American Pie…

Nope! It isn’t an American Pie…but an Aroma Pie!

Aroma Bakery

The Aroma Bakery is located in Taman Damai in the vicinity of the Sibu Civic Centre (Dewan Suarah) in the same block as Grace Cafe which is quite popular in Sibu for its dianpianngu.

I happened to drop by one evening and found one solitary chicken pie left…

Aroma Bakery chicken pie 1

…so I snapped it up in a jiffy. I can’t recall exactly now but I think it cost RM2.60…or was it RM2.80?

When I got home, I tried it immediately…

Aroma Bakery chicken pie 2

Best lah! The pastry was pretty good and the filling was very delicious. I noticed that they had a layer of chicken meat floss inside as well.

So if you’re around that area in the afternoon, you can drop by and try your luck. I certainly will be heading back there for more and I hear that on some days, they have very nice curry puffs too… Yum!!!

Author: suituapui

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33 thoughts on “American Pie…”

  1. very watery the filling ler…

    No leh? Nice, gooey…like the baked char siew pastry at Kai Joo Lane in Kuching. I can never get my pie filling like that – either too dry…or so watery that they ooze out during baking like a volcano! Have to keep trying…

  2. Yumm…yumm…!!! I love chicken/beef pie! πŸ˜€

    Very nice! Nicer than the imported Australian ones. No beef ones though… 😦

  3. Ethan’s been watching Word World and been pestering me to get him some PIES.. THIS just reminded me of it.. I need to get him some pies.. hahaha

    Ya…go and get him some nice ones! Delifrance? Expensive…but never mind! One kid only! Like my daughter – she loved Delifrance pastries. Hahahahaha!!!

  4. my my.. its american pie… chicken pie, i mean… πŸ™‚
    STP, u can do it better, I bet! I bought 2 for my kids yesterday, they cost 2.60 each… very nice too! and the other night my cell leader baked some chicken pies.. hey, was it a chicken pie weekend?

    Chicken pie…I think I need more practice with the filling, pastry pass liao!!! Your pies nice or not? This one’s really good lah! Worth buying. Sure looks like a pie weekend for you…. πŸ˜€

  5. Very cheap! Like everything else in Sibu!

    Ya…and so small, full tank of petrol can last at least two weeks or more. Good place for poor retirees… Hehehehehe!!!!

  6. Rm2.80 for a delicious chicken pie… that’s so so impossible in K.L!! How large is the pie exactly?!

    The usual pie size…a bit smaller than a saucer – around 4 inches in diameter. In KL…if you go to places like Delifrance or branded places like that, of course you can expect to pay through your nose. Even the one I had at the eatery at KLIA was more expensive but can’t remember how much now.

  7. How big is the pie? Dono why, the pie that you made looks more delicious than this one. πŸ˜›

    Mine’s stuffed with lots of filling and has thicker crust. This one’s very thin crust and filling’s a lot less. Of course lah – people want to make money.

  8. What’s with bakeries and meat floss? they really like to add meatfloss in everything… buns, sandwiches, cakes, pie..etc. Other than that the pie does look good. But no meat floss please. hehe.

    It seems to be the trend – meat floss in everything. You’ll have to place special order then – they have meat floss in their pies.

  9. Hmmm…i don’t know why, i am not a pie person. Don’t really like to eat pie. πŸ™‚

    Hmmm…i thought i saw “dianpianngu” word in this post? Ok, make sure i will have it this round back. This is the new one serving dianpianngu? I remember last time is at the old bus station there?? PPpsssttt..that is my uncle (my father’s second brother)! LOL

    Ok…so no pies when you come. The one at the old bus station is still the best. I hear this one’s the relative or something…not too sure.

  10. hey.. that’s an interesting way of steaming tofu. I’d do it minus the pork belly.. I’d be too lazy to defrost just a tiny slice tho’

    Yup…my dad loves it with just salted fish and ginger on top…

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