So much better now…

He was here a long long time ago – even that particular coffee shop has since been relocated to another place right round the corner. I remember hearing that the sambal for his nasi lemak was extra spicy so I just had to go and try. I don’t recall being all that thrilled about what I had and from my post on it way back in 2009, I did not really like the rice plus I thought that it was expensive – only RM4.00 at the time.

After sometime there, Janggut – that’s the name that we use to refer to the guy by virtue of his beard – moved away. I heard that he was somewhere at a coffee shop in the vicinity of Sg Merah here but I never dropped by his stall there. Then I was told that now he is here…

Twin Corner Sibu

…at this coffee shop (2.293179,111.820821) at the corner at the back to the left of Paramount Hotel, Jalan Kampung Datu.

The moment he saw me, he asked, “Makan apa, cikgu?” (What would you like to eat, teacher?) Good grief!!! The guy actually knows me! *face palm* I could not remember anything about his nasi lemak way back then so I just ordered the special (RM5.00)…

Janggut nasi lemak

…to see if it was any good and indeed, it was! The rice was, I would say, quite lemak…and lemak enough for my liking unlike the one I had here, for instance and as good as this classier and pricier one. He certainly was very generous with the sambal but I wished he had not buried the cucumber slices underneath it – the touch of green would have helped make the presentation a little bit nicer. No, it was not spicy at all but yes, it was nice and he certainly was quite generous with it.

The fried chicken wing…

Fried chicken wing

…that came with the special was nicely done and I quite liked the complimentary sup tulang (bone soup) that came with my order.

Unfortunately, if I was grumbling about the price way back in 2009, it is even worse now – by RM1.00 but I guess that is to be expected after all these years considering that the prices of everything have been shooting up and up and up. We’ll just have to learn to live with it, I guess. Sighhhhhh!!!!!

I also remember how I used to love the roti canai at this shop, especially the very rich and thick dhal dip but the guys at the stall appeared different from the ones before so I decided to order a piece (RM1.20)…

Twin Corner roti canai

…to see if it was any good and indeed, it was. The dhal dip did seem a bit diluted compared to previously but thankfully, it was still very nice and I am not sure whether it was because I ordered roti telur that last time around and I was given the dip and one or two other types of sambal whereas this time around, I got the one and the same thing…

Roti canai dhal dip

…but since it was nice, a lot nicer than what I would get at many other places, and I enjoyed it, it was perfectly all right by me. I never found out whether those guys were new or still the same ones though – I did not ask…but I did notice that the stall from which we ordered the noodles then had closed down. No big loss, I guess, considering that we did not really like what we had at the time.

My missus ordered the wat tan hor kway teow (RM4.00)…

Twin Corner wat tan hor 1

…from the chu-char place at the back of the coffee shop. We had had some pretty nice stuff from this place before and it certainly did not disappoint my missus this time around. She said it was good…

Twin Corner wat tan hor 2

…and she loved its wok hei fragrance.

After having had our fill, I went over to chat with Janggut for a bit and that was when my attention was drawn to these plates of ayam penyet

Janggut nasi ayam penyet

…about to be served. Ooooo….it does look good, doesn’t it? Hmmmm…I certainly would be back there soon to give this a try!

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27 thoughts on “So much better now…”

  1. No gravy in your nasi lemak? My mum tapau-ed nasi lemak for me too last week when she came to visit, no gravy, had lots of potatoes, cockles and a piece of rendang chicken, but no gravy.. Very dry, but nice also la.. I prefer my nasi lemak to have some curry gravy though..

    Gravy in nasi lemak? Wouldn’t make any difference if it had been plain rice then. Really good nasi lemak must be so rich with the santan and the fragrant pandan flavour that one can eat it on its own, no need to drown it with gravy.

    Potatoes with your nasi lemak? Gee! Never heard nor seen that. If it is the potatoes from the curry, I guess that’s fine. Hopefully, it is not french fries – that’s sacrilegious – like what looked like it in my missus’ curry – tomorrow’s post. 😦

  2. The original Katong laksa man was also called “Jangut”, as he had a few strands of hair growing out of a mole near his chin.

    Would need more than a few strands to qualify as a janggut, I think. If I am not mistaken, it means a beard.

  3. I like your missus order. Chicken wing from the nasi lemak looks good. So is this nasi lemak up to your standard? What is that in the ayam penyet set, between the sauce & cucumber?

    Ok, good but can’t say it is up to my standard – yet to find one here.

    Oh that? That’s cabbage cut into a rectangular block. I would not say I like it like that though. When I cook cabbage, I would peel off the leaves one by one, soak in water (though people say that will kill all the vitamins) and rinse well before cooking. I don’t think they can do that when they cut it like that…but I guess a little bit…once in a long while will not kill me. After all, when they serve the leaves by the side, one would not know if they wash it first or not…or to what extent.

  4. When i go Sibu, i mention your name, guess most people will know you, hehe..

    You can always try. πŸ˜€

  5. haha, ‘makan apa, cikgu?’ …. that’s a line that you should be hearing more often actually … it’s a nice alternative to hello πŸ˜€ roti canai bread looks nice and fluffy and thick πŸ˜€

    Usually, it’s uncle…or towkay but last week, the fishmonger called me brudder!!! I bought more from him. Hehehehehe!!!!! Roti canai’s good – I liked the nice thin crispy layer on the outside, very well done.

  6. hahahah…once a cikgu always a cikgu! Aiyo.. the chicken tandoori rice looks so good.. .you should eat that but never mind, can come back and eat again!

    Ayam penyet lah, not tandoori chicken.

  7. The deep red sambal got my attention πŸ˜€ I love mixing lots of it with the nasi lemak. So he also does Ayam Penyet. They look good and also come with the sambal. You must go back to try and give your verdict πŸ˜€

    Yes, sure I will go back again and try. There are nice ones around here, but there are some that are not really nice as well.

  8. Your missus choice is my choice too… the wantan hor looks really nice! By the way, the last dish… is that the square cabbage on the plate? Raw or cooked?

    No idea, yet to go back there to try. The Malays usually give that by the side, lightly blanched…but some give it raw.

  9. You are recognisable every where in Sibu. Salute. I like that plate of wat tan hor. Looks really nice.

    Not many around this big, fat and ugly… Hehehehehe!!!!

  10. Wow, you must be a very nice and famous teacher, so the person can recognized you. Usually is like this student can remember the teacher face, but teacher (has too many students) so can’t remember all after long time!! =]

    I do remember many of my students but harder with girls – all mature, looking so much more beautiful, all dressed up, make up and all.

  11. Everything looks delicious. I will admit, that dhal is the most appealing to me. I have not made that in a while. My daughter loves it too. Perhaps I’ll make it sometime this week? We’ll see…

    Love it thick and rich. At many places, it’s very diluted, not nice at all.

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