What’s in the middle…

I did not feel like having any rice or noodles for lunch that day so I stopped by one of the bakeries near my house

Bread Sense Sibu

The slogan or catchline caught my attention: “We make your sense” and don’t, for heaven’s sake, bother asking me what that means for honestly, it certainly makes no sense whatsoever to me. Sigh! The sign of the times! I would think it is an obvious indication of the direction the standard of English around here is going these days and that is really tragic, don’t you think?

Well, I bought this California roll there…

Bread Sense California roll

…which cost over RM2.00 each and as you can see from the photo, they had a bit of sausage, fried fish fillet, crab stick and chicken meat floss plus a bit of lettuce inside…but wait a minute! They did not have any of the sushi rice and in place of that, they merely wrapped everything up with a slice of bread with the seaweed on the outside. The only saving grace was that it tasted all right.

I also bought these stuffed mantao (steamed bread)…

Bread Sense stuffed mantao 1

…which also cost over RM2.00 for a pack of 3. I would prefer slices of pork stewed in soy sauce but they only had some kind of gravy that tasted like what they would usually use as filling in their char siew pao. It did not taste too bad except that I felt the mantao was a bit hard/tough, probably because it was cold and not cushiony soft.

Bread Sense stuffed mantao 2

Whatever it is, you can jolly well guess that I would not be making the beeline back there anytime soon to get more of these.

But the banana cake was simply superb though. Initially, I thought it was a bit pricey – one little loaf for RM3.00 but when I tried it, I was singing a totally different tune altogether. It tasted so very good, so soft…absolutely perfect…and much nicer than the very nice one that I had here. I would want to go back there again one of these days and get some more…and perhaps, I can buy some chocolate ice cream to eat with it like this – that would surely be like Heaven, I’m sure!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

34 thoughts on “What’s in the middle…”

  1. LOL… yeah… the English is a bit weird… I wonder what they’re trying to convey?

    Let’s wait till somebody who can read Mandarin drops by and translates for us. I hope it makes more sense…than the English version. 😦 Ya!That’s probably it! WE MAKE MORE SENSE – meaning that it makes more sense to go and buy things there as theirs are better…

    1. My Mandarin is ‘limited edition’, but from what I gather, the Mandarin version carries more or less this meaning ‘ Make your heart beat with good senses?’… *facepalm* My Mandarin teacher would be so disappointed in me if she knows that I still struggle in my reading!

      Not too sure I understand that translation either… LOL!!! Ya…I would tell the very weak students – if anybody asks who your teacher is, give the name of some other teacher! Don’t put me to shame. LOL!!! 😀

  2. haha, i don’t understnd the eng too, n my eng as bad as tat too. sobs…
    the mantau expensive leh, shud hv some minced meat at least, not worth leh 3 for rm2.oo

    What about the Mandarin? Does it make sense? Well, you go to such places…can expect things to be more expensive lah…and not necessarily nice(r).

  3. Maybe Scent? We make your scent? hahaha.. also no meaning..
    STP, you showed us the not-so-nice ones, where is the banana piece that received high praises from u? guess u walloped that before u can click the camera.. lol…

    I did not take as I did not expect it to be really good. Ate that later…and was pleasantly surprised. If I buy again, sure will take the photos this time.

  4. love the mantao… i love it when you pair it with congee

    Huh? We never eat it like that – we usually eat it on its own stuffed with braised meat or like bread.

  5. Maybe it means what they bake is according to our taste/ liking?
    The English at my area is also horrendous. I even see wrong words and grammar in brochures for tuition school. *Shudder at the thought*

    I’m not surprised. And yet there are parents who will send their children to such centres – usually they are cheaper but that may not always be the case.

  6. The California roll looks superb…feels like sinking my teeth into it.

    The mantao quite x’pensive, nothing inside, just gravy. As you say should have some slices of pork or maybe some minced meat too.

    No picture of the banana cake that you have been praising high to the sky. Walloped all before you have the time to take a snap.

    Sori, duno how to read Mandarin…English educated, so can’t help u….hahaha….but tell you, I can speak Mandarin quite well.

    Me too. Quite conversant, can communicate…but can’t read or write. Wait! I’ll go back there and buy the banana cake and then I’ll post on it. The roll was o.k. and the mantao too…but not jumping up and down withdelight, and definitely not at those prices.

  7. Slurppp..the steamed bun looks good. Yea, i would prefer to add a slice of ham, perhaps.

    Yup…would be nice with ham and cheese… Yum! Yum! LOL!!!

  8. nowadays perfect English difficult to understand n cannot get the message thru–direct translation is easier to understand..lol
    btw I like the california roll.

    You’ve tried this one…or you mean the ones at Japanese restaurants with sushi rice inside? Well, too bad…can’t understand this particular translation of their slogan…

  9. Sir, my understanding.

    Chinese words – bake with heart, absolute good (great) taste

    English words – one of my guesses is that it should be BAKE instead of MAKE. The other one should be WE MAKE – YOUR SENSE?

    Make sense? haha.. 🙂

    Aha! The translation makes perfect sense – thanks, David. Nope…no matter how we twist and turn, the English version simply baffles me.

  10. Guess the mantao is good with roasted duck slices, my husband’s favourite!

    have a great weekend!

    Yes, some restaurants here serve that! Absolutely delicious! I love it too!

  11. Very deep — We make your sense. But perhaps they meant “We take your sens.” That mantao looks good to me. Can’t believe they just put some gravy on top with no meat. Sounds like another Foochow businessman (or businesswoman) to me.

    Yup…that would make a lot more sense but unfortunately they take a lot more than that! LOL!! Not too sure who owns the place – I guess there may be bits of meat inside but not visible to the naked eye, can only see the gravy. LOL!!!

  12. Maybe they are trying to convey the message that people going there buying doesn’t make sense…..hahaha…just kidding

    Or buying their stuff to eat makes a lot of sense…or something along that line…

  13. Read over….and over…..again the tagline…”We make your sense”….Crack my head and still can’t figure out what they are trying to convey.

    Suggest you drop by again that bakery shop and ask for an explanation….See what they are going to tell you. Stop spinning our head!!!!………….

    See David’s translation of the Chinese version – that makes sense. Best just to ignore what the English one means – I wonder why they even bother when their English sucks big time…

  14. Seems like you did not really enjoy any of them huh! :/

    They were o.k. but for that kind of money, I think there are a lot of nicer things available here.

  15. Bro not very sure how wordpress works as I cant see/find your Archives when I need to gostan to your previous post about the wedding event in Penang to be linked in my recent entry? Would have to do a gostan one by one from the ‘older post’ at the bottom of page. Ada short cut kah? tQ.

    There! On the right, at the top. You search for maybe “wedding in Penang” and click”GO”, and you will get a few suggested posts…and you will locate the one that you want…which is this one:

  16. don`t bother about the slogan, i tak paham, english tak paham, chinese lagi tak paham 🙂

    agree with Irene, u should drop by again and ask, don’t forget to buy the banana cake yo 😉

    I’m sure the employees would be completely blur – probably not even conversant in English. Will post something along this line in a few days’ time…

  17. Looks can be so deceiving..tsk! tsk! No wonder in the culinary world, ‘you eat with your eyes first’…how true…THAT makes SENSE!

    Yup, that’s why presentation is very important…and not all that look good will taste good. As they say, the test of the pudding is in the eating.

  18. How come no pictures of the banana cakes?

    If they can just stuff some meat into the mantou, i bet it will be nicer. My son love the mantou with peanut butter

    Nice, if steaming hot…sapu butter and it will melt, giving out a nice fragrance, add peanut butter and ngappp!!!! Yum! Yum! Pictures of banana cake will come soon…when I drop by the place again.

  19. STP, u r right. Nothing beats the taste of full pork filling of the original Char Siew Pau. Yum…it makes me hungry now. Lol…

    But with man tao, I prefer the lor tau-eyew bak – pork braised in soy sauce… Yum!

  20. Ya ya , David ‘s translation is correct . It said they bake with heart and it sure taste good . Did you check , maybe they use google translate so it become ” we make your sense ” . LOL
    Mantou look good , maybe you should steam it next time before you eat , so it will softer .
    California roll !! I like !! Last night I just had it .

    Bet yours had sushi rice inside, not bread. 😦 Yup, they probably used google translate- really hopeless that one. Tried using it for some Japanese phrases and the outcome was disastrous!! The mantao got filling already plus veg some more, how to steam? They should sell steaming hot and stuff only when a customer wants to buy…

  21. wahh so busy today. Finally have the time to pop by your post bro.

    XD I didn’t know you are a bread type of person. Wahaha. Full enough or not?? 😛

    Nope, not into bread…but may pop by bakeries to see the cakes and pastries… Not really – so little how to feel. Typical of teachers lah – salary so little…in Hokkien, people say, “Chiak bay pah, goh bay see!” (Starve, won’t die – eat not full) So kesian…

  22. Sir,

    I would like to give it a try, to continue from where David had stopped.

    From that little sticker on the plastic container, there are 4 phrases – 3 phrases in Chinese; 1 phrase in English.

    The 1st phrase is expressed by the biggest font (David didn’t translate this).
    The 2nd & the 3rd phrases are in the 2nd line – 4 chinese characters each, on the left and on the right respectively (which David has accurately translated).

    Loosely translate the 1st phrase – Hundred happy victories.

    My attempt to put all the jigsaw puzzle pieces together (with David’s help) will sound like this:

    Bake with heart, absolutely tasty.
    We make you sense (it),

    So…how? Sir, can I pass? 😉 Blind guess on what they wish to express is… they want their customers to aware of their effort in baking, to be aware of the tastiness of their baked goods.

    Aha!! Eureka! Now it makes perfect sense. Thanks, Mag…whoever you may be. David’s better half,I presume? 😉

    1. Sir, LOL… half a pail of water I may be (my languages eloquence) but nope, am not the better half of David nor related to him in any way. Suppose we are just two strangers who happened to cross your path in this faithful entry? 😉

      I mentioned his name cos it is the right thing to do. Strictly speaking, he got more than half of the clue correct while I added just a little bit more at the end. 🙂

      As for me, let’s just say am one of your many silent readers (till wee hour of this morning, that is 😉 ) who usually tip-toe with kerosene lamp at night to your blog, to appreciate your ‘a post a day’ entry and pick up new English expressions along the way. Oh, last but not least, learn some sense too! A sense by the name, sense of humour! 😉

      Ah! I see…a secret admirer! Muahahahaha!!!! 😀 Welcome, welcome. Glad you like dropping by and reading what I may have up my sleeves for the day. Thanks for the support.

  23. is it better than your workmate’s banana bread? i like banana cake especially if it is incorporated with choco chips 🙂

    My workmate’s banana bread? Dunno of any. We get banana cake all over but usually rather dark with a heavy banana essence smell and too moist – never really liked it until now.

  24. that man tao sure looks tempting with a little touch of greens =)

    LOL!!! Looks are often deceptive…and all that look good may not be that good.

  25. the mantao looked so cute and pretty. “We make your sense” makes no sense at all!

    Ya…that was why I bought. Looked so good…but unfortunately, did not taste as good…

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