Little bit of this, little bit of that (2)…

Nothing much has been happening around here – pretty much the same old routine day in, day out…

It was my sister’s birthday last Friday and since she was singing the praises of the oreo cheese cake at this bakery at the commercial centre round the corner from my house…

BreadSense oreo cheese 1

…I went and got one for her.

It was very nice – RM30 only for a small one and RM50 for the bigger one. I, for one, have gone off those rich creamy cheese cakes but this one has a layer of cake inside…

BreadSense oreo cheese 2

…and I must say that I enjoyed it somewhat.

For those of you who will be coming to Sibu and staying at this hotel, there is  a branch of that bakery downstairs just a few doors away.

Sighhhhh!!!! Do you ever have one of those days when you simply do not have any idea what to have for breakfast? Well, it was on one of those days that I went back to this place and tried the mee mamak

Sri Tanjung mee mamak 1

Well, it was…like mee mamak – sweet and sourish with the chili sauce and what not…

Sri Tanjung mee mamak 2

…and I wouldn’t say that I liked it a lot. I still think the old lady’s Malay-style fried noodles here are the best. In fact, I posted a photo of this one on Facebook and Gratitude said that I would be able to come out with something  a lot better. True! True! VERY true indeed!!! And my NZ friend asked me about the little bowl of soup by the side. Well, that’s the complimentary sup tulang (bone soup) – we usually get that here, FOC…like whenever we have our plate of kampua noodles.

Well, Chinese New Year is just round the corner. Hopefully, things will pick up a bit and something exciting may come my way…

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31 thoughts on “Little bit of this, little bit of that (2)…”

  1. no worries, will attack u in sibu… see… again 12am oredi, tmrw die die have to wake up at 7am, luckily office is like 30 steps away… i want kompia and that liver soup!

    Can…can… No problem! LOL!!! 😀

    1. Superweighkaolabear… i teach u la… u make a checklist of what u wanna makan in Sibu la… senang only. Den wun miss out anything wan ma… lol! Den makan liao dun forget to tapau for me oso ah… kesian me… sorang sorang in KL, cannot go there.

      No worries! We will take lots of photographs and post for you to see – don’t say we never think of you. I’ve already drawn up a tentative programme and sent to all of them via attachment on Facebook chat – they all know what to expect more or less when they come. The ones who will be here for one or two nights, of course, will not be able to enjoy all of the things proposed…

      1. Huh… facebook can send attachment? Aisay… me jakun… I din know that! =.=

        Can. Go via messages – click the little paper clip and attach your document or photo… Can link and share stuff also if anything you do not want others to see.

      2. Arthur- ya ya…make sure load up all the pic for her to drool. Ajak her go she gave so many excuses. kakakakaka…

        Cleff- tarak tapau tapau this time. You want you come. Muhahahaha

        Muahahahahahaha!!!!! TORTURE HER!!!! *evil laugh!!! 😀

  2. LOL… the gang terang terang go serbu u… haizz… habislah. LOL!

    No problem at all… They’ve all booked their air tickets. Can wait for the time to come – will be so much fun! 🙂

  3. Yikes! It’s the 1st time that I’m actually seeing biscuits on top of a cake. Call me weird, but I feel that cakes and biscuits are 2 separate food types, each enjoyed individually @.@

    Hey, the pic of the mee goreng looks much better here than in fb. :s I just tried frying arrowhead bulbs (nga ku) yesterday, and I sucked at it! Lmao I found that the thickness of the slices must be precise to ensure they are crisp and soft.

    They use crushed biscuits as the base for all those chilled cheese cakes…and I love kek batek – all biscuits and chocolate – yummmmm!!!! Of course, these pics were taken with my camera…the one on Facebook, I used my lousy hp one – but can upload to Facebook directly. I’m not into arrowheads – seems everybody is frying them over at your side as they are going for a song! I’d just stick to the usual keropok, that’s all.

  4. As usual you have taken some lovely photos.

    I used to make gourmet cheescakes a lot. I don’t do that as much anymore. My daughter definnitely loves oreo cookies. If she saw this post, she’d be begging me to make it. 😉

    Occasionally I prepare some type of noodles for breakfast. My daughter loves it, and it is filling.

    Watch out for the glucose rush – noodles are filling, make one energetic but you get hungry very fast. Best to have some protein, like an egg or a piece of meat for instance. Hah!!! Good luck with your oreo cheesecake… We parents tend to give in to our kids’ wishes all the time, don’t we?

  5. Our WK now very excited already.. keep on posting food food, Arthur!!! The attack is coming soon…

    Soon? Around two months to go. Still a long way!

  6. Ehh those cookies on top are not Oreo right? 😛 Pirated version? hehe.. but it’s interesting to see they have a layer of cake within the cheese… first time I see such cake! 🙂

    Dunno… Don’t ask me about Oreos – I don’t eat those…extremely sweet. Ya…first time for me too.

  7. I love cheesecake but plain baked cheesecake. This cake looks lovely though and very cheap. Can never get that price in KL. Belated Happy Birthday to your sister. OH YES, this noodle is a million times better than the one you post via your mobile a few days ago. I knew you could do better than that:D

    Same one lah! That one was taken using my hp camera – poor quality photos. That’s one thing about good-looking food (and people) – they may not be as nice as they look. This one’s so-so only, edible… I wouldn’t want to go back there and have it again. Yup…I’m like you! I would have those Japanese baked cotton cheesecakes anytime… Have loved them ever since I stumbled upon Uncle Miki’s. Yummmmm!!!!!

  8. Happy Birthday to your sister and the mee mamak looks really good. Sometimes they are just too oily.

    Thanks on her behalf. Ya…the mee looked good but wasn’t great at all unfortunately… Never judge a book by its cover, eh? 😦

  9. The cake looks heavenly but one piece is enough for me. I will feel geli if I take too much. Mee mamak looks nice.

    Me too – not these chilled cheese cakes. Had had too much – enough to last a lifetime. The mee looks nice, not really nice – see…cannot judge by appearance. 😉

  10. I love oreo cheese cake too! Wish you a prosperous and exciting CNY!! Enjoy the holiday with your family.

    Same to you and yours… Hmmm…most young people love cheese cakes – that’s why places like Secret Recipe enjoy a thriving business. I used to once, not anymore… 😦

    1. Most young people love cheese? Ya, i am young people too, that’s why i love cheese cake ahhahahhahah…but Secret Recipe? No thank you. Their standard drop, the cake not so nice already.

      Sibu…I think TanahMas is the best. They’ve maintained their high standard all these years…and they’re cheaper than SR’s…especially after 6 pm – 30% discount.

  11. So who is the gang going to attack Sibu soon? Medan Hotel? Where is it?

    I second pretty witch, the Oreo look not real, real Oreo got smooth surface. kekekekke

    Happy belated birthday to your sister. I love baked cheese cake. Last week Elaine baked one for us, very nice, and i think she add some lemon, so the cheese got a bit sour taste, very very nice! It good to pair with a cup of coffee…nice!!

    Thanks on her behalf. That must be the lemon cheese cake then. Don’t ask me about Oreos – too sweet, never liked it. Who are the people coming? Those with us for the mamak dinner except the fairy…and the karaoke queen from Ipoh…and Quay Lo’s wife… All coming. You wanna come round the same time or not? Will be so much fun… AirAsia only around RM60 one way.

    1. When are they going? Wah!! Sibu very happening then? With all the food celebrities in town. If i cannot go back, then i have to start list down what i want, and tumpang them back here. hahahhahahha

      Bad news. They did not buy any checked in baggage…and already saying that they want to buy this and that. They’re coming during the first few days of the March school holidays…around 9th-13th. Come, come! Leave your kids with the father… Have a break! 😉

      1. Aisey..if end of march got harapan for me to join as school holiday here in NZ (muka tak malu as tak orang ajak!)

        Not end…beginning…but come anytime, always welcome…and don’t bring anything this time. I ask my customs friends check your bags…tahan you at airport if you bring so many things. Muahahahahaha!!!!

  12. OMG that orea cake is just so sinfully delicious!! put that with the mee mamak goreng, i don’t even bother to look at the noodles but keep imagining how the cake melts inside my mouth~~ 😀

    Hmmm…don’t let your imagination run wild now, eh? LOL!!! 😀

    1. Same thoughts as Bananaz.

      Never judge based on looks – look at me, not much to look at…but such a nice person,heart of gold…so friendly, nice personality….ummmm… what else hah? Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  13. we like eating our dry mee goreng like the above with some vinegar. Very nice eh…

    Oh? But the chili sauce/tomato sauce is already a bit sour… Fat people not so keen on sourish things. 😦

  14. Price is cheap in comparison to KL. If you see the prices of Cakes over here you might vomit out the cake. Very expensive

    Oh? So you people can enjoy the cakes here too…. 😉

  15. mee mamak looks like a spaghetti 🙂 the oreo cheesecake looks very nice…not fond of cheesecake but those real oreo on top and the chiffon cake inside, I won’t pass up the chance to eat them 🙂

    It was nice…but I think I prefer the choc one my sister gave me for my birthday – same bakery…

  16. he he he, I was walking around a few kopitiam wondering what to eat for breakfast this morning… last settled for curry mee with crispy pork skin and steamed chicken…..down everything with ice coffee.

    Where’s your kaki kari mee, the kim cheo? Not with you kah? 😉

  17. Aiyo….the Oreo cake and mee goreng really very tempting. But I have a sensitive throat and don’t dare to anyhow eat fried stuffs.

    This cannot eat, that cannot eat…and you’re not slim either and not even healthy! Sick all the time! Lacking immunity, no antibodies…

  18. Happy belated birthday to your sister. Hope she had a wonderful day.
    The cake looks scrumptious. I love Oreo cookies, so that’s just me written all over it.
    I’m quite looking forward to Chinese New Year, though I don’t know what I’m doing yet, I’m sure there will be loads of food involved.

    Thanks. You’re back in Medan for Chinese New Year or celebrating in the UK? Haven’t seen you around for a long long time… Welcome back.

  19. my gosh! That oreo cheesecake looks so delicious!!!! I love malay style fried noodles too. A tad of sweetness and goes with some sambal and a bull eye egg. Yummy !

    Me too…but not this one! I know of other places where the noodles are a lot nicer. 😉

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