Never gonna give up…

You all know about the yummy chicken pies from Aroma Bakery already as I have posted on them here…and here…but all this while, I’ve been told that their curry puffs are very nice too. However, I was made to understand that they did not make them themselves – the curry puffs were homemade and they would deliver them to the bakery to be sold at their premises.

I went there a number of times but they were always sold out…and recently, a young girl at the the shop said that they had stopped making so there would not be any more for sale from then on. But the other day, I heard that they were back in business…so I made a bee line to the shop. See! It pays to be patient and keep on trying and trying and not to give it!

Finally, I got the curry puffs that I had been wanting to try for so long…

Aroma Bakery curry puffs 1

They were selling them at 80 sen each and I must say that they did not look very nice, coming in all kinds of distorted shapes.

The pastry was very nice – baked, not fried…but the filling had very little meat, mostly potatoes. It tasted good though, slightly spicy and nice. Well, considering that they were only 80 sen each, I would not think that there was any cause for complaint. They were definitely better than the curry puffs I had bought from some other bakeries in town.

Aroma Bakery curry puffs 2

On the whole, tastewise, I would say that the ones I had in Sungai Petani (Kedah) were much nicer. Those were huge and had a lot of meat in their filling…but they were fried, not baked.

Sg Petani curry puffs
*recycled pic

The prices varied but the one that I liked best – their chicken potato was RM1.40 each, almost double the price.

All in all, I’ve yet to find any that can rival my favourite curry puffs – baked, not fried and made with short crust pastry…from that little shop in Kai Joo Lane in Kuching, the one renowned for its meat pastry (baked char siew pao). Sigh!!!

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34 thoughts on “Never gonna give up…”

  1. ahaha! little meat only arr?? i dnt like curry puff is its spicy. :p

    80 sen, what do you expect? The ones at the kampong stall that I go to – smaller but RM1.00 for four. Very nice…but the filling’s all potatoes…and they’re fried not baked. Curry puff, if spicy…setakat mana! Not like the things my missus cooks – just because she loves everything extremely spicy, she expects everybody to like it like that too. Sometimes, I just take a spoonful…and that’s it! 😦

    1. lol! i actually dint noe how much is the price for those foodies. :p only know how to eat it ny. haha. i prefer baked one lor. if fried, some are still oily one. :/ spicy la for me! lol. whoaa so cham ah.. haha u so bad only take a sponful ny! xD

      So pedas…like fire! What to do? Actually, I like pedas…but not to the extent. 😦

  2. I made my own curry puffs using pampas puff pastry easily available here. Hve tried bought ones but i think homemade here are the best n I baked them so not oily. πŸ™‚

    I’ve used frozen pastries before – puff and shortcrust…but they’re not nice. Bland. I think I will try making my own curry puffs when I can find the time – baked, of course. Not so keen on the fried ones… Lots at the Malay stalls.

  3. curry puffs i have eaten so far were fried ones… i love those with sweet potatoes fillings…

    Not really crazy about the fried ones – I would prefer the baked ones anytime! The ones sold at my regular kampong stall have sweet potato filling!

  4. I just had some (a lot) the other day during my meeting. πŸ™‚

    Humph!!! Paid out of my tax money hor!!! Oops! Forgot! I don’t pay tax anymore. Pensioner – too poor to be taxed! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  5. hmmm….filling too little ah…but quite cheap ler….anyway, i like to eat puff with lots of filling…else just eat the dough also sian liow…hehehe

    Me too. Actually, they can put more meat, RM1.20 each also ok, chicken or beef… After all, it is quite tasty…just mostly potatoes.

  6. A good curry puff gives a good kampung feel and i love authentic kampung food for the ‘homely’ feeling it gives me ( and my tummy haha ). Not a fan of the ones that come with only sweet potato filling though, so whenever i unwittingly bite into one, it makes me annoyed for not getting to enjoy a true blue karipap and i have to finish the whole thing anyway. Best is we learn to make what we want to eat. Free rein hehe.

    Ya…looks like it. I think I will just have to make my own and eat to my heart’s content…but real lazy lah!!! That’s the problem! 😦

  7. Fried curry puffs taste better but is probably a whole lot more unhealthier than baked ones. πŸ™‚

    I’ve never tried the ones from Aroma (or maybe I have and I forgot). The ones you described from Sg Petani sounds good too.

    There’s also a HUGE curry puff you can get over here in KL. πŸ™‚

    Ya…I saw that on tv – PJ side or some place, as big as those that I bought in Sg Petani but I think they’re fried. I’m the opposite – prefer it baked, not so oily. If the pastry is rich and buttery…it will be really good!

  8. wah 80sen only? that’s cheap and i don’t mind the distorted shapes as long as it’s good!

    I thought it was cheap too. But since there’s not much meat in it, I guess that’s a pretty fair price.

  9. Speaking of curry puffs, a colleague’s friend got make some in a box of ten – chicken or beef, and sell a box at RM7. I ordered a box of chicken and beef each to try out. The puffs are not fried yet, the pastries are still white so I have to fry (or bake) them myself.

    The other day Chipmunk’s mom fried them all and the turned out looking like those in the last picture – got contour line wan πŸ˜€ I like the beef ones. Yummzzz!!! Chipmunk and the family like the chicken ones. They said very nice but I find the filling got no or little chicken taste (ask my colleague complain to the friend. Hahaha!!!)

    You bought the baked char siew meat pastry from Kai Joo Lane for me once… Have you tried the curry puffs? Nice! The century pastry is actually the char siew pao with century egg inside…and there another variety with or-nee (sweet yam paste)…and the yam puffs are nice too but better eaten there – not good to take all the way back to Sibu.

  10. RM1.40 rather expensive. Here they are selling RM1. Taste not too bad

    That’s in Sg Petani…big ones. These are only 80 sen…

  11. Now I only know curry puff can also be baked, think those I had were all fried. Eat rice don’t know rice price – the puffs are going at 80sen sebiji? Will Sibu be slightly cheaper than Federal? Ignorance of the cooking style and ignorance of the price but not ignorance on how to chew. haha. tQ for the info.

    I dunno… I’ve never eaten curry puffs in KL – baked or fried. Dunno where the nice ones are so never bothered to go hunting.

  12. Wow, is it me or the curry puff in ur photos is fat?!

    Don’t tell me you prefer those miserable-looking flat ones??? And btw, I’m talking about curry puffs, k? LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  13. forgot to tell you, my mum told me the curry puff is so so only compare to the chicken pie. A bit too spicy to her liking. πŸ™‚

    Over here at some coffee shop you can sometime see people carry the basket and sell fresh curry table by table, those are taste quite good. Big one and with lots ingredient inside, my boys love it.

    Not really that spicy…but of course, cannot compare with the chicken pie. Even the pasty kalah – but one’s RM2.80…the other 80 sen! LOL!!! There used to be very good ones sold at a stall at Rejang Park but for years now, no more… 😦

  14. I just bought big curry puff a couple of days ago, and it costs me Rm1.80 each. The big ones, with potatoes and half of a boiled egg inside of it. The owner tipu-ed me. Say inside got chicken. When makan liao… TARAK! One piece of chicken oso tarak!

    LOL!!! That’s the problem. We can’t see what’s inside…so forced to buy and eat to find out “the truth”!!! 😦 Gosh!!! RM1.80! More expensive than the Sg Petani ones – at least, those were very nice, just that they were fried, not baked. Sigh!!!

    1. Aiyo… u laugh la. Very cham wan, I tell you. It is not that cheap either. 😦 RM1.80×5=?

      I bought for the anak and the husband to eat. Bought 5 so that can reheat in the oven for our teatime. But mana tau… the curry puff is quite a disappointment though the anak happily wallop 3 of it.

      LOL…he likes it, and keep asking for more, but I feel it’s not that worth. The shop owner says inside got alot of chicken, but makan-ed all of it, not even one shred of chicken meat. Tipu-ed wan. Why can’t they just tell me inside just got boiled eggs and potatoes? Nonid to tipu wan ma. I will still buy if it’s nice wan.

      😦 *sigh* I know they wanna do business and needs the money. Who doesn’t? But can’t they be a bit honest to the customers?

      Next time, buy one first to try. If nice…then go back for more. I bought 6…and they were not that great. Regret a bit…but at least, they were not bad…and only cost 80 sen each.

  15. I love sardine curry puff. But nowadays, very rare can get them. Mostly selling potatoes filling with egg added.

    I don’t mind sardine rolls but not really crazy over them. Here, no egg…mostly potatoes, and the Malay ones – sweet potatoes…and all hardly any meat. Wait till I have time, I’ll make my own…and eat puas-puas!!! Grrrr…!!!

  16. I am eating a chicken curry and steak puff pastry pie. What a coincidence! Hmmm Curry puffs! I like the tiny indian ones, fried with lots of meat! Enak!

    Oooo…how much are those pies there? Had them before in Auckland but can’t remember the prices now. Love those steak pies…Yum! Yum! LOL!!! The Indians have tiny ones? Well, I wouldn’t know. Hardly any Indians in my town…and they don’t make curry puffs. πŸ˜€

  17. Eh those curry puffs looked good what… but I also don’t like if there’s not much meat. πŸ˜› I prefer it to be filled with meat! Hopefully just the lean meat.. LOL

    Gosh!! Looks like we’re all carnivorous!!! Hahahahaha!!! πŸ˜€

  18. They look good. Baked ones lagi best!

    Aha!! Someone with the same taste as me!!! I prefer the baked ones to the fried ones too! πŸ™‚

  19. curry puffs oso have rivals here and there.. gosh.. life is getting too complicated these days πŸ˜€

    Of course lah!! The better the taste, the more popular it will be… The survival of the fittest!

  20. is it spicy? if it is spicy then lagi sedap dimakan.

    since you are highly recommend, next time i go to sibu i must go to try.

    Thought you said not too long ago that you do not eat spicy stuff? …..Ooi! Read again… It wasn’t that nice, not as nice as those from Kai Joo Lane in Kuching. So if you’re coming to Sibu, make sure you go there and get me some – buah tangan!!! Chinese say go visit people, cannot go empty-handed one! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    1. hahhaaha yupe yupe… cannot empty hand ook ok… hehehe

      So make sure you remember that!!!

      P.S. Sorry, if you want to talk about all that crap…please go elsewhere!! I’ve no interest in such matters. I’m sure there are many blogs in this connection. 😦

  21. Kiaaaaaa!!! My favourite curry puff pusing! That’s my favourite food, specially if it’s made of butter(not margarine)! I actually learnt how to make curry puff pusing because I love it so so much!(drool drool)

    Have a wonderful day ahead!

    Ya…best with butter. Did not really taste the hint of butter…unlike the chicken pie. Ummmm…what’s pusing? The way you twist the edges to seal the curry puff, is it?

    1. Notice the layered crust of curry puff? Malays name this kinda curry puff as Curry puff “pusing”… it’s extra flaking crispy!^-^

      They made the layered crust by mixing a butter dough( or margarine) into a flour dough, then they “lenyek”(flatten) the dough, roll it and “lenyek” again… a sequence of this action will end up with a layered crust, very nice!!

      I see… Layered like puff pastry. They do have that at the kampong stall, 3 for RM1.00…the non-layered ones, 4 for RM1.00 – both fried, not baked! 😦

  22. These sound lovely and reasonably priced.

    LOL!!! I guess they seem dirt cheap compared to those over your side – if they are available there, that is. πŸ™‚

  23. hey ur blog is making me drooling T.T btw, linked ya!

    Welcome! Thanks for dropping by…and do come again. I’ve linked you too! πŸ™‚

  24. the curry puffs look so good. great photos….am craving badly for one now!

    They’re ok…but not great. When I can find the time, I may get down to making some if my own – really nice ones! πŸ˜‰ Btw, welcome…and do come again. Will add your link in my blogroll. Nice blog you have – love it! πŸ™‚

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