Secret Love…

We interrupt our usual programme for a commercial break… LOL!!!

Malaysia’s own franchise, Secret Recipe, has opened its own outlet here in Sibu…

Secret Recipe Sibu 1

It is located at the Sibu Bus Terminal vicinity in the newest shop lots to the right – facing the main road (Jalan Pahlawan) next to Pahlawan Cafe…and for those who are familiar with the area, Baba & Siam is in the block right behind (Estimated GPS coordinate: 2.302861,111.849575).

The outlet is not really complete yet, so you may get to see people doing some fine tuning here and there. Why, they have not even put up the big sign at the top in front. Kinda strange, I would think…as generally, that would be the first thing people would do.

Secret Recipe Sibu 2

So, all of us here in Sibu can now enjoy the yummy cakes and other things that they have on their menu anytime…

Secret Recipe Sibu 3

Incidentally, does anybody recognise the lady buying the cakes at the cake counter? If you can guess correctly, you get to win a prize – you win the special honour of taking me there and giving me a treat! LOL!!!

I bought my favourite – their heavenly white chocolate macadamian cake…

White choc macadamian cake

…and also their chicken cornish, spicy…

Chicken cornish 1

…which was nice with lots of filling with a whole lot of chicken meat…

Chicken cornish 2

…but personally, I think I prefer the chicken pie at Aroma Bakery.

So, when are you all dropping by the place? Give me a tinkle and I’ll tag along. Hahahahaha….

Normal programming will resume after this…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

50 thoughts on “Secret Love…”

  1. it make me like going to the SR near my place now and grab that chicken cornish.. when I used to eat that FREE, I never appreciate it, now… I got to PAY to eat it! Enjoy that Cikgu since I won’t be there to bake you a cake.. πŸ˜€

    Yalor…so kesian! Everybody gets one, except me. Sobssss!!!! 😦

    1. Takpe… I join you sobsob, cuz I oso din get! SOBSOSSOB!

      You in KL some more! Really kesian! Hahahahaha! πŸ˜€

  2. ok…i bring u there…i give u a call when im back from travelling….cheers!

    I’ll be right here waiting for you…. Hahahahaha!!!

  3. FOC advertisement. Can see sibu now progressing. sooner or later maybe Tony Roma, Chili’s, Delicious, Bubba Gump, Old Town White Coffee and etc will open in sibu. But dunno how long will the shop last in Sibu.

    Old Town? Eyew…. Got a post coming up about that – this weekend, I think. 😦

  4. oh great, You found it! Its another good spot to yamcha in Sibu. πŸ™‚ How is their service?

    I bought takeaway. The service was very good – the guy who took my orders…and I ended up buying the chicken cornish even though originally, I only wanted the cake…and the cashier was efficient but the girl who packed the stuff was kinda slow. First day, I suppose.

  5. Hahahahahaha!!! Can’t wait to blog about it eh? My mom only knew about and had Secret Recipe cakes when we went to West Malaysia for my convo.

    Can’t remember when I first had Secret Recipe… Probably in Kuching and then in Sg Petani.

  6. The chicken pie from Aroma Bakery definitely much better!! Thanks again!

    See! I’ve got someone to second my humble opinion. I always tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. LOL!!!

  7. One of my fav place for cakes…but i found that the cakes price keep increasing making me less visiting now. My fav is Chocolate Indulgence and saw in de pic u taken…drooling**

    Choc Indulgence is my daughter’s favourite…

  8. i now u have to treat me

    Congrats…but read the post again. You win the honour to take me there and give me a treat! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  9. BTW, from that angle, that lady really look like my mom! But when I called to check, she doesn’t even know Secret Recipe exists in Sibu. She said ok she’s checking the shop out soon. Hahahah!!! πŸ˜€

    Nope, not your mum. Gosh! On Facebook, a lot of them said they would be dropping by… They should pay me for advertising for them! πŸ˜€

  10. Is that Ms M… ? the lady at the counter… looking for the sign of the rose on her leg…

    Right! So now you get the honour of taking me there and giving me a treat! Congrats! Hahahahaha!!!

  11. mwahahaha! almost everyday eat cakes from Secret Recipe. :p just now just ate oso. πŸ˜€

    Almost every day? Gee! You must be rich!!! $$!!! πŸ™‚

  12. I find their cake too sweet. Cheesecake still ok.

    The white choc macadamian isn’t but I find the choc indulgence too sweet for me. I’ve grown out of cheesecakes – not really a fan anymore.

    1. Tipu punya… try belanja him and see… sure makan oso. πŸ˜›

      It’s true! If a little bit…like those western restaurants, they have bite-size tiramisu, ok lah!!! Two mouthfuls only…to savour and enjoy. If a slice…maybe can manage but by the end, not really enjoying it already. Too rich, I guess.

    1. that’s what he says.. but i don’t trust his words for it.. SR from kelantan.. unbelievable..

      You’ll never know. Go google wikipeadia…you may find out the truth.

  13. I love Secret Recipe’s durian cheesecake !! Although I know of lots of people who don’t.. :p

    Not into cheesecakes – had an overkill of those once and I wouldn’t mind if I never have any more for the rest of my life. I love their durian cake though – the tall cake, sponge with fresh durian cream. Really very nice…but so far, it seems that they only have that in Sg Petani – not in any of their other outlets. Dunno why! 😦

  14. OH! Sibu got secret recipe now!! Last time my mum so crazy over the cakes when she is in KL. Newly open? How come i didn’t see it when i am back recently? It must be very very new then. hahahhaha

    Pppsssttt..stop promote chicken pie from Aroma Bakery, my mum had it 3 days in a row, now she lost her voice! LOL!!!!!

    Yup! I heard it just opened TODAY! Saw somebody mention it on Facebook and I’ve already gone to check it out. Fast eh? Aiyor…your mum had the pies THREE days in a row, no wonder! I just had it once and the other day, I bought some to take to Kuching and there were extras…so I had it again. Twice only. Of course, they are nicest hot from the oven with the buttery fragrance, really nice! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  15. Must try the durian cheese cake .. It’s so so so delicious !!

    Naw, not into cheesecake…and like I said in my reply to an earlier comment, I love the durian cake with fresh durian cream! Out of this world! But so far, I only saw that sold in an outlet in Sg Petani, Kedah – not elsewhere.

  16. how a big surprise it is…. Sibu got RS now… Can’t wait for that… Wanna rush to there now…LOL!

    Yup! I guess you’re not in Sibu right now? Your first time here, I see – thanks for dropping by and do come again!

  17. how a big surprise it is…. Sibu got RS now… Can’t wait for that… Wanna rush to there right now…LOL!

    Oops! Duplicate comment! Never mind, the more the merrier. LOL!! πŸ˜€

  18. nais….. yum yum yum…. will go there when i get back

    You’re not in Sibu? Thought I just saw you in church on Sunday? Wow! Pretty mobile for a “big” guy, eh? LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  19. went to Putrajaya today, don’t know what to eat so i end up makan grilled black pepper set RM10/set..excluded service tax and gov. tax… wanted to eat the cake but too full liao….maybe next round la haha!!

    Where? At Secret Recipe? I’m not a fan of black pepper…despite being from Sarawak. LOL!!! Ooi…go to Putrajaya, should ask that Zul to buy you lunch/dinner. His constituency, that one! πŸ™‚

    1. You’re not a fan of Sarawak black pepper? OMG, that’s a sin!!!

      Hahahaha!!!! Definitely not anything with black pepper sauce or gravy!

    2. Ya…at Secret recipe..near to Zul’s place….at first wanted to call him but my boss ask me to go back to office to collect thing…so tak jadi…i told him maybe next time la…sure la must ask him to belanja ma… πŸ™‚

      Ya…and if I get to go to KL, maybe we can drop by together and he will have to give the TWO of us a treat. πŸ˜‰

    1. Budak budak who were born in 80s sure like cheesecake. I likey like too! LOL…

      Not those “set” ones – the ones you put in the fridge and chill it to become firm. I used to love those so much…and every Teachers; Day, my students would buy for me. In the end, I got so sick of it – after a bite of two, want to throw up already. On my retirement, I got a few whole cheesecakes – had to give a couple away!

  20. Wah first ever Secret Recipe in Sibu eh??? How is the quality compared to the ones in KL? πŸ™‚ I love the cheese cakes! Not so much of the macadamia though… πŸ˜›

    Very good. I don’t recall there being so many huge chunks of macadamian nuts in the cake…or any at all, just crushed ones perhaps. But I heard my daughter say that the quality control in the outlets at Sg Petani wasn’t so good…and the dishes were sometimes not so satisfactory. But the times I went for their cakes, what I had was fine. I thought the one I had at the KL outlet in Bukit Bintang wasn’t that great – but maybe that day, I just had brunch…so I did not enjoy the cake there that much.

    1. Cis, u tak habis habis! Cyn’s cake mana? Semua telan liao ah? Sobs, never save me a slice!

      Temper! Temper!…So kesian! Nobody gave you even a bit kah? Why they all so bad one? Hahahahahaha!!!

  21. hey STP, my kids love this cake too.. same taste as u.. hehehee.. in fact during my birthday two years ago, they gave me the whole cake of that.. white choc toppings.. πŸ™‚

    Ya…a cousin of mine had one once and I bought a Choc Indulgence for our pot luck dinner in Kuching when I went there with my daughter. I guess every special occasion from now on, it will be a cake from there. But personally I still like the baked Japanese cheese cake from a bakery here – something like Uncle Miki’s. Very nice…

  22. Secret Recipe have very nice cakes… but you know something Cikgu? After I kenal that Cynthia… cis, i wun layan Secret Recipe oredi. Her cakes are way nicer! No joke…next time you come KL… we go and beg her to bake us some chocolate cakes or wud. Her cakes really damn nice. i tasted once in Smallkucing’s house during Smallkucing’s birthday earlier this year… her chocolate cake is something to die for!!!

    I don’t mind chocolate cake…but SR’s a bit too sweet for me – maybe it’s the rich chocolate icing and cream. Ah! She said if I go KL, she will bake me ONE WHOLE CAKE – just for me! Eat your heart out! Hehehehehe!!!

  23. I want chocolate indulgence from Secret Recipe!:D

    A lot of people like that, it seems, including my daughter…but not my favourite. Go ahead! I’m sure there are a lot of SR’s outlets in Melaka…

  24. We used to have SR at our boarding school tuckshop….uninspiring to say the least. Although it is quite exciting to have one so near my house:P About time someone gave Tanahmas cakes a run for their money

    Oh? So your house is somewhere there? Good! Ya…Tanahmas has the best cheesecakes and the best part is after 6.30 or when, they sell them at 30% discount or something. The cakes are still very good…just that I’ve grown out of those – not really keen anymore unlike before. The students even nicknamed me “Cheesecake” because they knew how much I loved eating them!

  25. so secret recipe paid you to write ah? got give you free cakes or not? hehe..

    No lah! Free lance! That’s why I am free to say that their RM8.00 chicken cornish isn’t as nice as my RM2.80 chicken pies…!!! I tell nothing but the truth! LOL!!!

  26. Since everyone’s talking about the cakes…. let me say that what i enjoy most in SR is the Tom Yum Noodles. The Beef noodles is also not bad. I think they have a set meal for Tom Yum Noodle + Drink + Brownie for RM18.90 or something like that. Quite steep for Sibu prices lar…haha.

    They’ve a special for the opening….but I did not bother to see what it was. I love the Irish stew…and since Louis J says he’s going to give me a treat, I’ll wait till he comes back from Bintulu. Hehehehehe!!!!

  27. 1st time dropping by ur blog…nice blog.
    I also jz get to noe abt opening of Secret Recipe when I passby this afternoon.
    Shld find a day dropby n try their cakes…as I am a cake lover.

    1st time? How did you escape moderation? Anyway, welcome and do come again. Ya…I love their cakes…and their Irish stew. Who knows, we may bump into each other there? Do say hi, k?

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