Next door…

That day when we went here for the KL Hokkien mee, we walked past this shop…

Kafe Ikhwan

…right next door. My missus said that the nasi lemak looked good and I thought she had a glimpse at what the people there were eating so a few days later, we went back there with the intention of giving it a try.

Unfortunately, they were all sold out. It turned out that they were pre-packed packets of nasi lemak and my missus saw one basketful of it and she said they seemed very generous with the sambal. I asked if they were wrapped in plastic and that was why the sambal was visible but she said they used paper. However, she could not remember how she could get to see. She does seem to be getting rather forgetful lately, old age, I guess…and pretty often, she can’t remember this and that even if it was only a day or two before. I guess I would have to go some other day to see for myself.

They did not have a lot of selections for their nasi campur (mixed rice)…

Nasi campur

…plus the options did not look all that enticing unlike what they have here so I did not feel like having that. It did seem very popular though as we saw a lot of people dropping by to pick what they want…

Help yourself

…and take away for their lunch, perhaps. I was glad to see that they were using those paper cardboard boxes for the purpose, not those not-environment-friendly polystyrene food containers.

I don’t know if the prices have gone up elsewhere as well or not but the roti canai here…

Roti canai menu

…seemed a bit more expensive. Yes, I’ve had the kosong (plain) for RM1.40 here but I do recall having it for RM1.00 or to the most, RM1.20 elsewhere. I did not feel like having any that morning and the nasi ayam penyet


…looked really good in the photograph so I settled for that instead and my missus followed suit.

What we got in the end (RM8.00)…

Nasi ayam penyet 1

…was a far cry from its pictorial representation, unfortunately but the complimentary soup was very nice – no, they did not give us their sup tulang (bone soup) like what they would usually do at most Malay food stalls but instead, we were served this very tasty salted vegetable chicken soup, way nicer than the very diluted, terribly watered-down ones one would get at the Chinese chicken rice shops.

The chicken was literally penyet (clobbered)…

Nasi ayam penyet 2

…and it was good and we would have enjoyed it more if the chili dip had been spicy. Just one or two cili padi in it could have been enough, I think.

On the whole, it was quite nice though I would not say it was anything to get us rushing back for more…and my missus would much sooner fork out the extra 50sen for the one that she seemed to enjoy a lot more here.

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15 thoughts on “Next door…”

  1. I will never get opportunity to dine in this kind of place as my chinaman hubby will say there is nothing for him and the boys to eat as everything seems spicy and deep fried. I can only go if I am back in Melaka and follow my Dad out to cari makan.

    Oh? He’s not alone – looks like there are many in the same boat too.

    Here, there are many Malay stalls in many Chinese coffee shops, maybe right next to the kampua mee stall even – we’re ok with such things here, biasa. If you go to these places, you can order the spicy stuff to enjoy, the rest of the family can enjoy whatever else they prefer but not if you go to a shop like this one.

  2. Some good friends of mine are from Egypt and are Muslim, and they have shared some really good food with me for the years (I have known them for 9 years now). I have never eaten Muslim food in a restaurant, though. My Egyptian friends make the most delicious and tender chicken! And no, it isn’t dry at all…well, not the way they make it. 🙂

    I’ve yet to try mid-Eastern. They’ve a number of eateries at the national capital, none here.

  3. Clobbered? Does that mean Ayam Penyet is akin to Chicken-abuse?

    What do you think “chop” actually means? The slabs of meat are supposed to be clobbered with that spiky hammer-like tenderiser, dunno if they still do it these days? Seems like chops are now synonymous with those steak-like thick slices of meat, that’s all…and they’re cut, sliced…not chopped!

  4. If too spicy, i have to drink lot of lot of water…

    Not spicy at all, not even a bit. For me, that was the disappointing part. 😦

  5. I seldom eat Malay fastfood as I find that their dishes are usually very oily. Ayam penyet looks good. Would love it.

    Yes, I would agree about the oily part – they use too much oil to tumis the pounded ingredients. Some ok, otherwise can go for the less oily stuff.

  6. I see one of my favourites on the menu there – murtabak. Nowadays I can’t seem to find one with the filling as generous as those in the old days.

    We have one very good one here, guy from Penang, I think…but he has since moved back. Religious teacher, the wife also a teacher – I guess they got their transfer back. Have not had any good one since…not that I’ve gone around looking for it.

  7. Canai kosong here cost RM1.20 I remember about 10 years ago I paid 70 cents for Canai kosong. huhu.

    Not sure but I think we can find RM1.00 canai some place here.

  8. I could get a nice Nasi Ayam Penyet for RM6 over here. Usually we get those sambal instead of chilli dipping for the dish. But am happy that you both enjoyed the ayam penyet. Looked juicy and tender to me, which I much prefer than those overly hard and dry chicken.

    The chicken was good but not the chili dip and usually, there would be sambal and also ulam by the side, this one – nothing…and RM8.00 some more. However, though nothing all that great, I thought it was nicer than what I had at some other places round town.

  9. I tried ayam penyet once at a restaurant at 1-Utama. I was not impressed as it was the breast portion and so so dry. Perhaps they did not do it well and I should give another try elsewhere.

    Yes, here too! There are good ones and not so good ones – like everything else, must know where to go. My favourite is still the one at Bandong here, open air stall – my girl’s favourite too and the last time we were there, chicken was RM6.00, I think with the rice wrapped in leaf, all the ulam and sambal and even tempeh, but we have not gone for a long time, not since my missus heard somewhere that there were dengue cases in that area.

  10. Roti canai over there is still much cheaper than KL. The last I had was over RM2.

    Oh my!!! And it’s plain, no meat, nothing…unless you go for the one with egg…or murtabak with the minced meat inside.

  11. As I grow older, I find myself less able to handle spiciness … While you’re still asking for extra cili padi! Heheh 😉

    Good grief! How old are you? If you are old, I would be an antique then. 😉

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