahaha!!!

      1. Hahaha… I used to watch that when I was a child… my great uncle… he slaughtered those ayam kampung from his reban to make curries… I tink… I have quite a sadistic streak…didn’t even squirm… but horr… if u show me ur skinning frogs, I WILL PUKE!

        Eyewwww…they do that on the spot for buyers. I wouldn’t look…just walk away quickly! And don’t ask me to eat it either!

  3. The fish looks like a Snapper to me,at first i thot it was ‘pek chio’ n was thinking so sayang to make curry fish….Nevertheless,looking very very appetising indeed,we do have A1 mountain globe sauce so will sit on the idea of cooking it with fish….yum yum! ps n the salad too :)!

    You should try and get hold of the curry paste (seafood) – or if I’m going to Penang December, I’ll get some for you. You cook with fish – mackerel perhaps or red snapper…add pineapples, tomatoes, brinjal, ladies fingers to the gravy…VERY nice! I would say nicer than Sheraton’s fish head curry!

  4. Oh this fish……….. very nice so sayang! Would have tasted real good …. when it goes into the mouth and down the stomach!!!!!!!!!! LOL! Ask k penyu. maybe he knows!

    It was nice the next day (too big to finish in one sitting)…after the curry had gone into it. When freshly cooked and served, it had a certain fishy smell/taste…something like “sotan hu” which I don’t quite like. Missus was ok with it, said it was very nice.

    1. i think it’s a deep sea fish, called parrot fish. Did it look a bit bluish with yellowish markings, before it was cooked?

      I don’t think so… Just white, and no silvery like pek chio… Parrot fish? Isn’t that the expensive one that people keep in aquariums in the house for good luck? Muahahahaha!!!! First, I ate the pearl of prosperity mooncake…and then I ate a parrot fish… Wah! Memang fatt cai like that! πŸ˜€

      1. mana ada la? parrot fish is a coral fish, like groupa. If your fish white only, then don’t know what fish it is la.

        I also dunno… My SIL gave us, missus never bought this kind of fish – it’s usually or-chio or pek-chio all the time. I like bek ka (tengirri) but she seldom buys that… Dunno why.

  5. the curry fish loooks great.

    Gosh i have two fish “fossilfied” in my freezer currently. Hope can still be eaten la.

    Yup, it was ok. Fish in the fridge, my missus insists that if the insides not cleaned out, can keep for a long time – especially if drowned in water and frozen inside the block of ice. I dunno…I just don’t like to keep things for too long…

  6. Makes me swallow “uknowwhat” again.. even now it is noon… i have yet to take my lunch… gosh.. sitting her for hours.. your meal is very balanced.. meat and salad… so healthy food, wanna get sick also difficult.. hahahahaa….

    LOL!!! I always keep that in mind when I cook a meal – meat/fish plus veg, either two dishes or all in one. These days, I do not mind if there’s no soup… Simple.

  7. curry goes well with almost any kind of foods, I love cooking with curry too.

    Ya…and the smell of stuff like lamb or mutton will not be that strong if cooked in curry. Like the fish – I thought it had a kind of smell at first…but after reheating, the flavour of curry was able to drown it out and the smell was no longer there – much nicer eventually.

  8. wah… can twist and turn and come out with your own salad even the sauces were not enough. so creative! haha…..but with peanut butter…… nice ka? Thought peanut butter only for ‘sapu’ bread. hehe

    I usually use peanut cakes, crush them…and already sweet, no need to add sugar – but none in the house, so I used peanut butter instead. Quite hard to mix and blend it with the cream and milk though (I did it by hand, not using a blender)…may take a while to mix thoroughly.

  9. 1st time see curry pomfet in my life.

    Not white pomfret, dunno what fish… If white pomfret, I would have had it steamed – only nice way to cook the expensive fish…

  10. i wud wan the curry fish but no thanks to the salad.hahahaha….
    i think i need curry and fish now

    Bintangor…easy to get fresh fish? My missus’ uncle there will always send us some – usually pek chio (white pomfret).

    1. yeah i guess so. my family eat fish almost daily. but we prefer black pomfret. hehehe.

      Me too! More fragrant, more taste. My missus often buys white pomfret even though it is sooooo…expensive. I think it’s because it is easy to cook – she’s scared of deep frying fish – scared of the oil spluttering.

      1. Oooo… ur missus can kawan wif Kat la… everything steam… LOL… while me… ish… everything gorengggg! LOL!

        Dunno her lah…seems to have some kind of chronic phobia. So very scared… When frying fish, will wipe it till completely dry…and throw it into the hot oil from a distance! Of course, splash all over lah…like that! Tsk! Tsk!!!! 😦

  11. I am not into fish dishes. I prefer them fried ^_^ Also, I don’t eat them if they are too smelly (malansa). I am just too picky when it comes to fish.

    I know. A lot of people are not into fish – either they can’t stand the fishy smell or they are scared of the bones. I love fish! πŸ˜‰

    1. I’m scared of both…lol… but I still can tolerate fried fishes…. steamed fishes are no no…

      Then you’re like my daughter. If going for those dinners in restaurant, she will eat the steamed fish…but given a choice, she would not. So when she’s home, we always fry our fish…or cook it in other ways instead of steaming it.

  12. I love fish curry, must learn from you how to cook them liao!^-^ My daughter will love to have the salad, she is a die hard salad fan!:)

    Aiyor…with the A1 Mountain Globe curry paste, anyone can do it…and the best part is that it is really very nice – meat or seafood, take your pick!

  13. tat fish sure nice as it seem like GT…thats what they called ‘yew kam chio” if its d type of fish… πŸ˜‰
    salad easy done n easy go…now u look more healthy but try it with lesser like hundred island sauce while replace it with yogurt πŸ™‚

    Dunno the fish – missus never bought this type, but then again, she will usually buy the usual, the same old types that she always buys. Yogurt? Ummmm…maybe I’ll give it a try but I don’t like yogurt, not taken just like that – my daughter likes it though. Will always buy for her when she’s home.

  14. i have tried chicken curry and crab curry but never had a chance to taste fish curry… yikes.. it looks so tempting here….
    i would love to eat it with rice…

    sorry my friend if i failed to visit you here as often as before but will try to catch up again here
    have a great day and happy blogging

    Welcome back, Milton. So glad to see you here again – for a while, I thought you don’t wanna drop by anymore… 😦

    Fish curry is a common dish here…and prawn curry or sotong curry (squids) but I think people here cook crabs in other ways instead of in curry. Yup…curry is always nice with rice… Yum! πŸ™‚

  15. i love yogurt so next time u meet me dont forget buy me a carton… πŸ˜€

    Can…can, no problem. You can have it all! I don’t want any… πŸ™‚

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